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  1. wow so you aren't dead


    thank god

  2. Feelin' like a freak on a leash...

  3. Nickelback. BA-TUM-DISS!
  4. Hey... I've been pretty worried about what could've happened to you...


    If you're able to read this Tony, then please reply back to it... you haven't been on Discord in a pretty long time... 

  6. Translation for what the dad was saying at 4:28; "I'll give you a party, I'll give you money, I'll give you all sorts of crap. I'll rip your head off today, bitch, I'll go and cut your stupid head off, I'll give you pot, I'll give you lunch, I'll give you animals, I'll give you (?)."
  7. My roster so far,
  8. Tommy was sent back due to the shockwave... and landed on one of his legs in the process of being sent back. Tommy: Ow, my leg almost just broke! This sonnuvabitch is way too powerful for me to take on! I knew it was a good idea to just sit back! ET: You fuckin' pansy! You've had worse things happen to you, why are you scared of a friggin' lizard!? Tommy: Maybe because it's fucking ginormous!?
  9. Tommy and his clones were still in the background watching the fight. Tommy: ...This seems rather interesting... I might grab some popcorn in case I get hungry... (OOC: yeah, Tommy's still not fighting)
  10. my #1 question since you seem to be an awesome RPer;


    do you have a Discord account, mate?

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    2. NijikakuFan61


      hmm, when you do make a Discord account, think you could tell me your name and your 4-digit ID on it, mate? maybe VIA a private message?

    3. Sinjik
    4. NijikakuFan61
  11. Tommy: (referring to Argento) Wow... I can't believe I'm gonna have to work with this asshat... (OOC: um... Tommy... GTs a pretty big asshat too... you still work with him)
  12. Happy birthday, amigo!

  13. Holy crap, I need that new version of Nijikaku! Judging by the appearance, there's been a lot of new characters added to it... Can you send me the newest link?
  14. Tommy was way too fucking scared to attack Iblis. Tommy: ...I'll just sit back and watch this escalate...