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Characters with no good versions

Super Nicholas

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12 hours ago, Masterhand128 said:

-King Leonidas.

-Giga Bowser.

- BEN by Gehstro(Spriteswap of SCP-173´s tailor and cheap).

Foxy(Five Night at Freddy´s all normal versions are incomplete and there is a badly made "apocalypse" version by Adrian).

There's a mildly okay version of Leonidas I got from a collection. He needs work though. He's mostly a edit of Diokles, but still hes a Leonidas you can have fun with.


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On 6/10/2016 at 2:36 PM, Zio said:

Can we get some decent conversions of Darkstalkers stuff that isn't Morrigan, Lilith and Felicia already?

Pretty sure Talbain by Splode is pretty hot. Hsien Ko by PotS also (but that version's custom).


@Dylanius the Kirby


Sure they may all be shotos, but not having different movesets wouldn't make the character crappy all around, wouldn't it (Moku's version isn't actually based off TW unlike the others)? I like Ralord's version in particular.

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I don't play MUGEN but from the MUGEN videos I have watched out of curiosity, there is no good Luigi.


So, lets look at Mario. Now look at Luigi. Difference? Luigi has a green mouth and is slightly taller in the Y scale. The rest of his features including the moustache that sells out their difference (Yeah, I know green sells their difference more) is not present and is replaced by Mario's iconic moustache. Basically, they're literally the same. Why is this okay to everyone?

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  • 5 years later...

- Olimar(there is no decent version of him,why people can't make good version of him)

- Swampert(There is no decent version of it,it has missing sprites,it has no special or hyper attack,lack/missing CLSN)

- Putt-Putt(only one version of him was made by alerkina4,it was spriteswap of car,really cringe attack,he has no jump,he has lack sounds,there is no good version of him,NOTE: he is spriteswap of Princess Baby Bop)

- Sylveon(there is only 2 version of it,it has megaman sprite edit,and 2013 poorly drawn sprited sylveon has lack moveset animation,stolen code from omega tiger woods,there is no decent version of Sylveon)

- Isabelle(there is only one pocket version of her,it was no good version,why people doesn't make good version/non-pocket version of her in mugen)

- Ickis(since there is only 2 version of him,god first ickis version is paletteswap of bugs bunny and second ickis version is spriteswap of lisa simpson,it's really bad creation of him)

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