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  1. Camp Crystal Lake Trail [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [COMMENT] ~~ for 1.0 ~~ 2 stage sizes, as well as optional lengths for each [deets in .defs] ~~ Slight Super Jump [BIG version] ~~ loop kut BGM so ya boi Alpyne's been out of circulation for a good minute, & it's mainly my own fault, so my bad. imma make up for lost time tho, know that! anyhoo, enjoy dem shitz y'all.
  2. i...still...functionnnnnn.


    i've just been busy :gaming:

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      *Unicron approaches.

    2. Sir Lord Alpyne

      Sir Lord Alpyne

      ha! props for gettin' that reference! 

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Just watched it a couple nights ago actually.  I'd forgotten how good it was.
      Unicron has to one of the single most terrifying villain concepts lol

  3. hmmmm..... well, tha main overall theme for all of my stage kreations' style is a sense of isolation [just tha fighters goin' at it with no outer influence(s)], & that back wall helps with that. what you don't see is that tha wall will be in motion constantly. it was tha best 1 i could find that had tha electric vibe i'm goin' for. but in regards to that floor tho, i'm definitely diggin' it. & i'm also diggin' how it allows for tha stage to be extended, so OG, would you kindly run me that floor sprite good sir? & i like what you did with tha electric ropes too, so i'm gonna apply that as well. i still wish there was a way i could apply tha 'deathmatch' floor anim, buuuuut i don't see that happening now. ho-hum, i'll live
  4. Alp's WIPs: The Mini-Series ummmmmmm, where to start? hey i kno, how 'bout this: R.O.K DeathMatch: Denjin actual frame sprite pardon tha look of absurdity of tha top 'preview', but it's just to show that there is a general idea of how it's gonna turn out tho, i just gotta piece it together. tho, to be fair, tha coding's gonna be tha most annoying part for what i have in mind ?s, comments, & all that chizz are welcome.
  5. ok, so i think i'm gonna do a WIP topic. maybe it'll help stop my brain from bouncin' around so dang much, so i can focus, & in turn actually finish, & release, somethin' soon.

  6. yeah yeah, Happy blah-blah-blah. now go get :confuse:



    1. Staubhold


      Danke für den Geburtstagswunsch. :=D:

  7. i'm still in kreation mode, i've just been sidetrack'd with playin' Warframe for tha past few weeks [tha grinding is REAL!!]. hopefully i'll have somethin' completed by March end, if not sooner.

  8. nuh-uh, i toldja my pc can't deal. besides, i kinda dig 1.0 more anyways, lol