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  1. Noah so that every time we get a possible 'flood warning' and people buy out the bottled water at the grocery stores, we could BOTH get a good laugh out of it.
  2. Move all the stuff out of the game engine and back into the common.cns file where it belongs. Adding in a GameMakeAnim to state 52 (jump land state) is annoying let alone all that crouch friction nonsense. I want my MUGEN back. I'm just tired of trying to overwrite and override the game engine and I miss the old v04.14.2002 and WinMUGEN days when all the stuff was in the common file.
  3. Adrian Clair Downing, III or "Thee Ace Man" If talking past lives then add in Enoch (Noah's great grandpa). Metatron was never a 'flesh' name so that don't count I guess. Apparently according to stories I've read I call God, Shaddai (Almighty), and he calls me Na'ar (Youth aka better translation - Kiddo). I'm clean shaven and he's not.
  4. Kung Fu Man Psycho Shredder (DarkMasters) Necro Broli Evil Ryu (Reu)
  5. I use a program called 'Alcohol" that emulates a CD ROM. I tried Windows 10 back with the "Edge doesn't load websites" era and I ended up reverting back to Windows 7. My current laptop will always be Win7 now. I also run a LOT of DOS stuff using DOSBox and in actuality, DOSBox skips a bit with sound and such in Win10 but not so much in Win7. Anywho, this is what's on my pooter at present http://www.theeaceman.com/pooter.html and my little note about Win10 and such is at the bottom of the page. Also note, at the time, Win10 actually changed my C and D drive around and to revert back to Win7 I had to literally redo my hard drive configuration using Acronis. Was not a good experience for me.
  6. I think the Guild has brought out the worst in a lot of people. Stuff happens. You move on and learn. In all honesty, I can only remember one time I regretted doing something and that was my flaming o_O VIB O_o on MUGEN Dev forum back around 2001. I misread something VIB wrote and I overreacted. So join the crowd Ricepigeon, it happens.
  7. Been away for quite a while again. Hired a new girl at work but she has 2,4, and 5 year olds so she tries to be flexible but doesn't usually work out. As far as the WiPs, I was seeing 'going through the floor' and several other problems that seem to be from values in the game engine itself that can't be changed. Would have to hack into the MUGEN 1.1 beta 1 executable (mugen.exe) and I just don't feel like doing it. Makes me think about the old DOS MUGEN versions where things were kept 'hidden' in the game engine until the 04.14.2002 last DOS version. But the 1.1 beta 1 version definitely has some values automated into the game engine again and I'm thinking "no work arounds" available. I do know that the jump land state (52) has a default 'gamemakeanim' for ground spark anim 60 in the game engine. I was able to kind of circumvent it in my second demo by shortening the time in the jump land state, but no way to remove the coding as it is part of the game engine itself. Looks like v1.1 beta 1 MUGEN is a bust. Oh well. I don't have hardly any time to tinker any more anyway but maybe some day again.
  8. Lol, check for "dookie" in english. Like used in this sentence, "If you don't work, you don't get dookie." lol
  9. There is a file in the data folder of MUGEN called select.der You will need to edit that file to add in the character. I have a VERY OLD FAQ page on that process on my faq page here http://www.gohanssm.com/faq.html
  10. Using AILevel > 0 and Lifeset states it can be done in MUGEN 1.0 and later. The player is AILevel = 0 and the AI is from AILevel 1 to 8. The life is set at the top of the cns file in the character and I have seen it set to 10000 before, You could set the life = 10000 in the cns and then add a -2 state at the bottom of the cns that goes something like this... [State -2,player] type = LifeSet trigger1 = time = 0 trigger1 = 189 < stateno > 199 ;intro states trigger1 = AILevel = 0 ;player is AI zero value = 1000 This would start the AI out at 10000 and if playing as the character would drop the character down to 1000 life Could also use LifeAdd instead of LifeSet in the above example. Look in the sctrls html doc in MUGEN's DOCS folder. If using a LifeAdd type then use value = -9000 would do the same thing almost unless you had multiple intro states.
  11. Cool thanks. gonna redo the docs and change Punch 2 + Kick 2 to Light Punch + Light Kick His air punch is actually a kick and the original didn't have an air punch, gonna work on that Both Light Kick + Light Punch have no velocities on them for the 'rapid combo' stuff. Gonna make sure of that. The rapid combo system takes a bit to get used to. You need a lot of power on the bar. The timing is within 5 game ticks. Definitely takes a bit of practice in Training Mode to get the timing down. Have got it to over 100 before but takes practice. That's right on the 'free floating' version where going up Buu has a graphic hitch in him. Gonna change the anims in the 50's to the ones in the 3's which should get rid of the hitch there (oops). Probably a few others but thanks for the input Big Green. Still working on a lot of stuff but getting there. Got to Cell Genesis done, so 11 out of 30+ kinda done.
  12. Thanks Big Green, working on it now...OK should be fixed now. Hosting24 doesn't allow direct linking to rar files apparently. Sorry bout that peeps.
  13. Yup, looking to update all characters (30+) to the latest MUGEN 1.1 beta1. 8 updated so far. Still making decisions about stuff yet but do have a kind of demo for now with Majin Buu from Super Butouden 3. The original Super Butouden 3 and Hyper Dimension games had a 'free floating' flying system while the other games have been 'bi-level. Anyway, this guy... In two versions, the first version is the bi-level fly version The second version is the new 'free floating' fly version like in Super Butouden 3 http://www.gohanssm.com/buu3demo.html The bi-level works as before. The free floating version all you have to do is be in the air and use the 'z' key to start flying/floating. I am thinking about doing the free floating versions with all characters but still not sure yet. Works with MUGEN v1.0 and later but has been tested on v1.1 beta1 and works as well. Any feedback appreciated and yeah, Majin Buu from sb3 is a bit basic play wise. And uses the SNES sprites so a little small. Also, with MUGEN 1.0 and above, there is no longer a need for me to do the 'normal' and 'ai' defs anymore. These are for player vs. player but also have a form of AI for to play against and watch mode and such.