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  1. Welcome !!! Bringing back my very first project I ever made/started The League of 7 Evil Exes Gideon Gordon Graves And The Rest ^_^ It's Jan 6 2016, 5 days after I got into mugen coding and 3 days until my birthday how cool is that so why not reveal my very first project and start over on it now since I got there full resources i hope you guys enjoy these guys as much as I do now Behold !!!! Gideon Graves Todd Ingram Lucas Lee Matthew Pattel In the middle of being riped Roxy Ritcher Not started yet Klye and Ken Not started yet, not sure if I'm going to make playable o_0 I will talk more about the characters in later post but till then i hope you guys enjoyed this reveal lots more to come very very soon. - Stay Ultra Fatal !!!
  2. Need more free time -__-

    1. Darkflare


      Or perhaps you need better time management.

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      whatever the case is i needz help :'(

    3. Darkflare


      You can start by making a schedule and sticking to it.

  3. Man I need some good hardcore testers I can trust who's looking for a job 

  4. you know what this stage actually looks nice does it come with music
  5. So I guess the site is fixed o_0

  6. GUYS GUYS GUYS O TO THE M TO THE G G G im so sorry i forgot to release Matthew he is done its just that he doesn't have an voice and his A.I. is cheep a bit but if you guys still want to try him please let me know i personally think i can do a bit more with him but if you want to test him out as is i'll be happy to upload his current version right now
  7. So i made a twitter to get more word out on my mugen works and such and umm yeah you guys should totally follow and such....

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      We now follow you, and I added your twitter to the departure gates in the travel station.

    2. Galvatron



    3. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      Oh cool thanks man 

  8. Black guy from Detroit right here wassup hommie
  9. Why must I be so slow doing things ugh curse my perfectioness attitude >_<

  10. Whats a good site to host downloads I'm thinking One Drive but i don't know

    1. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      MediaFire, MEGA, Dropbox, & Google Drive.


      Although, you can't go wrong with OneDrive.

    2. Big Green

      Big Green

      MEGA gives the most space for free, but I was able to get 100 gigs on my OneDrive by syncing my phone.

    3. Noside


      Mediafire and sendspace are the best and fastest choices.

  11. Whats the most commonly used super sound effect

    1. Pluscross




      Hands. Down.

  12. I need a recording program OBS is no longer working for me sadly -__- ugh why those this bull bull keep happening to me 

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    2. SSBK65


      I recommend Apowersoft Screen Recorder, if that'll help you.

    3. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      is apowersoft free and of course i tried to get it fix Misana it lags way way to much

    4. SSBK65


      It is, it says free in the title.


    1. Misana1598


      idk, ...............Emi.............

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      I'll reveal her in February or maybe sooner if i manage to release all my January plans just keep in touch with me and you'll find out

    3. Misana1598


      I'll stay Ultra...:headphones:

  14. Dante voice is to hype Todd is alay back yet cocky guy need a voice like that but not bad
  15. 100 Rep well look at me growing ^_^

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      2 more until 70 for me lol 

  16. Mind sending me a link
  17. Where can i get that stage as well shit looks awesome
  18. Of Course any suggestion would help i need voices that fit the character so far all the voices i have fit ever so well a lot better then i though and im extremely happy to say that but sadly im missing 2 voices Matthew and Todd needs a voice i mean there strikers do to but im worried about the actual character more then the helper i'll worry about that some other time but yeah whatever you have to offer im willing to try out
  19. QUICK UPDATE Every Evil Ex is going well and heres all whats left of them all Matthew needs an SND, A voice and a Few Effect sounds that is all ^_^ Lucas Needs his Ultimate (Working on that now as we speak) Todd Needs one super redone and one super added and an Voice and sound effects Roxy Needs her supers done that is all ^_^ The Katayanagi Twins need.......well um, A lot o_0 sadly...... Gideon Gordon Graves Needs Supers and a 100%fixed and workable transformation and its like 50/50 with it right now so yeah The twins and Gideon will obviously be the last released since they are the hardest to do with gideon transformation and the twins fighting together only reason i got Lucas done is because he just changes stances/gets his skatebored and that wasn't that hard to make just got to fix his skatebored moves and his ultimate and hes 100% but yeah thats about it guys till next time P.S. I'm working on a video right now to showcase all of them
  20. Loving the update MFFA Is going threw not bad at all

  21. Damn Matthew Pattel still needs a voice ugh 

    1. SSBK65


      Why not record his voices from the movie? There's a program called WavePad, it's a very useful program that lets you crop out sections of various music files and save them in many different formats. 

    2. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      the movie voice doesn't have enough to use not to mention i don't like doing things like that i prefer it to be from a game or something you with hurt sounds attacks etc.

    3. Forehead


      That sounds like a pain.

  22. UPDATE !!! Matthew Patel Matthew Patel Will be released this Month theres no more I can do for him and if anyone keeps up with me or my youtube channel (i doubt it) I Promised a lot of releases this year and the 7 evil exes are up there, I wanted to release them all together but that would take to long due to the twins being so damn hard to make along with Gideon but they all will be released this year I'm going to make a few videos about all of them so you guys can see whats up so stay tuned Kyle & Ken Katayanagi The Katayanagi Twins now have an Voice and i understand if some don't agree with it I'm not 100% more like 70% but anywho there voices are from Overwatch and you guessed it I'm using the Shimada Bros voices for them, Hanzo and Genji there voices fit surprisingly well with them when i added it so you guys will be the judge as soon as i upload there reveal video so again stay tuned Lastly The rest of the evil exes will be released in order of appearance meaning Lucas is next the Todd and so on so as always guys........ STAY ULTRA FATAL !!!
  23. I wonder if its ok to make a topic devoted to your youtube channel on here not trying to deal with no more bull bull if i do so let me know and dont worry of course it has mugen content on there

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      I also just added some video showcases at the tops of the following threads:  Releases, Wips and Tutorials.
      Feel free to add your videos there as well, when it makes sense to do so :)

    3. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      Thanks i use to have a topic there didnt know if it was still up ok cool

    4. Doomguy


      Please, I already have a thread in the Sounds section.

  24. The Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Hype has return Emi yusa has been ripped i have Tomoka Spties AHHHHHH YES lets do this

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    2. Misana1598


      Awesome indeed. Also you mentioned "Emi Yusa". You planning her next or did you mention that for me?

      (Since I'd love to see her in Mugen.) :awesome

    3. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      Check out my next youtube video and you'll get your answer


    4. Misana1598


      :awesome Your already bringing back the hype man. Thanks! 

  25. Huh didn't even notice that Ok I got it