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How To Post A Image With Link



This is a example on how to post a Link with in a image on Invision Board.

The old method should still work but I know a couple of you are having trouble getting it to work right.

This is the old method

[url= link to file][img] link to image [/img][/url]

First upload your image using one of the many sites. (links to sites can be found in the guidelines)

Click the Image icon on the top bar

Posted Image

A small window will appear, you input your link to the image in there.

Posted Image

And your image will be displayed to you in the body of your post.

Posted Image

Click on the image, Then click on the add url button on the top bar.

Posted Image

Another window will pop up asking you to input your url.

Posted Image

And when its all said and done this is what you end up with, thats it.

Click this image below and you will end up on youtube.

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Easier way

I'm going to copy-paste the tutorial I did at tSR

You’ll need a image hosting site. There are plenty of them, and those are some of the best services around:







Upload your sheet to any of this image hosting sites, and you’ll eventually get an URL. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the “address” of a page, site or anything on internet that you can reach out using your browser.

Select the URL (by selecting it all and pressing Ctrl+C or right click, Copy). It’s going to be something like http://www.somesite.com/yourimage.png , this is your image URL.


[img](Insert URL here)[/img]
See? Pretty simple. Between those tags all you have to do is to paste your URL by pressing Ctrl+V or right click, Paste. It should be something like that:


The result should be something like this:

Posted Image

Now you’re done! That’s it! Just click “Post Thread”. Or, if you want to check out your thread before posting it, click “Preview Thread”.

- But I want to do better!


Now you got both the sheet (http://www.somesite.com/yourimage.png ) and the icon (I’m going to call it imageicon.png). Upload both the sheet and the icon. To help you out, I suggest you to put both URL at the notepad program which cames with Windows (Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad). You’ll have something like the following:



You can just post both of them like before


Or you can do it in a fancy way http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//wink.png

You’re going to use now the URL tag. You can use the URL tag in two ways: associated with text or with the img tag.

[url=(the url address goes here)] (something)[/url]

An example using text

[url=http://www.somesite.com/yourimage.png]My sheet[/url]

Simple, fast to load and somewhat bland, right?

Now, let’s combine it with what you just learned from the img tag


Big, isn’t ? But not too hard. Let’s see how it’s supposed to look like:

Posted Image

As you can see I decided to use the character portrait at the icon with a semi-transparency at 50%. You don’t need to do anything like this, just post one of your sprites and you’re good http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//wink.png

That’s all guys. Thanks for reading this far.


- Save your sheet in .png or static .gif. No .jpg or .bmp

- If it is a custom, submit to the Sprite Discussion forums before submitting to the site.

- Use one of the image hosting sites mentioned ( try www.imageshack.us or www.tinypic.com if you’re too lazy to scroll up) to upload your sheet.

- Create the thread at the appropriate forum.

- Use the img tag.

[img](the image url goes here)[/img]
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