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  1. Penelope smiled brightly. A room high up? This was going to be awesome! She loved looking out from high spots, it made her feel like she was the queen of the world! But, then again, in a big city like this, there probably wasn't going to be much of a view. Oh well, at least she could claim she was bigger than the ants below! Penelope: Yeah, that sounds great! Let's go, go, goooo! She didn't hesitate to make a dash for the room specified. She just had to get there first!
  2. Penelope didn't hesitate in trying to get into the room first, attempting to open the door without the keycard. After a few attempts and almost yanking the doorknob off in frustration, she would finally realize her mistake. Penelope: Oh, haha, I forgot we needed a card, err...do you have it? At this time, she wasn't bothering to reflect on anyone; she just had to see the room! It had to be absolutely massive, like a room out of a mansion! But after a bit, MAYBE she would take some time to reflect upon today's events. Maybe. She probably wouldn't though.
  3. Penelope quickly took notice of Anwalt's presence, but hearing him agreeing with Lilith only made her more upset. But she couldn't really challenge their judgement, could she? After all, they were adults, and she was always told to respect their opinions. She let out a sigh of defeat, but almost immediately perked back up. After all, at least she was still getting to spend time with someone cool! Penelope: Well, okay! Looks like it's gonna be me and you after all, Raina! She grinned at the girl. Though she really, really wanted to get her own room, sharing a room with another girl was going to probably be even better than being in a room alone. In her mind, she was squealing in joy. Her excitement was also slowly beginning to well up inside of her. It was only a matter of time before that bomb went off again.
  4. Penelope: Aww, what? Just because we're young doesn't mean were gonna get in trouble or something! What iffff...he and I shared a room together? This was totally unfair. How could they pair them up with adults? In fact, why wasn't Raina getting paired up with someone, too? She looked even younger than her! But she decided to keep her mouth shut; trying to get other people in trouble with her usually wound up with her getting in deep doo-doo.
  5. Having been finally spoken to, Penelope nearly instantly broke free from her trance. She looked around for a moment, then at Raina. She had no idea what the previous conversation was about, so all she heard was "...sharing a room with me." Penelope: Huh? We're sharing rooms? Not that she'd mind sharing rooms with someone; after all, they were still in a big ol' celeb hotel! Being alone would've been too much for her, anyway!
  6. Penelope was still freaking out, despite the fact that she wouldn't be having her own room. She didn't seem to notice that the statement was made, nor that Lucent was there...or anyone, really. She was in her own little world. Penelope: AaaaaaaahI'mgonnedieofhappinessandcoughuprainbows! It was probably going to be a while before she finally calmed down. Or moved. Or did anything but freak out. One of the staff would probably have to escort her out. Or maybe someone else. Anyone. Really.
  7. Penelope was nearly about to faint. She'd never been in a hotel like this, let alone get her own room in one. This was like a dream come true for her! Y'know, besides the fact that she was lost and had no way to phone home. But who cared at this point; she was finally living the life of a celebrity! Internally, she was freaking out. Externally...she was freaking out. Penelope: AaaaahomigodI'msohappyrightnowIcouldexplodeeeeeeeee! It was probably going to be a long time before she finally calmed down. Now, if only she could actually get to her room without bouncing off the walls or accidentally tearing off the doorknob...
  8. Penelope: Ah, enough time for a nap! Buuut, if we're resting before the trip, then I can see everything on the way there! She dug around in her pockets for one of the most important things she had: her phone! But it looked like it was...MISSING! Oh God, it was missing! Whoever did this must've really wanted her to vanish...and had to be really sadistic! Her phone was her lifeline in times like this; if she didn't get lucky, she'd have probably curled up into a ball and died on the spot! But she had to act like she didn't care! Anything to keep her worry visibly down after that little scene earlier.. Penelope: Urgh, but my phone's gone...*sigh* This is gonna be such a boring trip...maybe taking a nap would be a better idea.
  9. Penelope proceeded to slooowly make her way to the group, trying her best to make herself look as inconspicuous as possible. She didn't want to interrupt their super important chat, but she knew they knew she was coming along. She hoped, anyway. She wondered what the heck Canned Door City was, though. It wouldn't hurt to ask, she thought. Penelope: Umm...what's a "Canned Door City", and how far away from here is it? Can I take a nap during the ride?
  10. Oooh, a hotel. She wondered how fancy it was. Maybe it was one of those hotels she usually saw celebrities hanging out in, that'd be so nice to be in...just the thought alone made her squeal out loud. Penelope: Eeeeeee, I can't wait! She didn't vocalize her thoughts afterwards though. The mention of Hyde had brought him to mind after she had a moment to fantasize about the luxurious hotel that would treat her like a true queen. Maybe she'd get a chance to talk to him about the fight, since, if he was a beginning, it'd be a great way for her to gain some more beginning tips! Or so she thought. That WAS a pretty ridiculous fight...
  11. The ruckus from the fight had caused Penelope's attention to turn from the conversation to the screen so many people were so focused on. Something good must've been happening, and she kind of regretted leaving her spot earlier. Observing how the fight was going so far, it didn't take long for her to notice what was going on. Again. Yikes, hopefully this wasn't a constant with all of the fighters... Penelope: Gosh...is that dark stuff, like, really common? I really hope it isn't...
  12. She sure would be! If she could get home, anyway. She'd tell her everything for sure, and she know she'd be so happy to hear about it and to see her kid back home! All she needed to do was get back...somehow. Penelope: Hehehe...yeah...I just hope I can get back soon! Otherwise, there's gonna be more to talk about than what I did today...
  13. Penelope: Yikes, so he can't see things like that as entertainment. I didn't think I'd ever hear something like that...I'm pretty sure my mom was in the army, and she watched every boxing fight that aired! And she absolutely loved it! Penelope: Maybe I should've asked her for some tips...she and Dad always complained about how their favorites were doing...
  14. Penelope: No, no, no! Nothing at all, noooooothiiiiiing! Now she was just digging herself deeper... She tensed up as he came in for the pat, only to be given a pleasant surprise with a gentle one. Still, she didn't wanna tick this guy off... Penelope: Lightflare, huh? Hehe...he...I'm...umm...my name is...Penelope! And I'll...I'll do that, yeah! I'll do that for sure! He wasn't so bad, she thought, so maybe she shouldn't try to be so touchy...at least, not right now. He probably would've blown her away if he really wanted to, so she let out a sigh of relief. She pouted upon hearing the revelation that it was just a tease, but she couldn't really be mad at him for it. Penelope: I guess I need to be careful around you, huh? Hehe! Penelope: But your bro, is he kinda embarrassed by you or something? I only saw him for a bit, and then he went poof! Is he in that training place or did get up and go without you? She had the right mind to take a gander in the training area, but that'd probably be a bad idea, considering she didn't know how many people were in there. Plus, they'd probably all be sweaty and stinky! Eeeewwww!
  15. Penelope: Pffff, as if! He's just...u-uhh...he's too old for me, anyway! Yeah! There's no way I'd fall for him! Nuh uh! She hadn't realized the trap she fell into.
  16. Her strength was going to rise in the right moment...what did he mean by this? The statement echoed in her head. She had read many mangas about heroes going up against the odds, and in their moment of crisis, they'd suddenly get a bunch of strength and rise up against their foe. She liked it, but she always thought it was pretty cheesy, too. But could it happen in real life, too? And with her? It sounded silly, but maybe, just maybe, if she believed hard enough...it would come true. The mere thought of having some form of potential strength just hiding within her was enough to bring out her smile and make it shine like the sun itself. Penelope: Wooow...do you really think so? Then I gotta do my best to get better! I'm gonna train really hared when everything's done! Seeing Lightflare approaching, she decided to shut up. That display of power he did in that fight still had her shaken up, so being next to him was enough to make her slooooowly slide away from him and a bit closer to Anwalt. She stifled a yelp as he spoke directly to her. She managed to muster up the courage to wave her hand at him and blurt out a shaky greeting. Penelope: H-hello there, uhm...h-hero? She could feel her throat trying to choke out any further words, she she decided to stop speaking at that point. It was obvious that she was absolutely terrified of this guy, and she didn't quite understand why everyone else was so calm around him.
  17. The sudden greeting give Penelope quite a fright, causing her to jump slightly. Sure, she was lost, but she was expecting to see them first, not the other way around! But at least she was found by someone, at least that! She turned to face Anwalt, a smile on her face. Penelope: Whew, am I glad to see you! I absolutely loved watching the fights! It makes me glad I didn't get dropped in, though...I would've gotten slaughtered out there! She sighed. Seeing the result of the Hyde/Lightflare fight was still getting to her. She was the underdog of the party, so if Hyde couldn't rise up, she probably wasn't going to do the same, either. Not instantly, at least, but she knew she'd get there one day! Penelope: That last fight has me kinda bummed out, though...I thought cheering hard could help Hyde win, but I guess that Lightflare guy really has all the stops covered. Iiiit also makes me kinda scared, y'know? I'm the underdog of our little group, so seeing him get pushed around like that makes me wonder if I'm gonna be cut out for something like that. But! She perked up again. Penelope: I think I learned a few things from watching the fights, so maybe I can try them out when I get the chance! Also, that was a really cool fight between you and Raina, all of that stuff being thrown around and those lights she kept tossing out, it was really awesome! Buuut, I don't think there's anything else for us to see, is there?
  18. Well, that was depressing. Looks like all of that cheering didn't work. Penelope: (Geez...that's depressing...) Since it looked like the others weren't going to be called in for more fights, she proceeded to stand up and stretch. A loud crack could be heard as she stretched her back. Penelope: (Ouch! It feels like I've been sitting there for months! I really need to get some exercise in...) Not wanting to draw anymore attention to herself, she quickly made her way towards the exit to the lobby area, glancing around to see if she could find her little party. They could definitely find her, right? She probably stood out like a sore thumb while she was stuck in groups of people who knew what they were doing. Her hair was super messy, too, even more of a way for them to find her. All she needed to do was not get lost, and she'd be fine.
  19. Penelope's eyes hovered from person to person as Hyde closed in on his target. It was do or die now, and Hyde was obviously aware of that. She thought about what she'd do in a situation like this...and she'd probably just give up. But maybe she could do as good as he was...and maybe that's why she wanted him to win so bad. Penelope: Gooo Hyde! Gooo Hyde! You can do it, you can win! Just one knockdown! Juuuuust one, and you've got it! It's alll yours! She seemed to be forgetting that he was actually behind and not ahead, but whatever; all that mattered was Hyde showing Light who the boss was!
  20. Penelope was on the edge of her seat at this point. So much had happened so fast that she didn't even realize that Hyde had basically gone hyper mode, and the end of the fight was approaching fast. And Hyde was probably going to lose if he didn't do something quick. She was finally beginning to understand this fighting thing, not that she'd do it still; she may have seen some cool stuff, but it wasn't like she could do any of it in practice. But maybe, juuuust maybe, if she decided to try it...but that was later! This was now! She had to cheer on Hyde! He had to win! Penelope: Come on, Hyde! You can get him! Knock him doooown! You're so close to winning! Just keep...um...pushing, yeah!
  21. Penelope: (Whoa, that doesn't look like it should happen!) The sudden darkness that took over Lightflare made Penelope afraid. Wasn't this supposed to be some kind of friendly fight thingy? Why was he going nuts like this? Was there more to it than she thought? Whatever the case was, it was clear that Hyde wasn't going to last long if he got hit by it. There was only one thing to do. Probably. Penelope: Move, Hyde! MOVE! I wouldn't wanna get hit by that, and neither would you! It looks like it might not just hurt a lot, too!
  22. Penelope gasped. ' Penelope: (Whoa...he actually got one!) It must've been her cheering. She had to keep it going now; with the knowledge that cheering someone on actually did power them up, it only motivated her to intensify her cheering. Penelope: Yah, yah, you can do it! Gooooo Hyde! Hit him with all ya got, and keep him on the ropes! Then you get him, and you win! You just gotta keep up the pressure and watch out for the flashy thingy! She felt like she was getting a lot better with this battle observing thing. Maybe she could be an announcer one day!
  23. Penelope observed the fight going on in the arena eagerly. The aura of the guy Hyde was facing was pretty creepy, and Hyde's attacks having no effect made it look like the guy was playing with him like he was a toy. It was actually really hard to watch. He probably wasn't going to last very long at this rate, so it was time to act! Penelope: (Yeesh, it's like he's fighting a moving wall!) Penelope: Go, Hyde! You can do it! Take it slooooow! Take it sloooooooow! I...I think that's what you do!
  24. A very accurate conversion to MUGEN! Fun to play, controls are accurate, and she has all of her moves. The hard part is trying to chain them together in order to get the damage you need! The addition of a guard cancel is really helpful, though, since it feels like she's often put on the defensive due to a lack of versatility, but Teleport does help with getting her out of a bad situation. Another job well done, Valgallah!
  25. Penelope sighed after Anwalt had his last knockdown, with all of her anticipation for a comeback draining away in an instant. The guy fought hard, but not even her cheering saved him. Hopefully he wouldn't take the loss too hard. Penelope: (Poor guy...hopefully his bro didn't see that!) Despite his loss, though, they both did great to her. The best thing to do now was the congratulate them. They looked like they'd both need some cheering on in order to keep going, especially Raina; who knew what could've possibly waited for her after this! Maybe she'd get a super cool rival that'd challenge her or something! Penelope: Woo-hoo, you both did really good in that fight! It was so awesome seeing all of that light stuff Raina did, and that one thing where you tore out a chunk of the floor, Anwalt! I wanna learn that stuff, too!