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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Cherry High [COMMENT] I never played this, but it caught my attention. It comes with superjump, zoom, and looped bgms. Enjoy.
  2. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Ruins [COMMENT] Sup guys? Here's an original stage inspired by Contra, Gundam and maybe even Terminator. Used sprites ripped by Maxim and Davias. I also borrowed from Yagoshi300. I liked what he did with the sunset on his stage. It has superjump, looped bgm, and zoom. video I'm gonna use non-marvel characters. Those hyper bg's blocked everything! Anyway, enjoy!
  3. Happy bday, homie. Keep it pimpin and be blessed.

  4. I don't think so. My goal was to do at least one stage for every character. Some were already done by other authors so I just wanted to "fill in the gaps." But you never know. It has been requested more than once... Enjoy my friend. Thanks homie. You should give the source game a go on emulator, bro.
  5. Happy Birthday man!!!!!

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      Thanks bro. Been busy. I didn't even know the site was back up.

  6. ZOINKS!!!
  7. @Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ You got a point. I'm a black guy who at times acts "white". Tbo, in this day and age there isn't a clear line anymore. I mean even the rappers dress like the rock stars...
  8. I know you mean well, but I don't think this is gonna go over well. But it's all good. I think we've spoke before. You think Obama is really cool with leaving the White House? Tbo, I don't think It's just "black folks" who have a problem with Trump.
  9. Kyokugen is the supreme fighting style!
  10. Mine is...
  11. Happy Bday bro. NOW GET BACK TO THE ROLE-PLAY THREAD!!! NOw!!!:haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:

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      haha alright bro

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      Actually, I guess we can't move much further yet. Waiting on Agni...again.

  12. KOF 2002 Italy-NESTS Stage by Vegaz [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] NESTS [COMMENT] Another superjump bang'ah for yah. Also added a looped bgm and zoom. Originally by RYO2005. Have at it.
  13. ROOOOOOREEEEE! Iblis writhes in pain as he slumps over. The ground shakes as his face hits the ground. Iblis attempts to push itself of the ground to an upright position... NICHIIRO SHYOU BARRAGE! Oro immediately begins to assult Iblis with multiple projectile attacks... LIGHTFLARE! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!'s now or never... A sudden calm came across LightFlare. The light energy that surrounded LightFlare was suddenly enfused with a purple like aura... LightFlare camly takes his stance. In an instant he expells his chi creating a crater under his feet. He leaps into the air...