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  1. Devils

    Touhou Project

    Rice released IZ Yuuka a few days ago. Here's the download.
  2. By the looks of it, the former link is the author known as Muu? I can't read Japanese, so I can't really tell. As for the OneDrive link, there's a good deal of characters here! I'll update the collection some time this week, though not today because I'm tired thanks to screwing up my sleep schedule.
  3. A few things - - I personally consider Otto's old Neco-Arc Chaos and Toma's Neco-Arc to be pretty cheap - regular Neco-Arc has one super that it likes to spam a lot that gives it iframes and attacks the majority of the screen, and Chaos has some absurd reach and regen when in Blood Heat mode (plus a multitude of cheap palettes) - The Hi-Res sprite Kohaku from Battle Moon Wars (also known as Deka Kohaku) is WINMugen only- I can understand that's why the cheap/broken link was used, but I suggest a note saying so myself - Catgirl Kohaku is a null character AFAIK (if I recall I've said this before, but with the site going down I'm not sure if that info still exists) - Swimsuit Len (AKA Sefu-Len)'s portrait is broken, for some reason On another note, there are two "Neco" versions of Misaka from A Certain Magical Index (both by mob7). Does their "Neco" style (see picture below) make them suitable for this collection, or would they belong in a ACMI collection, if there is one?
  4. Collection has been updated with Gamera Kaiju. I can now see why changelogs are separated into individual posts at this point...
  5. P-Satsuki by Kakeypurai (Cheap!) Neco-Arc CHAOS G666 by DOBUROKU (AI patch by Neat Unsou included) M-S-Kohaku by Kakeypurai (Also cheap!) I'm unsure if the AI patch for G666 is incorperated into the character or if it can be moved. As for M-S-Kohaku, Kakey does have a place where they upload their stuff (as evidenced by his Satsuki), though because moonrunes and possibly mistranslated stuff, I'm unsure if the Kohaku is on there (I got the download from the owner of Spriteclub, Erxos), so I uploaded her to my Mediafire for the time being. Anyway, hope you enjoy~
  6. No actual character for the list, but may I suggest giving Omanyte (the one by DJHANNIBALROYCE) a seizure warning? Attacks that come to mind would be its Ghastly attack and Battery Jesus Zapdos super.
  7. Devils

    Touhou Project

    To my knowledge, whatever I.M.R.F used to upload their Yukkuri characters is gone (I.M.R.F's website still exists, but the download links are more or less useless). Until another link can be found (if any), I've uploaded his Yukkuris outside of the "minigame", which I have no understanding on how it works (even compared to the other Yukkuri). Mediafire Link <-- Enjoy!
  8. We're back! Despite being down and out for a while, I don't think there have been any Kaiju releases since then, Godzilla or not. To make up for it, I'll be including Gamera Kaiju into the collection. Please stay tuned for future updates!
  9. Devils

    Touhou Project

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/vaijxnp6hzn9jtt/RemiliaKD.zip/file A Remilia based on her Komajou Densetu incarnation. While originally a spriteswap (who did said spriteswap is unknown) of Neo Metal Sonic by XTheDarknessOfLightX (who was a spriteswap of a Goku... Spriteswapping a spriteswap? Are we really stooping this low?), she's been edited by Below273 to be a good deal more unique. According to her changelog (on MA)- - Can now summon other KD characters as assists - A lot of moves that were similar to other moves were either changed or deleted - Some sounds and sprites were changed - Actually has proper AI now - Now has a special 11p and 12p Hope you enjoy~
  10. Changelog: August 21, 2018 - Added Biollante (BurningGodzillaLord) - Slightly edited some film names - The names of the films the monsters debuted in will be displayed as "(film name)" ("(Japanese film name)") - Changed static images of characters to .gifs August 21, 2018 (2) - Added Super Godzilla (Infinity's End) (For whatever reason, opening up his animations in FF3 causes it to crash, so for now there's only a still sprite) - Added Godzilla Battle Legends (Full game by Super Burning Godzilla) - Slightly changed a changelog item for more clearness August 23, 2018 - Added the following characters- -- Godzilla-USA (Zektard) -- Godzilla 2014 (Zektard) -- Godzilla 2000 (BaganSmashBros) -- Titanosaurus (Zektard) -- Varan (Zektard) August 26, 2018 - Added God King Ghidorah (Edit of Snowwolf's Ghidorah, unknown author) November 8, 2018 - MFFA is finally back up! Hooray! - Added G.O.D Godzilla/H_Godzilla (G.o.D Godzilla) November 11, 2018 - Collection renamed to "The Kaiju Kollection". - Gamera Kaiju have joined the battle! Godzilla vs. Gamera has become a reality! - Added the following characters- -- Nightmare Gamera EX (Zektard & Snowwolf) -- Gamera (Googoo64) -- Gyaos 64 (Googoo64) -- Gyaos (Kamenmajyu) -- Gurion (Googoo64) -- Legion (Tokuiten) -- Iris (Tokuiten)
  11. (Warning: This is my first attempt at a collection, and as such will likely contain various mistakes. Please help the collection and point out any mistakes, big or small, and feel free to suggest characters to be added. Thank you!) Note: Ultraman Kaiju will not be listed here, as they are already under the "Ultraman / Ultra Series" collection. Godzilla. Gojira. King of the Monsters. A name known far and wide, and a name that brings terror to the populace. ... however, this name does not seem to have reached the people of MFFA, and I have decided to take up the mantle in creating a monument to the Big G, his friends, and his enemies. This collection is still a work in progress, so please help contribute! Godzilla & Variants Note: Until this collection grows, all of the Godzillas will be lumped together, regardless of incarnation. The star of the show. The collection is named after him, so naturally he has the most characters out of anyone. Godzilla_EX (Snowwolf) Godzilla 2000 (BaganSmashBros) Godzilla 2014 (Zektard) Godzilla_USA (Godzilla 1998/Zilla) (Zektard) SpaceGodzilla (Tokuiten) Super Godzilla (Infinity's End) G.O.D Godzilla (Fanmade) Warning: If the white palette and floating didn't tip you off, this is an obscenely powerful character. It's no WINMugen-only beast, but I would only recommend downloading this if you're a character collector or a die-hard fan. King Ghidorah Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster (Three Giant Monsters: Greatest Battle On Earth) The golden three-headed dragon, one of Godzilla's more well-known foes. Snowwolf's version ~ God King Ghidorah (Edit of Snowwolf's King Ghidorah) (God King Ghidorah is supposedly an edit, though the author field doesn't say who edited it, and I'm unaware of exactly what's changed.) Biollante Godzilla vs. Biollante Created by a scientist in an attempt to revive his daughter, this Kaiju's DNA contains cells of the daughter, plants, and... Godzilla? BurningGodzillaLord's version (edited by Matti) Destoroyah Godzilla vs. Destroyah (Godzilla vs. Destroyer) A wicked red beast known for having multiple forms, though most (if not all) characters of it use it's Perfect Form. Destoroyah_EX (Snowwolf) ~ Tokuiten's version Hedorah Godzilla vs The Smog Monster (Godzilla vs. Hedorah) Easily the messiest of Godzilla's foes, this slimeball also made an appearance in Godzilla: Final Wars. Sumin's version (To download, click the green arrow by the (1) at the top right of the post) Final Wars Hedorah (Kozeni) (This is an edited version by Brergrsart that fixes up certain hitboxes and makes a particular attack easier on the eyes) Gigan Godzilla on Monster Island (Earth Attack Command: Godzilla vs. Gigan) Gigan is one of Godzilla's most brutal and sadistic opponents, enjoying causing carnage and watching his opponents bleed. Final Wars Gigan (Jirougaki) Titanosarus Terror of (Mecha)Godzilla (Mechagodzilla's Counterattack) Originally a peaceful dinosaur who lived under the ocean, this orange Kaiju was mind-controlled and attacked Godzilla, with help from Mechagodzilla. Zektard's version Varan Destroy All Monsters (Monster Total Advancement) First appearing as the titular monster from the film of the same name, Varan made a small appearance as one of the monsters living on Monster Island in Destroy All Monsters. Despite his obscure origins and small role in DAM, he became popular enough to continue appearing in various Godzilla comics and video games, to the point of being playable in Godzilla: Unleashed. Zektard's version .Bagan Super Godzilla Bagan is interesting in that he was considered for multiple Godzilla (and Mothra) movies, before he finally made an appearance as the final boss of the SNES video game Super Godzilla. After that, he was never seen again. Kozeni's version With Godzilla's popularity, there were many attempts at cashing in on the new "giant monster" genre. Perhaps the most successful of these is the Gamera series - While much smaller than its inspiration, the series has won many fans across the globe. Gamera Gammera The Invincible (Giant Monster Gamera) Like Godzilla, Gamera was initially portrayed as a stereotypical monster, crushing all in its path and being the main villain in its debut film. While Gamera's origins vary from reboot to reboot, one thing is for certain - He is the Guardian of the Universe! He's also really neat! And he's full of meat! Zektard & Snowwolf's version (Nightmare Gamera-EX) Googoo64's version (Download is found under movelist) Gyaos Return of the Giant Monsters (Giant Monster Dogfight: Gamera vs. Gyaos) The archenemy of Gamera, these bat-like creatures have appeared in every Gamera film besides the original and Attack of Legion. Appearing in various types, such as the Space and Hyper variants, its origins vary as well (though not to the extent of Gamera's), either emerging from underground to feed on humanity or being genetically engineered by the Atlanteans to be the perfect organism (which backfired horribly, resulting in Gamera's creation to stop them). Googoo64's version (Download is found under movelist) Kamenmajyu's version Guiron Attack of the Monsters (Gamera Against Giant Evil Beast Guiron) Acting as the "guard dog" for two aliens of the Terran species, this knife-headed monster never actually makes landfall on Earth, instead battling Gamera on the planet Terra. Googoo64's version (Download is found under movelist) Legion Gamera: Attack of Legion (Gamera 2: Legion Invasion) "My name is Legion, for we are many." Bible quote aside, Legion takes its name from said quote for commanding an army of much smaller "Soldier" Legion. Attempting to create flowers that launched seeds of its kind so to spread to other planets, each time it was stopped by Gamera (though not without trouble), and was eventually stopped by Gamera taking energy from the Earth itself in a last-ditch attempt to stop it from taking control of the planet. This would not be without consequence, however, as Gyaos numbers would soon drastically increase because of this... Tokuiten's version Iris Gamera: Revenge of Iris (Gamera 3: Iris Awakening) Sharing... some sort of genetic connection with the Gyaos, Iris was sealed away eons ago outside of a small village in Japan. It was eventually discovered by a young woman, whose intense hatred for Gamera (thinking that he was responsible for her parents' deaths) allowed it to bond with her, and freeing it from its "egg". It rapidly grows in size, eventually rivaling that of Gamera itself, eventually dueling with Gamera in an attempt to kill him for the young woman, however, after knocking Gamera down, it attempts to forcefully fuse with her - Thankfully, Gamera punches through its chest, saves her, and does battle once again, ending with Gamera slicing through Iris' chest and causing it to erupt in flames and explode. Tokuiten's version Other Things Kaiju Lens (Original/Len edits) These Len edits are based on various Kaiju, which I thought would fit here. Godzillen (K) Shin Godzillen (AO) Biollente (Furikake) Non-character things Godzilla Battle Legends (Full game by Super Burning Godzilla) This collection is still a W.I.P, so it doesn't end here! Please look forward to more Kaiju for your own collections!
  12. A quick note is that, while the character is originally from Sonic canon, FawfulFan's Mecha Sonic is based on the fan-made SMBZ incarnation: I.E, the psychopathic killer monster of a robot rather than just another Sonic knockoff. I'm not entirely sure if this means it counts as a fan character (and as such would belong in the Sonic Fan Characters collection), but I'll let you be the judge.
  13. Devils

    Touhou Project

    The link to Sumin's Yukari is broken (?), saying that it's a private character in Korean. However, what I believe to be said Yukari recently showed up... On MA. Knowing that it's a blacklisted site, I've decided to upload it to my Mediafire instead. http://www.mediafire.com/file/v6676zvxw258imh/5001.rar/file Enjoy.
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