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  1. I was bored, so I did this. Is a recreation of "Diovania", a video remix of DIO and Castlevania, try to be as faithful as possible.
  2. Joseph Joestar Hi guys, here an edit that I made from creations of various people. Is Joseph Joestar in his animated version with the great voice of Tomokazu Sugita. CREDITS: Char by Nimame New SFF and Palettes by JohnVyttalRay Sounds by the guy who has the nickname "asdfghjklzxcvbnm" (little edit by Iver) Portrait by Iver (me :p) Images: "Niceu niceu, very niceu Caesar-chan" "NIGERUNDAYO!!!" "Cracker Volley!" "Tsugi ni omae wa Yare Yare Daze, to iu" DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!P0RSwZLC!5-RcKkvjEPnAO_mq1lFw7n03ctTlSaD9i_QA3K0fy8A
  3. (I speak spanish, sorry if my english is bad) Whats up people, the other day I started editing a mugen about jojo for me, but without excess characters. So I wanted to share it with you, and in passing see the things that I added. Features: MUGEN 1.1 with gui0007´s edit of KFM´s old screenpack 39 characters from Phantom Blood to Steel Ball Run (yeah, the recent johnny char) and Dio Over Heaven from EoH (Being honest, I put it to fill space of "characters that have renders of recent games" :p). Voices from ASB/EoH/Anime for "old" characters. Some new palettes so that the characters are more like the anime made by me, as "Black and Dark Green" Jotaro or "Purple with Red scarf" Lisa Lisa. Hi-Res portraits of ASB/EoH made by me, with some edits. (Except for High Dio, but I found a good image of Stardust Shooters) 24 stages, several with zoom. Demostration Video, so you can see how it is: Download: https://mega.nz/#!G8An1LjL!6HvQdzkR_i1Be4jHHRTb-4_HNfx5Ph424MRbrIanTjE I did it for fun, I hope you like it :)
  4. Iver

    This Stage...

    Whats up people, I was wondering if someone has the stage of this image.
  5. Iver

    Jotaro & Kakyoin Anime/EoH Palettes

    Thanks, I made the palette because there was no good "anime" palette for jotaro on the web that convinced me. I also wanted to do kakyoin (Sorry if my English is bad, I speak Spanish)
  6. Hi guys, today i bring you palettes of these JoJo´s Characters. They are Jotaro and Kakyoin with their colors of the anime and the game "Eyes of Heaven". Original chars are Warusaki´s Jotaro and Izumo´s Kakyoin. I hope do you like it... Demostration: DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!C0RzgZ5Q!YDQG0Sv9w60RwI5ZEoilJEYwDnNFWAo9Equ2BX69cgU
  7. Hi guys, as you can see in the topic title this is a .snd for KingCharz´s Link of his SSB4 Incarnation (The original was a mix of OoT/TP). The .snd works with any version of this char, so finally below is the dowload link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1h3mh5afy57upb0/LinkSSB4snd.rar?dl=0 Enjoy.
  8. Iver

    The Legend of Zelda Series

    You forgot Link by Sektor San https://mega.nz/#!fdIA2LgB!QIWqW0hTuELPhqch58Y46BGiju1YPnivZ2hLuCA_UnY
  9. Iver

    SSB4 Mario

    Well, by the concern (for "Virus") that there has been i re-uploaded the char, now to dropbox. The link is in the first post.
  10. Iver

    Hello world and all who inhabit it!

    Welcome Dedotated Wam! I hope you have a good stay as I am having
  11. Iver

    SSB4 Mario

    Oh Thanks, If you want upload it I will put it in the post :)
  12. Iver

    SSB4 Mario

    Hello, now here is a new edit done by me that is a Chibi Size Mario char with Super Smash Bros Gameplay. The original char was done by mariotime and the great spritesheet by Gregarlink10. The char features SFFv2, so you will not see .act files of the palletes. The palletes are: Normal/SSB4, Fire, Inverted, Brawl, Wario, Green and Black. Captures: Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu7uf5sjet0lhmo/MarioSSB.rar?dl=0
  13. Iver

    Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    Hello, I recently made a stage of Mute City from F-Zero Series. Below a image if you want add it: Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ldndm4
  14. Iver


    Thanks! but you should put the gif that i show because the edit features a new SFF with Color Separation and it´s diferent.
  15. Iver


    I made a edit of Chuchoryu´s Captain Falcon, with Color Separation and several little things.