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  1. BGM: Yggdrasil's Embrace The sun began to crest over the eastern horizon, its golden rays showering down upon the lands, each alerting those sleeping on the surface below that it was finally time to awaken; the darkness and mystery of night no longer plagued the lands. Creatures of various different shapes and sizes did as commanded, and rose from their slumber, beginning to go out and seek out the first meal of the day: breakfast. The golden rays bathed the plants with the energy they would need to create their own food, their coloration intensifying in the sunlight. The light reflecting off of the various oceans of the world gave the skies above a blue hue, and the lack of clouds around mixed with the cool temperatures and slow breeze made this new day almost perfect. In a forest covering a rocky hill with a cave entrance upon its southern facade, some of the land's creatures were going about their normal day until an anomaly occurred. BGM: Danger! A large portal opened up in the middle of the forest, a roar not of this world being heard as it quickly expanded, the creatures around fleeing the scene as fast as they could. The portal seemed like it would swallow everything around indiscriminately with the rate it was expanding at, several small rocks and some loose vegetation being pulled into it as well. As it was pulling in all of the small objects it could, however, it also threw something out of itself: a person. They tumbled upon the ground due to the momentum at which they were thrown with, their blue, over-sized coat throwing all kinds of dirt and decaying vegetation into the air, a sort of trail being formed by their path. Eventually, they came to a halt upon a rock, letting out a low groan as they hit it. After throwing out what could be considered its "previous meal", the portal closed as fast as it opened, the groaning of the person being the only thing able to be heard. BGM: Mother Earth of Dishonesty ~ PART 1 A few coughs escaped the person's throat through their mouth as they laid within the sediment upon the forest floor, seeming to be quite exhausted from something. After about ten minutes of laying down, they slowly moved their arms underneath their body to push themselves up somewhat, revealing a long, brown hair with a green ribbon tied to a hank of hair at the top, though it was ruined by various leaves, rocks, and twigs trapped within her locks. She pushed herself up enough so that her face could be seen, revealing her emerald eyes and dirt-spotted face. She winced as the pain from before still hadn't receded, but still took the time to look around the area, a pained growl escaping her mouth. ???: Urgh...dammit, Daniel! I told you that wouldn't go...so...well... Her voice trailed off as she saw that nobody was around, including the creature she was fighting, thankfully. ???: ...Guys? Are you all hiding? Come on, this isn't funny! Urgh! She gripped her right side as a sharp pain coursed through her body from it. She removed her right arm from the coat sleeve it was in and put her hand upon the spot for a moment, then removed it, checking the palm. No blood, thankfully, so she wasn't going to have to bandage anything. Hopefully. Maybe they were trying their best to hide from her. ???: Guys, come on! It got me really good and I might be bleeding! Elizabeth! Elizabeeeeeeth! She let her cry echo through the forest for a while, hoping that the kindhearted girl she knew would come to her aid after hearing that a fellow party member was badly injured, let alone the leader of the party. She let out a sigh and lowered her head to the forest floor. ???: I swear, if I get up and I find you all hiding somewhere, I'm going to make sure it's the last time you do anything in your miserabl- Agh! The pain shot through her body again. It felt like something was hitting it every so often, causing the pain to flare up once it did. She looked down at where the pain was coming from again, and, of course, her- ???: W-wh-what the hell?! Where are my things?! Except for what she first left home with, everything that she once had was now all gone. She dug through her coat frantically, hoping to find all of the treasure and weapons she had stashed up misplaced within the coat or in a sleeve, maybe even a pocket, but there was nothing. However, she did find what was causing the occasional pain in a pocket: a strange orb that shook occasionally. It was something she had never seen in her life. ???: ...where'd this come from? I don't remember getting anything like this on any hunt... She examined the object closely, but gazing at it started to hurt her eyes, so she threw it aside. After doing so, however, it felt like her energy started to come back to her. Finding it rather odd, but having no good reason to question why it was happening, she finally stood up and dusted herself off entirely, making sure to remove the sediment within her hair carefully, so as not to ruin it. As she did this, she took another glance around herself. Still no sign of the others. ???: You guys must be really determined. I saw you all get pulled into that portal, and I wouldn't have followed you in if you hadn't gone in, now come out here! And give me my things back, too! I promise I won't kill any of you if you do...I'll just make sure you regret ever doing it! She walked around the area as she spoke, looking for any signs of the presence of another person. (Chance make.) (Let this also mark the beginning!)
  2. Offense Team Emilia: (So the enemy has deduced our location without forewarning...is this your work, Penelope?) Emilia sent a sharp glare at him and shook her head, instead diverting her route towards the right flank, expecting the others to divide into their flanks. She gestured for them to execute the plan despite the enemy seemingly being aware of their locations, scanning the field for any signs of a prepared defensive maneuver or members in hiding. If the ranged support performed their duties properly, they could quickly seize the maid during the distraction and escape with a swift victory. Emilia: (Agni, Ludger, do not let me down...) Defense Team Penelope did as she was told, and remained near the pod. However, she picked up on the approach of Lightflare. Penelope: (Aww, why so soon?! Guess I better get ready...) She closed her eyes, focusing on the individual sources throughout the arena. She didn't need to place a barrier just yet, but the time was approaching quickly. If she was too early, then it was going to be destroyed quickly, and if she did it too late, then they would be protected as well. She hoped her teammates would move to hold them off before they could get within range. She flipped her sword in anticipation, pointing the wooden blade down at the ground.
  3. Screenshots Mffa Style

    New characters and stages means even more dream battles!
  4. Offense Team Emilia: That will be quite useful once we engage the enemy, but do heed Hugh's words. Do not make yourself the sole supporter; our goal is to ensure that we all survive and succeed. Emilia: I expect no less, but do keep Hinamori in mind as well. Two users of the magical arts that are capable of conjuring arcane and earthen barriers, respectively, will surely be the greatest hindrances in achieving our goal as they will most certainly be capable of walling us in. With that being said, Emilia proceeded to split off from them and exited through the right side. Emilia: We are coming within earshot of them, so we shall end our discussion here. Take this time to prepare yourselves for a possible surprise attack .Defense Team Penelope: I'll get 'em when they least expect it! Penelope proceeded to slide behind the cover of the small construct at the northernmost point of the defense area, wanting to keep close to the maid to try and wrap her in a barrier when the time came.
  5. Offense Team Emilia begins to advance towards the right exit. Emilia: Divide into your teams as we exit the area, but converge in the center and approach together. Once we are beyond the two vehicles, we shall divide into our teams again and proceed with the assault. If there are any questions that you have, ask them now, before we are within earshot of them. Defense Team Penelope proceeded to advance towards the left entrance, her sword at the ready. Penelope: How about I put up a barrier? There's no way they'd get beyond it, and if we put another at the right side, the game's all ours!
  6. Team 1 Emilia nodded silently in acknowledgement, making her way towards the arena. Emilia: Remember the plan and your targets, everyone. I will hammer it into your heads if it helps everyone retain it! Team 2 Eager to begin, Penelope ran straight for the arena, giggling. Penelope: This is gonna be an easy win!
  7. Team 1 Emilia nodded as she took in the information. Emilia: This knowledge will certainly prove useful in the coming battle. Thank you, Hugh. Emilia: I should also present some information on Penelope in turn. She is primarily a defensive fighter, so she can aid her team in establishing a nigh impenetrable field using her arcane arts. The downside is that she has to be completely focused on it, and if she has to perform any action, bar talking or looking around, the barrier will be dropped. Attacking the barrier also seems to harm her, so perhaps she can be eliminated in that fashion if she manages to put it up before engaging an enemy. She is also lacking in swordplay because of this, so trying to stay close to her should be more than enough to throw her off. She cleared her throat. Emilia: Now, since our plans are firmly established, we should use this remaining time to study the area and find possible positions they can adopt and use as vantage points as we did not do so previously. From her vantage point in the offensive area, Emilia tried to spot out potential blind spots from a distance, beginning to take into consideration possible assaults the defensive team could deliver. Team 2 Penelope: As long as everyone's protecting the princess, we should be fine! That, and I do have some tricks up my sleeve to make sure we win, but I think I'll only need a barrier to capture a win! Buuuut, if it doesn't work out, then I'm ready for whatever!
  8. Team 2 \ Penelope: YEAH! Their hands clasped against each other, the high five sending resonating waves through the very heavens themselves. At least, that's what Penelope wished would happen. Penelope: Yeah, I thought this was supposed to be a simulation, not a game where you can cheat! Penelope: Because, trust me, if I knew we could do that...I would've done it at the beginning, hehe! I'm all for dirty tricks, so let's see if we can use 'em again to win! Despite what she said, once 5T started to go over the plans, she did listen intently. Following up on what 5T said, Penelope let out a sigh. Penelope: You should be reeeeeeeally careful with her, Joyce...she's got a ton of tricks up her sleeve, both in transformation and out of it! You've already seen some of what she can do, but that's hardly even scratching the surface! Penelope: You got it, boss! Penelope ran down the list of targets for everyone in her head, and then recalled a huge issue. Penelope: Umm...what about the whole "defending the maid" thing? Are we just gonna leave her out in the open? She probably can't fight; she's only good for cleaning stuff! Team 2 Emilia shrugged as she made her way back to her team, exiting her transformation along the way. Emilia: You win some, you lose some. That is the nature of battle. Emilia flipped some hair out from in front of her face. Emilia: Agreed, but we should not let this defeat demotivate us. This is, as Rokurou stated, meant to be a friendly battle, so do not let this defeat dampen your spirits, or else we may have an even worse situation going into the next round. Now... The gears in Emilia's head began to spin. After observing as much of her opponents and allies as she possibly could, she was able to at least roughly determine what target each attacker should deal with. Emilia: We are changing positions, so I hope that you all at least know which positions are viable and which are vulnerable. If not, take this time to study the entirety of the area while you still can. I do not want a repeat of the last round. Emilia: And I do not want anyone to attempt planting themselves behind enemy lines again. She looked at Kirimuri, as if directing her statement at him. Emilia: Since we are now Offense, our goal will be to retrieve the hostage and take her back to our own area successfully. Though going in as one group would allow us to take out a majority of them and capture the maid with minimal casualties, it would also allow them room to attempt a counter-strike via the other side we entered from. Along with this, stealth attacks are out of the question as time will be against us, so a few staying behind to incapacitate the defenders who manage to get around us will also not be viable. Therefore, I devise that we put our abilities to work. We can still exit the attacking side as one group, but as we move closer to the center of the arena, I propose that we split into two groups. Group one, moving in from the left side of the area, will consist of Lightflare, Ludger, Rokurou, and Hugh. Group two, moving in from the right side of the area, will consist of Etomo, Agni, Kirimuri, and me. Ludger shall use his Squall Shot ability to cover the area in gunfire, preventing the defenders from attacking right away. If you happen to encounter a water wall, Lightflare should be able to destroy it with his slew of abilities. Once the gunfire ceases, they should be distracted enough to attempt to focus upon the left side, and that is where Hugh and Rokurou will come into play, along with Ludger and Lightflare providing cover fire for them. In group two, Kirimuri will use a baton to throw up a smokescreen to obscure view of us, but also alert them to our presence, possibly causing them to either advance towards it or launch a spray of ranged attacks towards it, allowing me to deflect their attacks or, if I am transformed, which I most likely will be, reflect them back at them to send them back, allowing us to advance once more. From here, Etomo shall take the lead with Agni, both fending off those defenders who were not distracted by the approach of group one whilst Kirimuri uses his cloak to move in and quickly steal the maid as both groups converge upon the defending area. Meanwhile, I shall aid in the efforts of fending off the defenders with the others. Should the maid not be on the right side, Lightflare should advance and attempt to capture the maid whilst Ludger, Rokurou, and Hugh fend off the defenders who attempt to stop him. Once the maid is in our possession, we should once again form a group to lower the chances of the one who captured her being eliminated and quickly advance back towards our area, Ludger, Kirimuri, Lightflare, and Agni once again providing the necessary cover fire to fend off any remaining defenders. Emilia took a deep breath. Emilia: Phew...and there is still more that must be said. Should the need arise, we must also determine who should target whom. Emilia: Now, as you may be aware, their side consists of mostly strategy-oriented fighters who attempt to read their opponents before deciding upon an action. The only one I know is not so capable of fast-thinking would be Ryuko, but what she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in sheer ferocity. She glanced at Lightflare. Emilia: Light. Your ferocity in battle maybe be matched by her own, but you also seem to be able to think quickly when necessary. Therefore, I believe that you may be best fit for taking her down, so I will leave eliminating her to you. She then glanced at Agni. Emilia: Agni, judging by your looks, you have a variety of skills under your belt and can play multiple roles if necessary, making you the perfect candidate for dealing with 5T. His "Pod" acts like another person, so having the ability to change skills depending on the situation would be very useful against him as neither him nor his "Pod" would know what to expect next. Next, she glanced at Ludger. Emilia: Your prowess in combat has not escaped my notice, Ludger, so I believe that you may be best for dealing with Penelope. She may be skilled with swords and magic, but your control over a multitude of weapons would no doubt overwhelm her. She moved onto Rokurou. Emilia: You brandish that sword as if it were an extension of yourself, Rokurou, and I have no doubt that Hinamori would be an easy target for you. She seems to have a control over magical abilities primarily, but most likely cannot handle herself in close combat, so your ability should dominate hers without any issue. Her attention shifted to Kirimuri. Emilia: Kirimuri, your natural affinity with stealth could be quite useful against 13P. As he is similar to 5T in that he, too, has a "Pod", you must take great caution in battling with him, but I have no doubt that you will be able to easily disorient him and eliminate him. Next in her sights was Etomo. Emilia: Your skills with the martial arts are astounding, and you seem to be capable of overpowering a foe extremely quickly, so I will leave Joyce to you. She is a skilled sword user and is capable of using magic, but I am certain that if you manage to charge her down and force her into defending, she will be no match for you. Lastly, she focused on Hugh. Emilia: Hugh, your quick wits and versatility will be of great use against Byakuya. He seems to be a clever one, but I am certain that you will be able to outmatch him in a battle of wits and strength. She took another deep breath. Emilia: And finally, I shall be the one to handle Yui. She seems to have a grasp on both the magical arts and swordplay, so she would be a perfect opponent for me to test myself against. Remember, though: this is for the case that our plans fall through. Capturing the maid should be our sole priority. Now...are there any objections? I would like to hear all that everyone has to say so that we can perfect our plans and come out victorious.
  9. Team 1 Emilia effortlessly blocked both attacks with two swift motions of her sword, a smile upon her face. Emilia: Tell me...have you truly re- The announcement fell upon her ears, and it didn't take long for her to realize what had gone awry. Emilia: Damn...! She proceeded to hop back from the two, a look of mixed emotion upon her face. The strongest one among them, however, was anger. Emilia: I shall remember to eliminate you first, knight, for I shall not allow your transgression to go unpunished! And with that, she turned away, headed back towards her own team. Team 2 Penelope let out a sigh of relief, thankful that such a heavy load was finally lifted from her shoulders. Penelope: Phew...that was a close one! Didn't think I'd still be standing! Penelope: Oh well, a win's a win, and I'm takin' whatever I can get! Goooooo team! She raised a hand towards Joyce, as if wanting her to give her a high five.
  10. Defense Team vs. Offense Team Emilia laughed as the arcane swords spun themselves around, their pommels now facing Joyce. Emilia: Then please, show me everything you are capable of, because you will need it! However, instead of sending all of the swords at Joyce, the swords seemed to change their directions to face a certain target. Two(2) of the swords had their pommels pointed at Joyce, two(2) more were pointed at 13P, and the last was pointed at Penelope. Emilia: How about something simple to start us off, hmm? Perhaps, if you prove yourself, I shall make things more interesting! She put her sword upon the tip of its blade, sending the swords pommel-first at their intended targets, the two swords headed for 13P needing to pass through the water wall in order to have a chance of getting at him. Penelope, meanwhile, proceeded to use her sword to block the incoming sword, being pushed back slightly from the force. Penelope: Yikes, she's already starting with this! I've got something for her, though! Countering the sword attack, Penelope proceeded to leap at Emilia, swinging her sword down at her. Penelope: With me, Joyce! We can overwhelm her if we attack together!
  11. Defense Team Emilia's eyes caught the surprise attack coming in from her peripheral, so she put her sword in the path of the incoming fiery swing to block it. Emilia: Damn it...are we truly this outnumbered? Emilia: No matter...I shall snatch this victory from the jaws of defeat. A bright light soon enveloped Emilia's body and vanished, revealing a new version of herself. There was a newfound confidence in her voice. Emilia: And now everything is even. I will take every single one of you on! She proceeded to disengage from Joyce and jumped back from the expanded sword, using the brief moment to raise her free and and summon five arcane swords above herself which looked clones of her own. Offense Team Penelope laughed as her attack struck and, subsequently, took out Agni. Penelope: Haha, scratch one bogey! However, her attention was soon brought to Emilia's transformation. Penelope: Oooooooh...booooooooy...umm! Everyone, we should deal with her right now! If we don't, she's gonna be reaaaaaaally annoying later! No shooty stuff, though! Despite it being obvious that she was anything but confident in her ability to take down Emilia in a transformed state, she still charged at her, her sword at the ready.
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  13. Party Trial: Offense Team Noticing that Light managed to slip away without getting caught in the slew of attacks, Penelope couldn't help but take note of the power behind the attacks thrown at him...the unnecessary amount of power used against a friend. Penelope: (Geez, they're acting like they wanna kill him! I thought they were friends!) She slid out from her hiding spot in the box, keeping a mental note of the unknown energy sources around her. If someone were to try and catch her by surprise, they would find themselves surprised by her sudden reaction. She projected her voice, not caring who could hear her, but knowing that at least most people in the arena could hear her. Penelope: Guys, this is getting nuts! We shouldn't be trying to vaporize each other, we just need to get a good hit in! We gotta tone it down, or someone's gonna get hurt really bad, and that's not gonna be a good thing in the long run! Save that frustration for the knight guys, not your friends! Defense Team Emilia could hear the androids approaching the area, and tensed up, preparing herself for the assault. Emilia: (Two people...approaching fast...I'll have to match their speed if I want to take them out before they capture the maid. I hope Hugh is ready...)
  14. Party Trial: Defense Team Emilia could hear the chaos going on in the middle of the battlefield, something she absolutely knew was going to happen, and something she also dreaded greatly. Emilia: (Those absolute fools...if we are the only ones left to defend the maid, we will surely be outnumbered! And with both paths open, we may not be able to use the original plan effectively...I have to think of a way to pick each one off before they can get her...) The gears within her head were set in motion as she came up with a plan for each person based on what she knew. It was hardly something to go on, but at least it was something. She could just as easily rework her plans should their true abilities be revealed to her. Offense Team Penelope peered out at the chaos from her position within the box, picking up her sword and causing the arcane bubble to pop quietly. She chuckled to herself. Penelope: (Just a liiiiittle bit more, and victory's in the bag! Hmm...actually!) Penelope raised her sword, pointing it in the direction of the source of the barrage of projectiles. Penelope: (This miiiiight reveal me, but maybe I can catch him off-guard and take him out!) Feeling the buildup of energy(or mana) in the air, she prepared herself for the next big attack to come. Considering the number of people defending the maid having been severely reduced, there were only a few possibilities remaining, and since it seemed as though the current was going onto the box, it was safe to assume it was an ally. She waited for their attack to be launched so that she could send out her own attack and overwhelm the pea spraying guy, her wooden sword remaining stationary.
  15. Penelope could feel a sudden change in the air, towards the way she was facing. Was someone starting something up? Penelope: (Hmm...I sure hope they're okay out there, but just in case...!) She sent her sword down at the floor of the metal box, sending out an arcane barrier which filled the entirety of the space within, like a big bubble of water taking the form of a container it is trapped within. With a full barrier surrounding her, she wouldn't be able to react to any surprises immediately, but she would be protected from surprise attacks. And just in time. She could feel the electricity rapidly striking the barrier from the outside. She managed to save her own bacon this time, and Joyce's, as the barrier would stop the electricity from going above ground level. At least the doors didn't fly open and spoil her plans!
  16. Penelope nodded. Penelope: Ehehe...on iiiiit... Sliding into her new hiding spot, she closed the doors into the container and sat in wait, leaving a slight crack between them to allow sounds from outside to enter it.
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  18. Party Trial: Team 2, Right Flank Penelope: I'll go take a peek in the big metal box! Penelope started on her way towards the box, an arcane shield forming in front of her. By how dim the purple mana which it consisted of looked, it was clear that it was a weak barrier, good enough for maybe one or two hits from physical attacks. Party Trial: Team 1, Maid Defense Squad Emilia: Very well. Now, let us quickly get into position before our guests arrive. Emilia proceeded to guide the maid over to the wall in front of Hugh's hiding spot, then, without considering that it would've been better for Hugh to guide the maid instead of her and after she managed to get her there, proceeded to quietly run to her hiding spot behind the small room towards the southern-most point of the warehouse.
  19. Party Trial: Team 2 Penelope: Ehehe...I know I haven't seen everything she can do, so she definitely hasn't seen everything I can do! Penelope: Let's get that princess back to the castle ASAP! Penelope followed behind Joyce at a distance. Were anything to happen to the leader of the left flank, she would have a chance to save herself if she didn't notice an incoming attack before she could shield her. Party Trial: Team 1 Emilia: It is simple, really. We give them what they desire... She started to move the maid towards the bottom-right wall. She then noticed Kiri's smoke and let out a sigh. Emilia: ...a rather short-lived plan, I suppose. Luckily, I have another in mind. I can work with his smoke. Emilia: With the others on the front line, they will be able to hold off many of them, but not all of them. Therefore, I believe we should keep the maid hidden behind this wall. Those who manage to penetrate the front line defense and make it back here will most likely scan the area, so I suggest that we hide behind the crevices created by these walls and this room behind the wall the maid is posted at. Since you are more viable up close, I suggest that you hide here. She pointed to the hideout in the bottom right corner. Emilia: Meanwhile, I shall hide there, since I know that I'll be able to the cover the distance between me and the maid fast enough. She pointed to the slim room towards the back of the area, more specifically, another, smaller cubbyhole. Emilia: With this, they will only have one way to come from and go to in order to retrieve the maid, and we will both be hidden from view at the same time. So when they come to retrieve the maid...you will be able to take out one or more, and I will be able to supplement that and most likely catch them off-guard due to the most easily satisfied of their team. I know that it relies upon the intelligence, or lack thereof, of their team, mostly, but since there are only two of us, and there are many obstacles in their way, it is likely the most viable strategy. What do you think?
  20. Party Trial: Team 1 Emilia, a plan slowly forming within her head, made her way towards the Mecha-Hisui, brandishing her sword as she stayed close to it. This round was most likely going to be disastrous for both sides, so formulating a proper plan for the next one would aid them greatly. Emilia: With no plan, they are only relying on luck. And with so many spellswords aiding the enemy, I doubt luck favors them in even the slightest way...let us hope that they somehow bring a swift halt to their assault before they reach us. In fact...I have an idea. Emilia proceeded to take the left hand of the robotic maid. Emilia: Some of them seem to have the capability of considering our possible plan of action, and I do not doubt that they have concluded that many of us will be in hiding. Now, considering the fact that they are surely rushing here as we speak, how about we try something...out of the ordinary, Hugh? Party Trial: Team 2 Penelope: Eeeeeehh....Emilia's reeeeeeally good with a sword, and she's got magic, too, like reflecty spells and stuff...I can hold her off for a bit, but I can't take her out alone! Penelope: Buuuut...I bet I could lure her out and use traps to get her! The gears in her head spun into overdrive. Penelope: Eeeeeven better! A lot of you guys can use shooty stuff and magic to distract 'em while I lay some traps down in the central area the sword and fist people can deal with the big guys during that, and when I'm done, we reel 'em right into Boomtown! How's that, huh? Penelope: We've still got plenty of time before we gotta charge in, so lemme know what ya guys think! Despite what she said, she started to get into her previously assigned position, seemingly pulling a large wooden sword that was nearly taller than her from the air and grasping the hilt, holding it at her right side. It was as if she knew her plan was going to be immediately shot down.
  21. Emilia: I concur. This shall be a most enjoyable battle! Emilia: We had already given a brief description of our abilities before you three arrived, but I suppose it would not hurt to go over them once again. I am a user of swordplay, and happen to have a grasp of the arcane arts, mostly of the offensive type. I am capable of attacking both up close and at a distance, but I prefer close combat as that is where I excel the most, though I would not call myself the best nor the fastest sword user. Penelope: My turn! I fight with a huge sword up close and use magic at a distance, though I'm really good with protection and stuff, so don't hesitate to come to me if you want a shield or something because that's what I'm best at! I'm ready to get in there and show them just how awesome I...no...WE are! Penelope: Let's go, go, goooo! She started to make her way to the northern side of the arena. She was ready for this, especially since she would be able to kill two birds with one stone if they happened to win.
  22. Emilia gestured towards Penelope, who nodded and proceeded to split off from the team and move towards the other one. Afterwards, Emilia proceeded to speak up. Emilia: I am fairly skilled in swordplay and have a grasp of the arcane arts as well, mostly with offensive abilities. I do not consider myself awfully fast, but I do have considerable speed with my weapon. However, I feel as though using any kind of weapon would be...unfavorable. Will we not injure each other if we are to do so, even if one strike is all that is necessary? As Penelope was making her way to the other team, she proceeded to wave at them and shouted. Penelope: Yoooooo!
  23. Maybe we'll get better Elsword MUGEN characters in the future?

  24. Penelope pouted. Penelope: Hey, I'm coming with her! I can do stuff, too! The commander chuckled. ???: Of course. I am Emilia, of the family Abaelard. I hope that we will be able to work together and form bonds that even the Sword of Fate is incapable of splitting, and I am eager to see just how capable everyone is! Penelope moved onto herself next, moving over to Emilia's left side. Penelope: And I'm Penelope! I've been having lots of fun since I've been here, but I can tell that this is gonna be sooo awesome! She started to hop around. Penelope: Aaaaah, I can't wait to get started! Meanwhile, the "Black Knight" stepped aside, making its way towards the exit without a word on the matter.