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Fatal Fury Full Portrait Set!


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The Characters are really archaic and kinda boring. Their move sets and sprite sheets are overly simplistic. And quite honestly, they don't even play very well while compared to today's standards (Billy Kane doesn't even jump!!). And in a way, all of that is kind of... endearing. Which is what makes them fun to have in your roster, and is the very reason why I decided to make a full portrait set for Fatal Fury. As in the original Fatal Fury.

This release was really more of a test to see how old, dated artwork converts under strict 256 coloring methods. And as you can see with the screenshots provided below, results are visually pleasing and give 32bits a literal run for their money. Yup, these portraits are only 256 colors and 8bits!! With artwork that is older and simplistic with a rougher style, indexing does not result in huge losses of clarity that requires a ton of time to clean up. The hardest thing to get right, besides some small corrections here and there, was making sure edging was clean and smooth, along with making sure those small face portraits also looked presentable as well. While not shown in screenshots, I did include 25x25 portraits to go along with them if you should want to update those for your Mugen's Select Screen/Lifebars.

While I was working on both of Street Fighter II's portrait sets, I became a little fried with spending so much time on them. So a quick release on a completely different art set (These took no longer than a week and a half to fully complete) helped improve my morale and got the ball rolling pretty quickly. Here are a few screenshots of what is included with this Retro Fatal Fury set:

Here we have Michael Max and Richard Myer
Posted Image

Here's Terry Bogard and Tung Fu Rue
Posted Image

Here's Geese Howard and Raiden... who looks extremely creepy...
Posted Image

Lastly, here's Andy Bogard and Hwa Jai
Posted Image

You could say that I am on an old school streak here. I think this art is fantastic and is rarely seen in Mugen these days; everything is now about flashiness, over-saturation of color and filters out the yin-yang. I love to go against the grain and present the community with more obscure, lesser known stuff that hasn't been done before. I also have plenty of more retro art in store, so expect plenty of releases soon.

I'd love to thank Rin&Bat for his obscure set of Fatal Fury Characters, which is what this portrait pack is based off of and used for in my roster. And Cybaster, of course, for hosting me. As one of his bitches.

As always, check out Cybaster's Hosted Section to snag these.

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Naaaaaaaaaaah.... I wouldn't want to stay at only one spot. What's the fun in that!? Expect plenty more releases soon. I've had a rock solid and regimented work ethic that isn't fading anytime soon; there are still 100's of portraits to be made. And no, I'm not kidding. Expect Melty Blood followed by Garou: Mark of the Wolves. And more retro art like what you see above to follow. Lets just say that I'm going all in with SNK for the forseeable future.

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