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  1. (Slow down, kid...) The diagonal slash sends Hyde into the air just in front of LightFlare who stops just short of the range of the attack. As Hyde lands, LightFlare excutes a low sweeping roundhouse aimed at Hydes legs with the intent to sweep Hyde's feet causing knockdown.
  2. Alright then! Begin! LightFlare does a short dash closing the gap as he focused on Hyde's head...
  3. Alright! Fighter number 4 has entered the arena! Now! Fighter number 3! Report to the arena! The announcer called for fighter number 3. After some time the announcer repeatedly called for Kirimuru. But he didn't show up in the arena. The crowd begin to boo as it seemed that Kirimuru would not show. Meanwhile inside the training facility... (Whoever fighter number 3 is they aren't showing up. Did they get scared? What's the deal...?) The young lady glances over at the fighter meditating in the corner. She casually walks over to him. With a playful grin she thumps him in the forehead. gonna sit on you butt all day or are you gonna show us those legendary fighting skills? The fighter came out of his meditation. His face looked as if he was expecting the "sneak attack" before hand. His eyes were serious...but he had a slight smile... Young lady. What have I said about interrupting the meditation of others? Lots of things...but mostly "not to." But you're not gonna sit there and pretend that you don't wanna step in for this mystery fighter number 3. And speaking of mystery fighters... Before she could finish, the warrior begin to sense a familiar chi. He quickly looked in the direction of the energy source but did not see the person he expected. In fact the aura seemed to be emanating from a young girl who was staring from across the room... noticed her. Her name is Lilith. And what's even more interesting is that she uses the same you. I saw her training and it's no mistaking it. It's Ansetsuken Karate. Just then the announcer could be heard... This is the final call! Fighter 3 come to the arena now! Better hurry...hero. The young lady smirked as she goated the warrior. He smiled back and slowly got up. He glanced at Lilith one last time as he walked over to the receptionist. After he was done, he headed towards the arena... (...this outta be good) Inside the arena, the crowd had become restless. Just as the annoncer seemed to give up the victory to fighter number 4... Wait! I've just received word that we have a replacement. And it's a good one folks. So! The match is set! As the announcer is talking the warrior walks out into the arena and the crowd begins to cheer once they realize who the replacment is.. Ok! It will be Fighter number arena favorite! The Hero of Kalos City!
  4. Anwalt and Raina have left the arena.... Alright! Now lets get down to business! Fighter number 4! Report to the middle of the arena!
  5. Yes! A little surprise for first time participants. You guys provide entertainment as well as train. So for that, you are compensated. Well, at least the winner is! Ha! Here's your prize! The receptionist hands Raina a gift card worth 1000 gil. Enjoy! She smiles and returns to her duties.
  6. Meanwhile back in the training facilities, the other fighters watched in amazement from the battle. It was clear to them that these weren't a couple of rookies... (That was some battle. It came down to the last few seconds. The big fella sure tried his best to close the gap, but never could quite get close enough. Had he managed to he may have knocked that girl out cold. Guess that's why she kept him from doing so. Then again...) As the young female figher contemplated the abilites of Anwalt and Raina, a fighter who had been meditating during the fight still manage to notice the power of the two combatants. (Those two were strong. It seems...howerver...that one of them was holding back. One may have hid there power a bit, but the other's...the other's power was rising even till the end...interesting...) The stoic warrior resets his focus on his meditation...
  7. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Desert Ryder by Vegaz and Kirokaze

    Update. Check first post.
  8. The match was over. The crowd erupted in cheers as the winner wws announced... That's it! The match is over! The winner is...Raina! Everyone! Lets show these two fighters our appreciation! The crowd cheers for the two fighters as they exchange after battle commentary in the middle of the arena... Fighters! Thank you for your participation! Please make you way towards the Lobby threw the large doors! Raina! Please speak to the receptionist to claim you prize!
  9. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Desert Ryder by Vegaz and Kirokaze

    Glad I could be of service.
  10. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Desert Ryder by Vegaz and Kirokaze

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Ryd'n [COMMENT] Thanks to Kirokaze, we gotta another cool stage. It's got Superjump, animations, looped bgm and zoom. You can check this pixel genius out at Enjoy. UPDATE! - floor sprite improved by Magma - added sin.y movement to floor - adjusted floor sprite x,y position
  11. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    City Rooftop by Vegaz

    Yea. Spitting hot fire is also my hobby. 😎
  12. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    City Rooftop by Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] On the top of the roof I spit it hot in the booth Snakes wanna know how I move I keep'em outta the loop... [COMMENT] Sup, guys. More cyberpunk for you enjoyment. I think Kirokaze this this one as well. It's got the usual stuff. Zoom, looped bgm and animations. This one has a nice amount of superjump as well. Jump on it!
  13. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Space Hanger by Vegaz

    Thanks! It does remind me of Charlie's stage now that you mention it.
  14. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Space Hanger by Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] A whole lotta ga...I ships... [COMMENT] Some more of that Kirokaze art turned arena for ya. It's got zoom, animations, slight superjump and looped bgm. Go head and cop that!
  15. LightFlare_Da_Realest

    Street Corner by Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] On the Cownah... [COMMENT] Back atcha. Another cyberpunk venue to fight to. Parallax, animations and looped bgm. I figured out what I was doing wrong so the parallax works on 1.0 and 1.1 now. I may go back and fix my other stages. Anywho...enjoy!