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  1. found this luffy made by some guy name guicho. it's a combination of terrible execution and beautiful sprites/ideas. The basic combos are broken but he has  a playable snakeman, bounceman form and can scroll through gears with a command. He had a great ideas but i wish shadow mercer wouldve used the sprites. It's a shame that he plays so poorly in game.


  2. mugen archive is highkey trash for this rank = download system..

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    2. Dissidia


      Since I've told the admin to get off Plasmoid's nuts, but yet, he called me a dupe, banned me from their discord channel, and changed my rank to lurker. And this isn't the first time either.

    3. Flare-Gamer-64


      But hey, at least you still HAVE an account. It could be MUCH worse. 

    4. Dissidia


      I don't log in to my account anymore since it's restricted. I'm stuck using proxies instead.

  3. I do not have the patience to remake my whole mugen from scratch.

  4. bet he's gonna lose the file "magically" before he finally releases the update.

  5. so there's no call this amazing and then you say you might try him out? lol "okay" - Jay Z Story of O.J. voice. jk enjoy fam.
  6. Thinking out loud..I lowkey want to say stop updating your chars. it's been years fam, your job is done.

  7. This is nice but he lacks sounds on fireballs, and on teleports. You could even use dbz sounds if nothing else. It'd make him more so complete because he plays very well.
  8. Super Buu > Kid Buu


    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Arale > Goku



  9. So you blur a bunch of good sprites and call the character HD.


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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      What's even the point of making the character HD if the character's sprites are just gonna be blur...besides it might as well be the same sprite for all I know

    3. Ricepigeon



      So you blur a bunch of good sprites and call the character HD.


      HD = Highly Deformed?


      makes sense :p

    4. PhantomBlack


      You may be on to something ^

  10. you should probably give a lil more info on the character fam. These characters of his seem to be originally sprited He's from the Dies Irae series Plays like his archer Has a few awkward sprites and animations (a lot of good ones that show the potential of the creator) One infinite A smooth gameplay style 4 buttons