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  1. i'm already a fan of this good work my dude.
  2. i'm still in kreation mode, i've just been sidetrack'd with playin' Warframe for tha past few weeks [tha grinding is REAL!!]. hopefully i'll have somethin' completed by March end, if not sooner.

  3. uhhhhhh.....tha 19th.....some1's missin'.....
  4. nuh-uh, i toldja my pc can't deal. besides, i kinda dig 1.0 more anyways, lol
  5. so i fullfill'd my self-imposed goal of droppin' 4 kreations this year, yet i still wish i could've done more. but then again, tha year's not over just yet, so who knows.....

    1. Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix

      Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix

      Something something having regret isn't good...


      ...And those stages were AWESOME.

    2. Sir Lord Alpyne

      Sir Lord Alpyne

      late-as-hell-reply: why thank you good sir, i appreciate your support! :OhYeah:

  6. thanx Realest, 'preciatecha. updated btw, check out tha 1st post y'all.
  7. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] <== 1.1 .def [COMMENT] ~~ for 1.0 [& now also for 1.1, thanx to my boi DemonKai. good lookin' out god!] ~~ Animated ~~ Slight Super Jump ~~ loop kut BGM so ya boi Alpyne's droppin' yet another kreation, nothin' too fancy mind you. props to my boi Realest for his AA, more details in tha .def. sorry it took so long y'all, but life's been a bit of a hindrance for a good minute anyhoo, enjoy dem shitz y'all.
  8. i see you've done Kyokugen Dojo already without me [saw tha vid]. guess i took too long, my bad god. so many projects, so little time, lol
  9. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [COMMENT] ~~ for 1.0 ~~ Hi-Res!! YESH!!! ~~ Animated ~~ Slight Super Jump ~~ kustom-kut BGM kreated for this stage so ya boi Alpyne's finally releasin' his 1ST HI-RES STAGE! IKR?! i even amaze myself sometimes, lol. welp, there's more awesomeness to come, so stay tuned folks.... enjoy dem shitz folks.
  10. nice work here mai dood!
  11. uggggh. stop tryna make me learn stuff. i can't handle tha stress to mai lazybone i might update this joint tho, been ponderin' it. i do have an issue tho on another 1 of my projects that i'm workin' on, i'll hit yah up later with tha deets.
  12. haha, why thank you good sir. awe-inspiring kreations such as yours make me strive to do tha best i work that can.
  13. thanx fellaz. i do what i can my brethren, i do what i can.