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  1. I've started collecting OST from various fighting games. PM if you want a link to a soundtrack for a game.

  2. Ok, so someone on MUGEN ARCHIVE made a 6-button version of Dronekiller's Filia. I was going to download it, but the download link didn't work. Apparently, I was locked out of downloading anything from their site. So basically, what I'm asking is that if someone could maybe send a way to download this character. Here's a link to the character in question: Any attempts are greatly appreciated!
  3. So recently, I've found a LOT of fighting game soundtracks from various websites. Can someone please give me a list of the character collections that don't have their ost downloadable?

  4. Anthony Crimsoncasket
  5. Hey, it doesn't take 5 mins to load this website anymore :)


  6. Ok, so why am I a "Garbage user" on MUGEN Archive. I explained to them I lurk as kind as I can, then I almost get banned?

    Now I'm a "locked" user?
    What did I do???

    1. GarchompMatt


      You raised a slight objection to how the site is run. That's asking for a permanent ban, oh yes.

    2. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      I'm afraid to think what these inadequates are capable of if you do things to MA that get you permabanned on any normal site. If they are ready to perma you just for saying "I disagree", then if you do those things, they'll most likely DDoS your PC. lol

  7. Does anyone have MGMURROW's SF3 Shadow Lady? I went to his main website, but the site the link for SL lead to an error message saying the file wasn't found, so I was wondering if someone could send me a zip or 7zip or a working link or something? Thanks if anyone can help me.
  8. I really want to donate, cuz honestly, this is the only forum I use.

    But I never really have money soo


  9. Martial Masters Darkstalkers/Vampire Cyberbots Garou: Mark of the Wolves (technically a Fatal Fury game) there's a lot out there You just gotta look for the one that fits you
  10. stored food for the winter
  11. Haven't seen an ad, but I'll definitely turn off my adblocker for you guys.
  12. Just some random little game. Basically, one person has to say a spoiler from some sort of media such as a video game, movie, anime, etc. The next person says what it's from and says a spoiler and so on and so on. I'll start. Bruce Willis dies at the end.
  13. Shiki can kill Servants

    Snape kills Dumbledore

    But it was I, Dio

    1. ShinzakiK


      Yuuka kills anyone who dares step on her property.

    2. LansingWolverine


      There is no war in Ba Sing Se

  14. Remember Retsu?

    Neither do I...

    1. Big Fella

      Big Fella

      But do you remember Geki?

      Neither do i...

    2. Trinitronity


      But anyone remember Kevin Striker?

      I know that I do.