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  1. WOW this is very, very INSANE I LOVE THIS PROJECT. and i think i'm a little upset i didn't see it before 💥👊🏻💥
  2. English HELLO, today I bring this edit made by me, this edit solves some small problems that the original ghost rider batman had, who is the original author. I added more audios of voices removing others because a mistake I had ACCORDING to ME is that his voice was very low and did not match very well, so I added some voice clips of alucard's batman. I have planned to edit it more so that this is a good version of the character, so WRITE ME IN THE COMMENTS / Obcional obiamente / WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THIS CHAR. ESPAÑOL HOLA, hoy les traigo esta edición hecha por mí, esta edición resuelve unos pequeños problemas que tenía el original batman de ghost rider, que es el autor original. Agregué más audios de voces eliminando otras porque un error que tuve SEGÚN MÍ es que su voz era muy baja y no encajaba muy bien, así que agregué algunos clips de voz de batman de alucard. Planeo editarlo más para que esta sea una buena versión del personaje, así que ESCRÍBEME EN LOS COMENTARIOS / Obviamente Obvio / LO QUE LE GUSTARÍA VER EN ESTE CHAR. LINK TELL ME, DO YOU BLEDD?
  3. ENGLISH Star Wars is a good franchise, so I bring you this scenario, originally created by MIMCHOU, credits to the author. Well, I edited it so that darth vader is not in it, because darth vader is a character that is already ready to play in mugen and then playing with him and having another darth vader behind would look strange, right? Well it's not a big deal, but maybe it will help someone. ESPAÑOL Star Wars es una buena franquicia, por eso les traigo este escenario, creado originalmente por MIMCHOU, créditos al autor. Bueno, lo edité para que darth vader no esté en él, porque darth vader es un personaje que ya está listo para jugar en mugen y luego jugar con él y tener otro darth vader detrás se vería extraño, ¿verdad? Bueno, no es gran cosa, pero tal vez ayude a alguien I AM YOUR FATHER.... this is the link
  4. ok i like your enthusiasm. Don't thank me for the comment, I'm just telling the truth, which is incredible. ha ha ha
  5. VERY BUT VERY amazing, I don't know if the edit is yours, but I loved this beautiful one. Keep going 😁😁🗡️
  6. yeah ... that was my stupid mistake haha sorry about that. And thanks for commenting, you are the first
  7. English TERMINATOR IS HERE, this version is beta, the final product will be better. his style is MVC 1 It has 3 hypers and 4 special attacks and is still developing. you have the TAG TEAM SYSTEM mode installed Español TERMINATOR ESTÁ AQUÍ, esta versión es beta, el producto final será mejor. su estilo es MVC 1 Tiene 3 hipers y 4 ataques especiales y aún está en desarrollo. tiene instalado el modo TAG TEAM SYSTEM. DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/chqkkqebctlmkkb/T800.rar/file
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