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[640,480].Hack//VERSUS [Inspired] Lifebars


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Brief Backstory



Well, I started these last Monday(I think it was last Monday, idk my days anymore)

Originally I started making these bars months ago but kept fucking up the size and eventually lost my old PSD anyway. I forgot about these until ArtistofLegacy reminded me and so i immediately started the PSD over. I coded everything pretty fast but during that time i realized working on such a small resolution for lifebars that came from a game of twice the res made accuracy difficult. Also, I found all the fonts that were really in the game but none of them were pirated >.< so i had no choice but to improvise.



I'll most likely update these in another month or two, minor stuff.
Overall, I actually don't like how this turned out (no announcer, couldnt make the winicons look good ingame so i took them out, crappy timer font). I actually hate fonts in mugen now. Anyway enough babbling, dl if you wanna use em.




For the custom ports I left a template, just make the axis 0,0 and the Group 9000,112 when you add the sprite in FF.

Special Thanks:

ArtistofLegacy: Wouldn't have wanted to make these otherwise.

Markpachi: Early Testing and making me realize i had coded them on the wrong res ;__;



EDIT: For GIMP users getting a blank psd use

Posted Image

Green area = portrait area

Also fixed the error my dl was giving. Thanks Ryoucchi for bringing that to my attention.

Enjoy folks.

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Yo, Gen! These are boss! We need a screenpack to go with it. Maybe if someone made some awesome hi-def sprites, I would code it. I loved that series.

Yeah Mark was telling me the same thing. I'd actually love to do a SP for these but my ideas are kinda limited...and i'd prob try to go for accuracy (the real game has a pretty cool screenpack) but it'd be hard to replicate. If i ever get around to it I'll come to you to code it ^^


Might be making some ports for this soon.

I might be making some too soon :bath:


Gen released something???! D: *dies*

I told you I'd do it eventually. :P

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Updated to V.95

What's New in Version V.95

  • *Fixed bug in Survival Mode
  • *Minor graphical change to simul bars
  • *Reduced Filesize

Future Updates for V1.0

  • Better Hit Counter
  • Better Animation for the powerbars
  • Create anims for rounds 7 and 8
  • Better timer font
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Can't access Club-X's link. Any alternate links to those sweet lookin' lifebars?

Why can't you access stuff from CSX? I'll send them but just curious


Omg! Gen has the powah somewhere! D: Btw it could be me but i think the power bar is too big. Now u are a stage and lifebar creator??? Darn u! Jk jk


Well if you mean it being 4 blocks instead of 3 that's how it was in the source game.

if you mean it literally just being too big, not changing it, too much work to fix nothing since i think they are pretty small


Dunno how i missed these comments o.o

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3 minutes ago, Tabris666 said:

Are you sure you made those because years ago i got babel sword on mugen 1.0 and used the same lifebars (im talkinng about the remade version not the old one and i have both) and had the same lifebars


Do these lifebars look the same to you? Obviously not.

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