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  1. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    Some new tracks made lately... you cand download them from edit them to fit your stage as they're made of different parts (intros, endings, battle, etc..).
  2. mulambo

    mulambo's artworks

    and lets' go back to drawing... here's a new artwork: Kim VS Goenitz on deviantart:
  3. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    2 New tracks released! "Eatin Dust" (Fu Manchu Cover) "Eatin Dust" (Fu Manchu Synthwave Cover)
  4. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    new track : PURITANIA (Dimmu Borgir cover) this track is on the MUSIC section of my website : (sorry for not being able to make links in post, seems like there's a problem with the post/comment widget on my browser)
  5. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    new track released: JIN KAZAMA'S THEME PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: >>>> MUSIC SECTION (sorry for not being able to make links in post, seems like there's a problem with the post/comment widget on my browser)
  6. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    LONDON MARCH (BILLY KAN'ES THEME)... just baked. PREVIEW available at: MUSIC section
  7. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    Some more recent tracks... DEMON CRADLE, original track inspired by the famous shoryuken-like move by Dimitri from DarkStalkers. PREVIEW: free download at: >>>> MUSIC section HDYN, cover track inspired by a less famous track by JUG (Destruction Derby 2 OST) PREVIEW: also free to download at: >>>> MUSIC section
  8. mulambo

    mulambo's jukebox

    I make music for fun, sometimes they're original productions, sometimes they're covers or re-intepretations. I host my tracks for free, until I find some company willing to hire me (but that's a bit of a dream because... I'm not still on the pro-level of some real pro's in the videogame music industry so... let's do it for free). I love metal, grungy, orchestra, electronic stuff. So my "style" is a sort of mix of it all, depending on the style of the song I want to make or coverize, I like to experiment so my tracks are kind of original. I use LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio, sort of freeware Fruity Loops) to compose all my tracks and I record/edit them with Cool Edit Pro 2. All my music can be found at >>> MUSIC SECTION Each track is free and it can be edited according to the use as intros/endings/bgm, but it can't be hosted or edited without permission. Please be respectful, k ? :P Some recent tracks: Less recent tracks: Again, any track can be downloaded for free from: >>> MUSIC SECTION
  9. TUTORIAL: How to turn your MUGEN into a total mess, lol Just put this controller under [State -2] (or under Statedef 0 of your common1.cns, for the most brave), and see what happens (warning: check max number of helpers in mugen.cfg, this little code cause overflooding so I'm not responsible for anything, use at your own risk): [State 666, Helper] type = Helper trigger1 = time >= 0 ;modify this if your MUGEN lags trigger1 = statetype = S trigger1 = pos y = 0 name ="lol" ;oh, well.. ID =1 ;modify this if you already used this number stateno = 0 ;don't modify this pos = -50+random%50,0 postype = p1 ;p2,front,back,left,right facing = 1 ;don't modify this keyctrl = 1 ;don't modify this ownpal = 0 supermovetime = 0 pausemovetime = 0 This has been checked on 2 of my chars and it works just fine (but it can still be improved, especially with AI). try it yourself : go to, check "Street WTFighter" in "Games" section, download the game and the "CHAOS MODE", extract the main game, extract the CHAOS MODE... have fun! :V
  10. mulambo

    AI taunt for matchover

    probably a dumb answer but... isn't the match "over" when the winner is officially declared? seems a bit useless too, I mean, isn't the winpose enough? probably it gets overridden right because it's matchover (so p2life = 0 is the only necessary trigger). but again, that would mean endless taunting so you need a variable that checks the player has already done the taunt and check that var as trigger. Also that random and AIlevel triggers may be blocking it too, try doing it without those triggers to see if it works.
  11. mulambo

    How to code platforms you can actually jump on?

    that would quite difficult to explain it all, so I guess you can take a look at the code of "SF2 Oil Drums" (excluding the flames which hit the opponent), they're platforms you can jump on.
  12. mulambo


    fixeded link.
  13. mulambo


    NotKyoBy As usual, another joke/over-powered edit by me... this time inspired by Kyo'96 DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  14. mulambo

    mulambo's artworks

    akuma rolling a joint. joke drawing.
  15. mulambo

    The lies we like to hear

    "Laugh and everyone will laugh with you, cry and you will cry alone".