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TMNT Raphael
Update 3-19-13 Download here : http://www.mediafire.com/?0u0b6uo9g894gbi
Anything that needs to be fixed should be of course pointed out in a respectable manner.
Please respect that, and thank you :-)
Read me inside here :
Hey guys Sorry I took so long to release him but after being busy with school trying to maintain all A's, spending time with my girl, being at work and getting back well recently after catching the flu, as you can see I have had my hands full.
But never fear I'm back now and its time to release another butt kicking, shell shocking turtle! ;-)
Fellow mugen fans, I present to you Raphael from TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) sff orginally made by Erradicator but I used that to make my own version of Raphael.
Raphael is a very aggresive character with a shorter range than Leonardo but his moves and fighting ability make up for it.
(I was aiming for him to take on sword type characters like Hayato from MVC and others like Strider etc...) 
Raphael has 8 Special moves
1. Fire Shot - D,DF,F, punch 
2. Meteor Shot - D,DF,F, punch (While In The Air)
3. Power Drill - D,DB,B, punch
4. Slashing Upper - F,D,DF, punch
5. Flame Impaler - D,DF,F, kick
6. Blaze Streak Kick - D,DB,B, kick
7. Blaze Streak Somersault Kick - F,D,DF, kick
8. Flaming Dive Kick - D,DF,F, kick (While In The Air)
Raphael has 11 Hyper moves
1. Super Fire Shot Lvl 1 - D,DF,F,2 punches (Can be done in the air too)
2. Super Meteor Shower Lvl 1 - D,DF,F,2 punches (While In The Air)
3. Super Flame Smasher Kick Lvl 1 - F,D,DF,2 punches                    
4. Super Flame Impaler Lvl 1 - D,DF,F, 2 kicks
5. Super Fire Break Kicks Lvl 1 - D,DB,B, 2 kicks
6. Super Flaming Dive Kick Lvl 1 - D,DF,F, 2 kicks (While In The Air)
7. Quick Kill Lvl 1 - D,DB,B, 2 punches (While In The Air)
8. Slice And Dice Lvl 1 - B,D,DB, 2 punches
8. Super Blaze Streak Kicks  Lvl 2 - F,D,DF, 2 kicks
9. Super Power Drill Lvl 2 - D,DB,B, 2 punches
10. Raging Raph Finale Lvl 3 - D,DB,B, punch and kick
11. Super Inferno - Lvl 3 - D,DF,F, punch and kick
Raphael has 1 Ultra
1. Super Fire Break Cannon Lvl 3 (When life is low) - D,DB,B,punch and kick
Hope you guys enjoy and remember, keep rockin baby!!!
People who i owe credit to :
Erradicator - For using his SFF file from his Raphael
Mr.Infinite - Feedback, FX, Testing
Shulbocka - Portraits
Buckus - Normal Hitspark fx and the coding for them  
Whiplash - Sprite Edits (Thanks alot dude! :-)  
Skeletor Ex - Feedback, Sprite Edits, Testing (Thanks alot man, you always come through when I need ya
D-Cat - For inspiration, luv all your work dude!! 
Pots - For some coding 
Biospark - Testing
WizzyWhipItWonderful - Raphael's Capcom based theme AWESOME!
And - To all the people who also supported me
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OMFG Steve ur here!!  :omg:


This is actually pretty interesting, the numerous Hypers are indeed a bit too much & from the vid I can see u need a damage dampener if this character is gonna be combo heavy.

But a good effort on making another TMNT char into this MVC-esque style.

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Level 3 hypers do more than 500 damage, usually level 3 hypers do between 350-400, unless it has special conditions like the Level 3 Ultra. I recommend using a damage dampener for this char, so less damage is done if more combo hits connect.

Hmm WelI I went by a Character guide made by DCL from IMT he's better known as DarkCiperLucius and I know he knows his stuff with balancing out characters...The damage he had set for level 3's for normal characters was 439 And I just tried Raging Raph Finale and it does exactly 417 worth of damage.Plus I tried Super Inferno and it did exactly 439 worth of damage.... The only one that does a great amount of damage is the Ultra which is already like a desperation move and it does exactly 480 worth of damage.


The dampener is already there, I've checked it and also had it checked by Mr.Infinite himself. I wont say what I did was perfect but its definitely there. So its not like Raph is doing OMG like damage on his opponents. Not saying you said that, i'm just saying. 


I do agree about the damage on the Ultra, I didnt realize I had it that high although ts still not too high and it is a desperation attack that can only be done with your life being low and with three power bars. I shall go back and tone that down.


There are a few other things I have found that I have already fixed but other than that. I still have some more work I want to do to him. Thanks for giving him a chance and trying him out man. I appreciate your feedback on him. Its exactly what I need to get this guy in the right direction.

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you went with his Guide.


but you realize almost everything from Mugen Infinity Team, is either broken, or over powered.


its usually either 1 or the other. VERY rarely is it both.

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Well I won't say all of that about them, cus not everyone there is bad. Vyn and Sabaki I know first hand make good characters. But anyway I looked over the guide, and the guide is pretty well put together actually. He breaks everything down and its all fair. 


Too each their own I guess but all i'm saying is that regardless of whatever they may have put out, that guide is very well put together and it all makes since. So I decided to use it, and I even compared the damages listed in their with other characters mostly pots style like characters and I got results that were near the same.

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chizz i dig about Elemental Raph:


   *that only some but not all of tha specials are super-cancelable [1 special in particular was a pleasant surprise to see SC-able]

   *there's a super [or 2 maybe.....?] that allows for juggle possibilities, which is awesome as hell [please don't change it]

   *tha damage dampener is good without goin' too far, which leads bein' able to perform longer, rawer combos that actually feel rewardin',

    instead of bein' a waste of time & effort. Posted Image


my only suggestion so far would be to make tha MP Meteor Shot travel at a slighty slower speed & not knock down; it'll allow for more space control, as well as give more dirty setup options/opportunities, which'll fit well into Raph's style.


needless to say tho, i'm havin' an absolute ball with this character, & tha Big Boom Slam is a great addition to his repertoire.

now just make that Izuna Drop active, & i'll be even more geek'd on'im than i already am!


+1 from ya boi, keep up tha good work bruh Posted Image

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Check First Post!


Bug Fixes :

Fixed some of bug issues with some combos
Alot of damage issues, but not all
Fixed throw Alignment
Added velocity to super jump
Added missing sprites
Added in a couple of new voice overs
Fixed velocity on air combos
Added Custom state to p2 when hit by launcher
Added Custom personal winquotes for All turtles including ones made by D-Cat and also ones for Krang and Shredder
Added Fire Effects on certain moves to make them alot cooler
Tweaked juggle on certain special moves
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TMNT Raphael
Actualización 19/03/13  Descargar aquí: http://www.mediafire.com/?0u0b6uo9g894gbi
Todo lo Que Necesita ser ser arreglado Debe, por SUPUESTO, señaló de Manera respetable.
Por favor, eso RESPETAR, :-) y gracias
LEEME interior aquí:
Hola chicos sentimos tomé Tanto Tiempo para ponerlo en libertad, Pero Despues De Estar Ocupado con la escuela Tratando de mantener Todo de una, de Pasar Tiempo con mi chica, estar en el Trabajo y volver Así recientemente Despues De Contraer la gripe, Como Se Puede VER Que él Tenido en mis manos completo.
Pero no temo Que Estoy de vuelta Ahora y Es El Momento de Lanzar Otro culo patadas, caparazón de tortuga impactante! ;-)
Ventiladores mugen Compañeros, les presento una de Combatientes TMNT Torneo Raphael (SNES) sff originalmente hice por Erradicator Pero que eso USADO Para Hacer Mi propia versión de Rafael.
Raphael es muy agresivo personaje ONU ONU de la estafa Rango Más corto Que Leonardo but SUS Movimientos y Capacidad de lucha lo compensan.
(Que yo buscaba párr Que El tomo en Caracteres de tipo espada Como Hayato de MVC y Otros Como Strider etc ...) 
Raphael Tiene 8 Movimientos Especiales
1. Toma fuego - D, DF, F, ponche 
Shot 2. Meteor - D, DF, F, punzón (en el aire)
3. Power Drill - D, DB, B, ponche
4. Reducción Alta radical - F, D, DF, ponche
5. Llama Empalador - D, DF, F, Tiro
6. Blaze racha de Kick - D, DB, B, Tiro
7. Blaze Voltereta racha de Kick - F, D, DF, Tiro
8. Flaming buceo Kick - D, DF, F, Tiro (en el aire)
Raphael Tiene Salón 11 Movimientos Hyper
1. Super Fire Shot Lvl 1 - D, DF, F, 2 golpes (Puede del Hacerse en el aire también)
2. Súper Lluvia de meteoros Lvl 1 - D, DF, F, 2 golpes (en el aire)
3. Súper Llama Smasher Kick Lvl 1 - F, D, DF, 2 golpes                    
4. Súper Llama Empalador Lvl 1 - D, DF, F, 2 tiros
5. Súper cortafuegos Patadas Lvl 1 - D, DB, B, 2 tiros
6. Súper Flaming buceo Kick Lvl 1 - D, DF, F, 2 patadas (en el aire)
7. Quick Kill Lvl 1 - D, DB, B, 2 golpes (en el aire)
8. Corta y trocea Lvl 1 - B, D, DB, 2 golpes
8. Súper Blaze racha Patadas Lvl 2 - F, D, DF, 2 tiros
9. Super Power Drill Lvl 2 - D, DB, B, 2 golpes
10. Raging Raph Finale Lvl 3 - D, DB, B, golpear y patear
11. Súper Inferno - Lvl 3 - D, DF, F, golpear y patear
Raphael Tiene 1 Ultra
1. Super Fire rotura Cañón Lvl 3 (de Cuando la vida es baja) - D, DB, B, golpear y patear
Espero que les guste, y Recuerde, Mantegna Rockin Bebé !!!
Las he personajes Que Debo de crédito a:
Erradicator - Para el USO de su archivo SFF de su Raphael
Mr.Infinite - Comentarios, FX, Pruebas
Shulbocka - Retratos
Buckus - Normal Hitspark fx y la codificación párrafo Ellos  
Ediciones Sprite (muchas gracias amigo :-) - Whiplash!  
Skeletor Ex - Comentarios, ediciones Sprite, Testing (Gracias hombre mucho, Que Siempre Viene un Través de cuando te necesito
D-Cat - En busca de inspiración, Todo Amor tu Trabajo tio !! 
Ollas - Para ALGUNOS de codificación 
BioSpark - Pruebas
WizzyWhipItWonderful - Capcom de Rafael tema BASADO IMPRESIONANTE!
Y - A TODAS LAS PERSONAS Que también me apoyaron

Hello very good creating a query you know if you'll get ready to Donatello and Michelangelo that in Colgates youtube demos of them and we would like good weather and enjoy your best creations thanks

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