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  1. This caused Penelope to start looking around, her attention abruptly yanked from the endless clouds below. Seeing people starting to worry made her worry as well. Penelope: Uhhh...did we hit something? Why aren't we moving anymore? Are we gonna fall?! That was all she needed to hear. Penelope: Yikes! I don't know about you guys, but that's definitely a sign for me to SKEDADDLE! See ya later, folks! And at a moment's notice, a cloud of dust and wood shavings took Penelope's place. She was already well on her way to the cabins, wanting to get the heck out of the danger zone before it presumably really became a danger zone.
  2. Penelope was currently gazing over the right edge of the deck(from where they got up to it), taking in the clouds flying by beneath them. She hadn't taken notice of how she had called her "Lil Sis", not that it mattered, anyway; she felt as though she was everyone's little sister. Penelope: Yeah...it's like we're out on the sea. I haven't actually been on a boat before, but I think it'd feel something like this. It's so calming...I wish I could've experienced something like this before. It'd probably have helped a ton. She maintained her focus on the bubbling clouds below, the occasional mountain peak cresting out from them. Maybe being on a seaship would be just as smooth as this!
  3. Penelope managed to stifle her laughter for a moment to pop the tasty chocolate into her mouth. The taste...this was better than any other chocolate she had ever had! It was enough to get her to completely stop laughing, a face of surprise suppressing her laughter. Penelope: Th-this is amazing! Omigod, this is some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted! She proceeded to begin chasing down Anwalt, the show before now being a distant thought; she needed more of that chocolate! Penelope: Get back here, Anwalt! I need more, more, MOOOOORE! And out the door to the deck she went. Hopefully she wouldn't trip on the way there...
  4. The display was enough to send Penelope down to the ground with laughter. This was easily some of the funniest stuff she had seen in her life, even funnier than cartoons! Nothing could beat someone embarrassing themselves in real life, let alone someone getting a taste of their own medicine, just a bit more potent! Penelope: AHAHAHA! This is just too good! Hahahaaaa, that's what you geeeeeet! Seeing him get his comeuppance made it all the more sweeter. She did wonder how exactly Lucent managed to pull it off, but it didn't matter right now; it made for some absolutely amazing entertainment for a super long ride, and a story to talk about later on! Penelope finally managed to muster up the strength to pick herself back up, but she had to use the table with the sweets on it to keep herself from falling down again. She noticed the truffles though a teary-eyed glance, but was too busy laughing to consider grabbing one. Penelope: I think the show is sweet enough, ahahaha! Thank you, so, so much for this, hehehe!
  5. Penelope nodded. Penelope: I knooooow, but it's just too much for me to ignore! Penelope: So if he does it again...I'll definitely give him a piece of my mind, too! However, Anwalt's commentary seemed to help in clearing up her sour mood. Penelope: Ahahaha, come ooooon, can't I just be a liiiiitle angry? This completely flipped her sour mood onto its face. She was now laughing quite hard. Penelope: Ahahaha, that's a good one, Melina! Penelope was still laughing, but she was able to control herself enough to allow herself a chance to respond to Light. Penelope: Hehe...yeah, I know you gotta be tough with people sometimes to get your point across, but bullying them until they don't want to do anything just isn't the way! I don't think anyone here's done anything to deserve that, especially not Lucent! She had just realized that, when referring to Lucent, they were referring to the new guy. But she decided to play it off and act like she knew it was him all along. Penelope: He's a nice guy with a tough time finding the right words, so the least we could do is cheer him up, right?
  6. Penelope shook her head. She started to speak in a low voice. Penelope: I don't like bullies...I don't care if they think they're doing it for a good reason, too...it's just not right at all...
  7. Penelope followed them into the airship, putting her bags away along with theirs. She did not want to say anything after that show, since she would probably also get a taste of it. And she was not sure of what she would do in that situation...she did have a temper. She quietly made her way onto the ship and tried to find a spot to sit at, but if things were starting to get out of hand because of this guy, maybe she would have to do something about it...
  8. Penelope snickered at the comment, but decided to side with her anyway. She might have been kind of strict, but she was doing it for a good reason! Probably. Penelope: Hehe, she's probably right, though. I have a feeling it'd be a better idea to talk about this somewhere more private since we're...y'know...not all here because we wanna be here. Who knows who could be listening in... She followed after them to the boarding area. Her moment of shock at the sheer size of the airship happened when she was younger; by now, she was used to seeing them. She still wanted to fly in a jet, though; that was a lot more fun to her!
  9. Penelope didn't hesitate to place her clothes and the bag on the counter, stepping aside to allow Melina to pay for it. She quietly turned away in embarrassment, facing the crowds outside in preparation for their departure.
  10. Penelope didn't think about nabbing a bag before, but since there just so happened to be some hanging up in the shop, she decided that it'd probably be a good idea to grab at least one big bag. Penelope: (Hmm...I think I'm going to need something pretty big for all of these clothes! I hope she doesn't mind me grabbing one...) Considering they were in a probably really expensive shop, she was going to have to grab one of their better bags to make sure it didn't bust open during an intense moment, which she knew was going to happen a lot. Probably. It is an adventure, so of course there were going to be intense moments. This was just like some of those games she had played! She proceeded to snatch up a bag large enough to hold several outfits and a little more luggage, and nodded to herself. She turned towards Melina, and started to trail her. Suddenly, a chime was heard in the shop, followed by an announcement. Penelope: Alright, I think I have everything I need! And it sounds like I was just in time, too! She quietly hoped Melina was not like her mom. She would often take a lot of time in stores, and even after saying she would be done soon, she would still take almost an hour to search around. But Melina had to be more about business than idle shopping!
  11. Penelope: Ahaha...thanks... Yet again, she felt like she was being a burden. As long as she didn't mind, though...and there we are! She found just the outfit she was looking for: another of her current outfit. Penelope: Aha, I found what I want! I gotta get it! You can't go wrong with the same outfit as always! She didn't take very long to snatch up several of the hoodie...dresses? Hoodies? Whatever they were, she took up a few of them and started to lug them around. They were all hers, and nobody else would get them!
  12. Penelope: Ready freddy! She quietly thought about what she should get. And then she remembered: no money! This was going to be a big problem...probably. As long as she avoided the expensive clothing, she would be fine. Hopefully.
  13. Penelope quickly entered the lobby, shrugging her shoulders. Penelope: Uhhhh, I...don't have anything to pack, remember? All I've got are the clothes on my back!
  14. Saying that Penelope was nervous was an understatement now. Her face turned as red as a cherry; a girls' night out?! And that weird sport mixed in?! That didn't sound like a good thing to her! Penelope: I'm...ummm...I-I'm n-not sure if that's a good ideaaaa! Like, what if some big guy finds us, or a super scary monster?! W-we'd be in biiiig trouble then! She was willing to say just about anything to get this crazy lady away from her. She really did not want to get involved in weird stuff like that. Was that even legal?!
  15. Penelope wasn't quite sure how to take this, but for some reason it made her really nervous, especially the part about the weird sport. What was it even called, anyway? Penelope: Ehehe...oookayyyy...I...um...I think that's going to be okay?
  16. Seeing as how everyone else had finished talking about their backgrounds, she figured that the spotlight was probably on her at this point. Their stories were as eventful as she thought they would be, except for Lilith's, that was really boring...but she wouldn't say it out loud. Besides, she couldn't top their stories, and her's was probably even more boring than Lilith's! She gulped. Penelope: Oh...I guess it's my turn, huh? I'm...not gonna try to hype this one up. Penelope: I lived a normal life, waaaay in Maloto City. I studied hard in elementary school and I was a huge favorite in my class. and anyone who tried to bully me wound up getting bullied themselves. I never got into fights or anything, but some people really didn't like my personality. My mom and dad used to watch boxing fights and that one weird sport where you grab the other guy in the weirdest way so that he has to tap out, and they always pointed out flaws and stuff. I probably couldn't do stuff like that myself, but I used to think I could. I never got the chance to put anything I learned from them into practice, either, so it just kinda...faded away. I didn't have to struggle much...well, not until now, of course. Penelope: But I'm sure that everything will turn out a-okay, hehe! Sooo, that's basically my story! Are we gonna head out soon? Since she had already satisfied herself while everyone else was explaining their stories, she wanted to get up and go as soon as possible, before the urge to eat took over yet again. It was irresistible!
  17. Penelope would finally finish off her plate. Fortunately, it was just in time for her to catch wind of the plan. So she still had plenty of time! Like it mattered, though; she didn't have anything to pack! Instead of cutting someone off to talk about herself, she instead opted to sit and listen for a while. She knew her turn would come up soon, anyway.
  18. Penelope had at least bothered to seat herself at their table before digging into the mountain of food she had, but she was no longer aware of the world around her. She was now solely focused on the food, the need for food, and her desire to eat every single crumb of food. She did have the manners to use silverware, though! And she somehow kept the food localized to the plate. She seemed to be intent on making sure none of it was wasted.
  19. Penelope would finally burst into the cafeteria, taking deep breaths. She had to run down so many stairs to get here...but at least she made it on time! Hopefully! Penelope: Haaah...I'm here, everyone! Don't leave yet! I gotta- As soon as she spotted the food, her mind was entirely cleared and her hunger soon made itself evident to her. Her eyes sparkled at all of the food on display. All of that beautiful food on display, and for her to eat! Ohhh, this day was already turning out great! Penelope: ...EAAAAAT! She immediately ran at the buffet, snatching up a plate and some utensil before piling on whatever she could fit onto the plate. She was going to fill herself up to make sure she was good to go for the rest of the day. She didn't care how things would go immediately after; all that mattered was now!
  20. Penelope finished up in the bathroom, and promptly yanked the door open, making a mad dash for the hall. However, she'd spot something out of the corner of her eye: the note that Raina left behind. She decided to check it out, though it was probably going to tell her how she left. But it'd still be worth it, probably. She'd kneel down and pick it up, reading what was written on it. She was right: it was only telling her where she was. Without wasting another moment, she was on her way out the door and down the hall, towards the nearest staircase. She was panicking internally; did the leave her behind? They did seem like they were in a hurry...she really hoped they didn't, otherwise, she was in biiiig trouble!
  21. After having a rather pleasant dream, Penelope would finally open her eyes, awakening in the hotel room. Her back was hurting, and she felt something wet on her cheek. She sighed, then slowly stood up, grunting as she did so. Penelope: (Man, I guess that was a really bad idea...it felt like a nice pillow, though!) Trying to find a reason to ignore the pain, she glanced around the room for a moment, noticing that Raina was gone. The bathroom door was open, so she couldn't be in there. That only left one spot. Penelope: (Yikes, I'd better hurry up!) Having no time to spare for groaning over not having any of her things, she proceeded to quickly make her way into the bathroom, attempting to quickly rush through her morning ritual. She hadn't noticed the note that Raina left behind in all of this, but luckily hadn't managed to stomp on the piece of paper in her rush. Maybe she'd find it after she was done.
  22. Do you happen to have a link to Arumikan's website, if there is one? Their Twitter has been inactive since around July of 2018, so I'm wondering if there's some other place I can go to for updates to their characters, if there are any.

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  23. Penelope looked as though she wasn't going to be waking up any time soon, despite the position she had on the couch. A dribble of slobber snaked out from between her lips and slowly crawled its way down her cheek, inching closer and closer to the brim of her hood. Her snoring also seemed to be getting louder...
  24. Penelope: W-wait, there's only one bed?! Uhhh... That wasn't how she imagined the place would be like. She heard there were usually two beds in each room, not one! Did Lucent accidentally get the wrong rooms for them? Oh well, she had to make a choice. Though she really wanted to sleep on that fluffy cloud of comfort and joy, she was probably also going to have hard time waking up from that cloud. It was probably better for her to take the harsh road this time around, if she wanted any hope of waking up on time. Penelope: Nah, you can go ahead and sleep on it! I can sleep anywhere, so I should be fine with a chair! And without hesitation, she promptly seated herself upon the lone couch in the room. Now she could properly reflect upon the day. She still wondered how she got here. Someone couldn't have just taken her over here, somebody would've definitely seen it, and she'd have been somewhere else instead of behind a dumpster. Her Mom would've also called a search party by now, with how protective she was of her. Just what was going on here? And all of these other people here, Hyde and Raina especially, they looked like they were in the same spot as her. Except they could probably cut and shoot their way out of it. She, on the other hand, couldn't do that. She was going to have to do something about that, and watching those fights helped to give her some ideas. Soon, she was going to have to start practicing, and going into swordplay looked like it was the best thing to try out. But getting home was a high priority. She promised herself that she would get back home, but she also needed to find out just what was going on here that would bring all of them together. Maybe she was overthinking it, but it's not every day a lady with dark powers, a light show-making shrine maiden, a guy with some red energy, two possible aliens, a big guy with crazy powers, and a flirty booby lady came together. Her eyelids started to droop. It looked like her body was telling her to worry more about sleep than the day, so she decided to doze off. She quickly dozed off, neglecting her nightly rituals. She wasn't home, after all, so she she didn't really have a way to do all of that stuff anyway! She could get away with slacking off for a bit, right? She quietly wondered what tomorrow would bring while she slept.
  25. Penelope smiled brightly. A room high up? This was going to be awesome! She loved looking out from high spots, it made her feel like she was the queen of the world! But, then again, in a big city like this, there probably wasn't going to be much of a view. Oh well, at least she could claim she was bigger than the ants below! Penelope: Yeah, that sounds great! Let's go, go, goooo! She didn't hesitate to make a dash for the room specified. She just had to get there first!
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