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  1. BGM: Yggdrasil's Embrace The sun began to crest over the eastern horizon, its golden rays showering down upon the lands, each alerting those sleeping on the surface below that it was finally time to awaken; the darkness and mystery of night no longer plagued the lands. Creatures of various different shapes and sizes did as commanded, and rose from their slumber, beginning to go out and seek out the first meal of the day: breakfast. The golden rays bathed the plants with the energy they would need to create their own food, their coloration intensifying in the sunlight. The light reflecting off of the various oceans of the world gave the skies above a blue hue, and the lack of clouds around mixed with the cool temperatures and slow breeze made this new day almost perfect. In a forest covering a rocky hill with a cave entrance upon its southern facade, some of the land's creatures were going about their normal day until an anomaly occurred. BGM: Danger! A large portal opened up in the middle of the forest, a roar not of this world being heard as it quickly expanded, the creatures around fleeing the scene as fast as they could. The portal seemed like it would swallow everything around indiscriminately with the rate it was expanding at, several small rocks and some loose vegetation being pulled into it as well. As it was pulling in all of the small objects it could, however, it also threw something out of itself: a person. They tumbled upon the ground due to the momentum at which they were thrown with, their blue, over-sized coat throwing all kinds of dirt and decaying vegetation into the air, a sort of trail being formed by their path. Eventually, they came to a halt upon a rock, letting out a low groan as they hit it. After throwing out what could be considered its "previous meal", the portal closed as fast as it opened, the groaning of the person being the only thing able to be heard. BGM: Mother Earth of Dishonesty ~ PART 1 A few coughs escaped the person's throat through their mouth as they laid within the sediment upon the forest floor, seeming to be quite exhausted from something. After about ten minutes of laying down, they slowly moved their arms underneath their body to push themselves up somewhat, revealing a long, brown hair with a green ribbon tied to a hank of hair at the top, though it was ruined by various leaves, rocks, and twigs trapped within her locks. She pushed herself up enough so that her face could be seen, revealing her emerald eyes and dirt-spotted face. She winced as the pain from before still hadn't receded, but still took the time to look around the area, a pained growl escaping her mouth. ???: Urgh...dammit, Daniel! I told you that wouldn't go...so...well... Her voice trailed off as she saw that nobody was around, including the creature she was fighting, thankfully. ???: ...Guys? Are you all hiding? Come on, this isn't funny! Urgh! She gripped her right side as a sharp pain coursed through her body from it. She removed her right arm from the coat sleeve it was in and put her hand upon the spot for a moment, then removed it, checking the palm. No blood, thankfully, so she wasn't going to have to bandage anything. Hopefully. Maybe they were trying their best to hide from her. ???: Guys, come on! It got me really good and I might be bleeding! Elizabeth! Elizabeeeeeeth! She let her cry echo through the forest for a while, hoping that the kindhearted girl she knew would come to her aid after hearing that a fellow party member was badly injured, let alone the leader of the party. She let out a sigh and lowered her head to the forest floor. ???: I swear, if I get up and I find you all hiding somewhere, I'm going to make sure it's the last time you do anything in your miserabl- Agh! The pain shot through her body again. It felt like something was hitting it every so often, causing the pain to flare up once it did. She looked down at where the pain was coming from again, and, of course, her- ???: W-wh-what the hell?! Where are my things?! Except for what she first left home with, everything that she once had was now all gone. She dug through her coat frantically, hoping to find all of the treasure and weapons she had stashed up misplaced within the coat or in a sleeve, maybe even a pocket, but there was nothing. However, she did find what was causing the occasional pain in a pocket: a strange orb that shook occasionally. It was something she had never seen in her life. ???: ...where'd this come from? I don't remember getting anything like this on any hunt... She examined the object closely, but gazing at it started to hurt her eyes, so she threw it aside. After doing so, however, it felt like her energy started to come back to her. Finding it rather odd, but having no good reason to question why it was happening, she finally stood up and dusted herself off entirely, making sure to remove the sediment within her hair carefully, so as not to ruin it. As she did this, she took another glance around herself. Still no sign of the others. ???: You guys must be really determined. I saw you all get pulled into that portal, and I wouldn't have followed you in if you hadn't gone in, now come out here! And give me my things back, too! I promise I won't kill any of you if you do...I'll just make sure you regret ever doing it! She walked around the area as she spoke, looking for any signs of the presence of another person. (Chance make.) (Let this also mark the beginning!)
  2. Idealis nodded. Idealis: That's okay. You're the one footing the bill, after all! The girl shot a brief suspicious look at the woman, but took the money all too happily. ???: Thanks for your patronage! Let me see if I can find some open rooms close to each other! She made her way to the front counter with the gold purse and put it away. She then started to check a piece of parchment with a list on it. She picked up a quill and made five marks before going around the counter and gesturing towards them to follow her. ???: I'll show you to your rooms.
  3. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Elysia Inn Idealis: Can't disagree with that... Idealis: Okay, it's a deal. ???: I just want to know. There's no city Daddy's taken me to that makes coins like these. CANDOR CITY: Warriors' Hangout Penelope crashed into the door face-first, causing her to fall backwards. Penelope: Owwwww, that hurt like a bitch! The commander snickered, losing her composure. She couldn't help but smile as well. ???: Pay more attention next time, Penelope. ???: Anyway, her mistake has probably alerted them to our presence. If they do not come out soon, I suppose we should come back tomorrow when it is open.
  4. It was a necessary out, but one that was also risky. Idealis: What is it? The commander looked up at the building, but Penelope immediately ran towards it. Penelope: Heeeeeere weeeeee cooooooome! The commander sighed. ???: She is going to get us in trouble before we even get inside... ???: Anyway, let us go in and meet with the others. The commander started to make her way to the building, followed wordlessly by the robotic knight.
  5. The girl gasped. ???: Earth? Are you telling me that you're...?! She quickly shook her head. ???: I'm no fool...just tell me where you got those coins from, okay? Idealis held up a single gold coin for her to examine. The design upon its head was significantly different from that of a gold coin minted within this area. Idealis: The coins aren't the same, and she noticed...
  6. Idealis dug out some pocket change from her coat. All of that money she gained from those hunts was gone...it was almost exactly like she had just left home for the first time once again. She let out a sigh. Hopefully there would be ways to get more money here, otherwise, sleeping on the streets was going to become a viable option. However, there was an issue: if she didn't pay enough, some of them were going to have to find somewhere else to sleep. Idealis: How many beds are in each room? ???: There are two beds per room! Idealis: Okay...give me a moment. She placed a gold purse upon the table, then sifted through it to count how much gold she had. 500. She had to manage 500 coins, and she was already giving away 300 to ensure that her party would be able to have a warm place to stay. At least she didn't have to exchange them. Silently, she hoped and prayed that there would be a way to get more of it, otherwise, she was going to run out of it quickly. She handed the coins to the girl, who examined them, then raised an eyebrow. ???: Huh? What's with these coins? Oh dear. That was the last thing Idealis wanted. Idealis: U-um...they're gold coins, right? ???: Yeah, but they have a different look. Where'd you get these? Idealis: I got them from home... ???: Where's "home"? Idealis glanced back at the other party members, as if seeking a solution to this problem she had just put them in.
  7. Eventually, Idealis would stumble upon a large building with a wooden sign hanging upon the facade depicting three Z's going from top to bottom, getting smaller as they went down. Without a word, she made her way into the building, expecting the others to follow her inside as a bell was struck by the corner of the door, causing it to ring. The smell of a hearty soup cooking upon a hearth filled the air around them, but it was preceded by a very warm gust of air punching them in the gut. Seemingly used to the differences in temperature causing a shock to her body, Idealis marched in and took a deep breath. Idealis: I like this place already! Meanwhile, between the tables was what appeared to be a short girl dressed in an unusual battle suit. To those capable of sensing power, hers was no greater than that of a commoner within the city. ???: Hello, visitors...Daddy's sleeping right now, but I can help you all. Are you here for a meal, or maybe to spend the night? Idealis noticed the girl. Idealis: Oh, hello...we're here to spend the night and...maybe get a meal at the same time. ???: Yay! It's not expensive at all! Only seventy-five gold coins! ???: We can also take copper and silver, if you have them. ???: But no pompadillions. It's money you can't hold nor spend except in dumb fancy towns. Idealis let out a sigh of relief. She dug around in her pockets for a moment to see if she was lucky enough to have kept the money she had on her person. She glanced back at the others. Idealis: Any of you have any gold on you? I'm hoping this world's gold is the same as my world's gold...
  8. Idealis: I'm assuming gold. Seems like it'd match the theme of the place! Idealis: Then we could be in an even worse situation than we're already in...ugh, let's just look for an inn. I'm going to make myself worried sick at this rate. Idealis: Let's find an inn to discuss it at, then. Idealis began to head away from the gate, scanning the streets for any sign of an inn.
  9. Idealis bit back a harsh remark, instead opting to let out an irritated sigh. She was right, after all; in their current condition, the chances of them getting away without getting hurt were very slim. Idealis: Fine...you win. Let's spend the night here and hope that we don't find everyone dead in the morning.
  10. Idealis: It's just one thing after another, isn't it? Idealis: We need to go now. The rest of our party is over there, and I'd rather not go back there only to find out that they're all dead or badly hurt. Come on. Idealis: That's...pretty handy, actually... Idealis: But, anyway, let's go. I guess we'll wait at the gate for them or something... Without another word on the matter, Idealis began making her way to the gate they entered the city through.
  11. Idealis: Eh? Wouldn't that be even more of a reason to get there as soon as possible? Idealis: Hmph. And if we are?
  12. Idealis let out a sigh. Any delay at this point would possibly give them trouble later on. Idealis: I know that it's dangerous, and I could guess that it was more dangerous at night... Idealis: ...but we have somewhere to be and a goal to achieve, and I refuse to allow anything to get in our way. And I'm pretty sure I'm fine mentally.
  13. Idealis glanced back at the guards behind them, then back at the flame in front of her. Instinct was going to have to take a back seat for now. Idealis: Neither, but what does it matter to you, talking fire?
  14. Idealis: Looks like someone should've taken up Hera's offer. Idealis: I like it. It reminds me of home. Idealis: As much as I would like to track her down and kill her, I'm pretty sure she's out of our league at this point. We need to regroup with the others, anyway; we've also got the slums to deal with... Idealis continued to make her way out of the city, headed back the way they came from. Her katars weren't far from her hands. Considering the last time they went along the path, it was a given that they were going to encounter more creatures. The fact that it was night wasn't helping that.
  15. Jude's attempt at talking him out of his moment of insanity failed as his muttering seemed to slowly intensify. Idealis slowly made her way towards the exit. Idealis: That went about as poorly as it possibly could... Idealis: I don't know if I got the same thing out of it as you guys did, but I do know that it's safe to assume that getting back to our worlds is not going to happen any time soon. We're stuck here because some manipulator caused him to use the wrong spell somehow, and she's been doing this for a while with whoever she meets. So...I think our first target has got to be this Athena person. The Oracle guy, though I really wanna shove a katar into his face for messing up, is...well, by all accounts, he's innocent in this matter. He couldn't do anything but listen to her if Hera's story is true. But if her ability really is that strong, we should probably look for that Princess Hideko person. If she was able to resist it to an extent, then maybe she's our only hope in dealing with her. Idealis let out a sigh. Idealis: I had a feeling things weren't going to be as simple as I had hoped they were...anyway, let's get out of here and head back to that hangout place; they're probably worried about us. She pushed open the door to the outdoors open, a blast of cold air punching everyone in the gut as the door slid open.
  16. The oracle continued to mutter the incomprehensible language. It was as if he just wasn't there anymore.
  17. Idealis reacted quickly, smacking his weapon away with her hand. She spoke quietly, but her anger was obvious. Idealis: Dumbass...that's not going to help us. They'll know we did it, and they'll hunt us down. I know it. He's untouchable right now... Oracle: If it was within my ability, I would have done so immediately had I known that...that... He grabbed his head and groaned, falling to his knees. Oracle: My mind...why does it betray me?! I do not know what to believe anymore...is our world truly in danger? Was it all a ploy? Was I merely a pawn in a larger plan? He started to mutter in an incomprehensible language. It was clear that he was teetering on insanity at this point. Idealis: ...we need to go. Right now. Idealis started to walk backwards, making sure nobody suddenly lunged at the oracle and tried to kill him. This was probably going to get them into trouble, and killing him would certainly get them executed. BGM: 12. ζ˜Ÿι™γ‚‹δΈ˜ Chapter 2: Nox Aetas
  18. MAGICAL CITY OF VERVE: Oracle's Room BGM: First Time at the Holy Ground... The group would enter into the oracle's room, the aura of mana seeming to grow extremely strong as they entered it. All around them were books, scrolls, pages, flasks, and candles as well as various other knick knacks that probably served some kind of purpose at some point. Most of the pages and books were written in legible text, most talking about the creatures in the world and how a specific element of magic worked in the world. Moonlight crept in through windows on one side of the room, chandeliers hanging down from above lit by what appeared to be large fireballs, their light falling upon the tables, chairs, and boards down below. The light seemed to bounce off of a strange glass-like pyramid hanging over a staircase in front of one of the massive bookcases within the room, a strange green smoke appearing to come from it. It was obvious that this room was, if it wasn't now, being used by multiple people. One could imagine each feverishly working to figure something out with the others. But currently, only the Oracle was within, standing in front of and looking out of the windows at the far side of the room. Inside, Idealis would slowly walk over the various articles of paper and trinkets scattered around on the floor, wanting to make sure that she didn't accidentally cause one to go off. Suddenly, the Oracle spoke up. Oracle: So, you have finally come to me...I am honored to be graced with your presences. He turned around, and bowed. Oracle: I do hope you will forgive me for my sudden decision to bring you all here, but...it was necessary. Hera hadn't left yet. Her face had a suspicious look upon it as she watched the Oracle and listened to him speak. Oracle: I suppose I shouldn't dawdle with small talk. The reason why I summoned you all here...is because we face a threat greater than anything we have ever known. I, along with several archmages, have detected the balance of this world being impacted greatly by a sudden interference by a presence not of this world, similar to many of your own, but...I suppose one who traveled here from another planet in our system as opposed to traveling here by teleportation. As of now, we, along with the leaders of kingdoms and cities, know about this, and for good reason; were the general public to gain knowledge about this, then a widespread panic would occur and spread throughout the entire city. Our research has shown that this threat thrives on instability, so if something like that were to occur, I have no doubt that it would destroy this world in a split second. And that is where you all come into play. The oracle would find himself interrupted. BGM: The Quest Anger(Soundtrack Ver.) Idealis: Wait a minute, why us? Most of us don't have significant power, and a lot more of us lost some things on the way here. Oracle: To explain that, it is a side effect of the spell used. Hera: Then you used the wrong spell. Oracle: Mmm? It was indeed the correct spell. Hera: No, it was the wrong spell. Your goal was to keep them here temporarily, yes? Oracle: That is true, but- Hera: You have trapped their souls within an unfamiliar plane with the spell you used, Oracle! Oracle: No, no, you must understand, we- Hera: Tell me, who was with you? Did one of those "archmages" happen to be that wench who refers to herself as Athena? Oracle: Well, yes, but- Hera: You fool! She smacked a pile of books off of a table. Fortunately, they hardly made a ruckus upon hitting the floor. Hera: You were manipulated! She used her magic and you did not even realize it! Oracle: Hera, calm yourself! How could you possibly know such a thing?! Hera: I was a victim of her magic once... Hera: I wish I could recall the name of the silent male within the group, but I cannot at this point in time. I know that I will encounter him again at some point, but nonetheless, that is my experience with that banshee. She was the one who brought about the Tragedy of Muram. Hera: And that is how I know you were manipulated, Oracle. She used me in the same way. Oracle: But...how? I would have taken notice of her actions! Hera: Nobody in that room took notice. It took me many months and a meeting with a necromancer to free myself from her curse. I was only able to remember everything afterwards. I believe you, too, need the same treatment. Oracle: If she manipulated us, then why hasn't the Council taken notice of her actions? Hera: I assume that is obvious. The Oracle fell silent for a moment, then held his head tightly, looking as though he was in pain. He shook it, then pointed at the door. Oracle: I am sorry, Hera, but...I cannot believe any of this. This claim of yours is far too amazing to believe. A single mage capable of manipulating what may as well be the whole world? I would be more prone to believing that hounds shed their skin to become human and seduce our kind rather than something like that. Hera let out a sigh. Hera: Very well...I suppose I shall take my leave now. She walked back towards the door out of the room, and glanced back at the party. Hera: I wish you all luck with your future endeavors, and I hope that we meet again in the near future. And with that, she quietly made her exit from the room. BGM: over Chapter 1 End
  19. CANDOR CITY: Main Street The commander stepped in before Penelope could speak. ???: If you, too, have a party, then yes, it would be best for us to come with you. The larger our numbers, the more successful we can be in our mission. Feel free to lea- ???: Concern. John's life signature has faded away. The commander gasped. ???: What?! Does that mean that...that explosion was...?! ???: Assertive. The signature faded away directly after it occurred. The commander clinched a fist, the hand shaking. ???: Dammit...I will make sure your death was not in vain, John... ???: ...I will ensure that I crush their petty organization beneath my feet before we leave this world... Penelope egged her on. Penelope: Woo-hoo! Yeah, let's beat them down all down, even that big dumb dumb of a leader! ???: Does his death not even faze you?! Penelope: I-I hardly even knew him, though! ???: More reason for it to have a greater impact! Anyway... She turned towards Lucina, a smile showing itself. ???: Please, lead the way, Lucina. I shall introduce myself when we arrive.
  20. CANDOR CITY: Main Street The commander stepped in before Penelope could speak. ???: If you, too, have a party, then yes, it would be best for us to come with you. The larger our numbers, the more successful we can be in our mission. Feel free to lea- ???: Concern. John's life signature has faded away. The commander gasped. ???: What?! Does that mean that...that explosion was...?! ???: Assertive. The signature faded away directly after it occurred. The commander clinched a fist, the hand shaking. ???: Dammit...I will make sure your death was not in vain, John... ???: ...I will ensure that I crush their petty organization beneath my feet before we leave this world... Penelope egged her on. Penelope: Woo-hoo! Yeah, let's beat them down all down, even that big dumb dumb of a leader! ???: Does his death not even faze you?! Penelope: I-I hardly even knew him, though! ???: More reason for it to have a greater impact! Anyway... She turned towards Lucina, a smile showing itself. ???: Please, lead the way, Lucina. I shall introduce myself when we arrive.
  21. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums The card slinger jumped back and towards the edge of the building they were on, seemingly teetering on the edge of his demise. He smiled at them before snapping his fingers, causing the three cards implanted int he ground to explode, causing the roof of the building to cave in where it occurred and for those around to be blown away, including him. Those less fortunate would find themselves falling into the building he just made a hole into. Main Street The four would finally escape the hellhole that was the slums, the commander huffing a single time. ???: Oh, how I wish that I had stayed and fought... She was promptly interrupted by barrier girl walking over to Lucina and tapping her on her right shoulder. ???: Hi, I'm Penelope! I'm the- The commander interrupted her again. ???: She is not a part of our team. Her body was shrouded in light, which soon turned into a sudden flash which quickly faded away, revealing her normal self. ???: As far as we are concerned, she is simply someone we are saving from herself. Penelope: But didn't she help us in a way? It'd be like a way to pay her back! Penelope: Besides, just look at her! She'd fit right in with us! The commander gazed at Lucina, then back at Penelope. ???: Somehow...I doubt that. Penelope: But she's a super knight! ???: What? Were yo- Penelope: When she ran in, she was like "Haaaah!" And then swung the sword around like shing shing! And all of the guys got knocked away and stuff, and then she made a pose and was like "I saw that you were having problems so I came to help." It was so cool! She's totally a super knight! The commander let out a long sigh. ???: Fine...but I can't just force her into the group. It's up to her in the end. Immediately, Penelope ran over to Lucina, grasping her hand tightly. Penelope: C'mon, join us! It'll be suuuper fun! We go on all kinds of cool adventures and stuff! You'll never get bored, I promise! But if you do... Penelope: ...then I have ways of curing that. She grinned at her. Her mouth may as well have been full of shark teeth with how obvious her plan was. ???: I hope you realize that that may be hurting your plan more than helping it...
  22. MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Barthmont Palace Interior Idealis found herself caught off-guard by the statement. Idealis: R-really? She quickly shook her head. Idealis: I-I mean, of course I am! I led a party of adventurers back in my world, and we were easily the most successful group of them all! We gathered so many relics that no other team was even close to surpassing us and were forced to work with us! If it wasn't for me, I'm certain they would've never gotten things done... Idealis: ...like now, I bet...they must be worried sick about me... Up ahead, a slowly creaking door could be heard opening, Hera looked back at them from it. She started to whisper. Hera: Come, the Oracle is just within, but do keep your voices low; it seems that the royal family is currently sleeping. Idealis glanced back at Elizabeth. Idealis: ...but, thank you...for, y'know, the compliment. Without another word on the matter, Idealis started to quietly walk towards the open door, her guard now up. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums ???: There you are! The card slinger quickly hopped back from the cyber knight's attempted swing, and threw three cards into the ground between him and the knight. He then proceeded to take off in the other direction, the cards appearing to not have exploded yet. He moved quickly in the hope that he would be able to speed under the falling knight above him and escape them scot-free. ???: Cautious. Keep your guard up; Knights of the Forsaken have gone another route. ???: I believe I know who they are going for, actually...and we should be meeting up with someone right about- Suddenly, Barrier Girl popped out from behind a dumpster in the alleyway they were in. ???: Now! ???: Yes...now... Without a moment to waste, the other girl started to follow behind them. ???: So, how come you're running away? I thought you wanted to beat them all up! I was gonna jump in and beat them up and we'd win! ???: One life too many at stake. ???: Ohh...so that new girl had to be saved! ???: Actually, no, she- ???: I knew you were going to find someone new! She ran alongside Lucina, excitement in her eyes. ???: Hi, I'm- ???: This isn't the time for that! ???: But- ???: Just focus on covering all sides! The barrier girl sighed and backed off, looking around as she did so. They would soon be out of the hellhole that was the slums.
  23. CANDOR CITY: Northwestern Slums Just as he made his way onto the building, he could see the coattails of a tuxedo going off of the building on the other side. ???: These imbeciles will never learn... She slowed her pace slightly as she turned and swung her sword at the incoming projectile, it leaving behind a rainbow wave which reflected the projectile back at the knights. After doing so, she picked up the pace once more to keep up with the robot. The robot quickly dashed by her, but the commander took a hold of her left arm and started to pull her along. ???: Well...that was much faster than fifteen seconds... ???: Surprised. It appears that they had picked up the pace after the prediction was made. ???: No matter; we have at least prevented a simpleton from getting herself killed. Lucina, was it? I am afraid there is no time for introductions because we all need to escape this area before it is swarmed with these simplistic knights' ilk. I do not wish to spare any more time on fodder, so I ask that you aid me in covering all sides from any sudden attacks. ???: Warning: Knights of the Forsaken are approaching fast. Suggestion: Take an alternate route. Up ahead, an alleyway leading straight towards the main road heading northwest to southeast could be seen. ???: They are quite persistent as well, it seems...no matter. I suppose we can simply go around. Without a need for a command, the robot dashed past the alleyway and turned right into another one ahead of it. The commander grasped Lucina's arm tightly and picked up the pace, following the robot into it. ???: For their sake, let us pray that they do not encounter us again. The results will be far more...satisfying, hmhmhm... MAGICAL KINGDOM OF VERVE: Barthmont Palace Interior Idealis: Think about his reaction. If we leave him alone, I know he'll do one of two things. One, he leaves us and never comes back because he thinks we all hate his guts, or two, he tries to help Seraph and gets himself killed. I'd prefer if neither of those happened; we kinda need to keep the party together, y'know? Especially after losing a couple of members already. Idealis: So I'll just have to put aside my issues with his kind for now and deal with them later, and you're going to have to do the same until all of this is over with, got it? Because, at this rate, it's going to be impossible for us to get anything done together.
  24. ???: (All according to plan...) The two slid further away from the scene, the commander watching their movements closely. ???: (Looks like it's time to move!) The sound of clothing rippling through the air could be heard close to the knights' location, just above them. Noticing this, the commander snapped her fingers, and both her and the robot quickly dashed in the direction of the unknown being, the robot leading the way whilst the commander covered the rear. ???: Optimistic. We are not far from the being. Estimated time of encounter is in fifteen seconds. ???: That is very long in these circumstances; do you really expect me to cover us for that long? ???: Confident. Your abilities have improved by approximately 33% under your current status. You are more than capable of doing so. ???: Hmm...you really do know how to say the right things at the right moments...it was a good idea recruiting you! With her morale boosted, she readied herself for the onslaught of attacks to come from every direction. The Knights of the Forsaken owned this part of the city; if she could get this unknown person, herself, and the robot to the safety of the main city, they should be able to escape their iron grasp and regroup with the others.