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  1. Baiken is the best Guilty Gear waifu

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    2. Xiristatos


      But not me. Ramlethal all the way.

    3. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      yeah Ramlethal is pretty cool dark skin chicks are always awesome.....but I like Baiken more tho

    4. Ballsdeep69


      As much as I like Baiken, I say Jam is my favorite GG grill.

  2. Bang Shishigami's Astral Finisher in BBCF is fucking amazing!!

    1. Sinjik


      Ikr XD.

    2. Darkflare


      It's ok.

    3. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      It has been the same thing since Calamity Trigger.

  3. a few things to note -these renders aren't the best I only started doing these like a couple of weeks ago due to wanting characters in my custom portrait screenpacks -this thread will be updated frequently (at least I hope lol) -the images will be in spoilers named after them eg akuma, terry etc they will also be in spoilers so the thread isn't all over the place -some of them are HUGE lol Welp here goes nothing Terry Bogard Akuma Ukyo Tachibana R Mika Sakura Kusagano Cody Maki Geese Howard
  4. added Cody, Maki and Geese also going to edit and touch up existing ones will update them....eventually
  5. thanks dude! also added R Mika and Sakura and I'm gonna add more soon
  6. was thinking of making a thread for all the renders I keep making (basically pictures without the white backgrounds) they could be used for Mugen portraits or something else.....thing is I may be too lazy lol

    1. CozySquirtle


      I'd be down with that

    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      they aren't the best I am trying to learn how to do better and stuff lol

  7. it looks awesome man gonna try it out for sure keep up the good work!
  8. everyone is going crazy over the smug wendy's girl meme......wonder what would happen if she was made into a Mugen character i mean Col Sanders and Ronald already are lol

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      extra_value_combo_alpha_by_lysol_jones.j    tumblr_op205lFLf11ql31zxo1_500.gif       Wendys-5.jpg

    3. Pluscross


      ...Oh dear... I ACTUALLY had a OC that looked something like that.


      THANKS 2017.

    4. jenngra505


      I made this mediocre edit of Buletta's sprite that should help people get started.

  9. IM SO HYPE FOR TEKKEN 7 although i haven't played any tekken game in a while......better start training lol

  10. eh i dont really mind like in KOF XIV it may not look as good as other fighters but if the gameplay is solid them im happy.....also Strider finally has an air super it seems lol
  11. i swear to god man i want Groot to be in Marvel vs capcom would be amazing

  12. bruh the story trailer just dropped
  13. damn Loki is a giant dick to Thor lol
  14. my god playing Yamazaki in KOF XIV is so damn fun lol he's a beast and so is his theme

  15. made some renders from the NGBC concept art for Moriya and Genjuro I really like the style I think its cool anyway here they are






  16. oh REDHOT made a Megaman I gotta try him out
  17. a Yakuza 1 remake for the PS4 in August for 30 dollars (WITH THE STEEL BOOK) and Bayonetta for PC? damn Sega is killing it right now....also Sonic Mania too that will be awesome

  18. you know life is good when you have the Popeye the Sailor man song stuck in your head lol 

  19. these look great man really nice colours and all that gonna grab a little short on dbz stage anyway lol
  20. been trying out a new screenpack the Mugen Tournament HD one by Devon
  21. you ever just scroll through a gallery of SNK stage gifs and SNK made some awesome stages back in the day some of the Samurai Shodown stages look beautiful

    1. Pluscross


      What's SNK doing now?

    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      well they just released DLC for the KOF XIV so idk might be a while before they do another game tho the company just got back on its feet but id love a new Samurai Shodown or Garou Mark of the Wolves 2