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  1. oh hey remember my old screenshot from my old account Welp i did a remake of my old screenshot
  2. Well i made another Super Brawl 2 stage conversion Music: Goo Lagoon - SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Livin' like larry
  3. Since Wlan's version has too much colorloss so heres mine with 0% colorloss WUMBO
  4. yep this is the first ever stage i converted from Brief Karate Foolish Download and for those who never played this weird fighting game i recommend to see it yourself
  5. What MUGEN Characters that you would find it So Bad It's Good? NeoZekrom MK2.006901 by Xenocard/pgrs111MAGEN Panthrek from Mortal Kombat Chaotic Anything from googoo64 Kazmer13's Chun Li Kurt Cobain by Johnny Karlos Dirty Kung Fu Man by Garionfeld Anything from arcadboy
  6. This is my second Super Brawl 2 stage conversion I NEED IT
  7. Welp i finally ported a stage from Super Brawl 2 lelelel
  8. Happy Birthday fella