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  1. I wonder does this go for stages too? I recall doing a stage edit from this game.
  2. Idk if anyone has seen the Samsho collection, but the links to ali's characters and stages on his archived site lead to a yahoo japan page stating wrong URL.
    I am looking for Ali's stages (all of them).

    1. OldGamer


      have you try using way back maching ? and go back 2009 ?

  3. all of Ali's links on the wayback machine (And off) do not work. All of them lead to a Yahoo Japan page stating they are wrong links. Quite sad considering I need a specific stage from there.
  4. I know it's way old but has anyone managed to figure out how to obtain the rest of X's moveset?
  5. So essentially it's gonna be a Touhou game with a specialized groove system for spellcards and whatnot? Oh man this is gonna be SWEET!
  6. ADD004 PATCH: Alternate Powerbars for Team mode RELEASED! Get it while it's hot!

  7. Add004 patch: Alternate Powerbars in Team Mode! For those who wish to try, place this in the add004 folder in data of your add004 MUGEN/IKEMEN. This common01.cns enables alternate powerbars for team battle mode! The powerbars are selected by palette, since for the add4 standard in the past, there was in fact 2 extra bars. Mind you it's experimental as I am also trying for tag mode as well. Hopefully I can do it and properly, but in the meantime, Enjoy!! http://www.mediafire.com/file/esa8qeut7bfhy2v/common1-ALTPOWERBARTEAMMODE.cns Vid should be be coming soon! if anyone else wants to make one for posting do so plz! A bit of details of what these other bars do. For the left (Pal 3,6,9,12) are SVC/Samsho type bars. This bar enables energy for the powerbar by blocking and getting hurt, with Just Defend for additional energy/damage cancel. 50% energy grants lvl 1 supers, while MAXIMUM gives the lvl.2-3 attacks at the cost of 50% energy (This part has the bar draining as well, and I think this also increases the damage for lvl 3 Idk for sure). the Right (Pal 2,5,8,11) are SFA/KOF Based. This mode has parrying for healing a smidge of life. you start with only lvl.1 attacks at Max. When your life is at 25%, Max becomes super, the power bar slowly regenerates to full, and gives lvls 2-3 attacks. Have fun guys :D
  8. Author is Shiyo Kakuge not Varo hades. and yeah I wonder too how he is able to make a water effect like this because this is truly amazing!
  9. I have not forgotten the bullshit that site has pulled on me and many others. To this day I am still perma-banned in there for no reason besides lies along with a majority of fellow mugen players/creators. Why on our daily lives should we even consider helping them if they cannot realize that what they've done was rather stupid.
  10. whoa...Nice stage + Metal slug vehicle type characters that I've never seen before?!! This....this is a collection worth finding!

  12. Afaik, there has been a few instances where a character does not work with add004, mainly because of not agreeing with the common01.cns Latest example is with Another K' and K'MI. Afaik, one fix was adding a standard common01.cns from Mugen 1.1 to them, but in terms of converting them via add4pie, it gives me that exact same problem and it's been infuriating me eversince. Little help here?
  13. unfortunately it's in the KOFA form, not KOF2k2um...
  14. If anybody even has Adrainare's Grant, PLEASE PM me ASAP! Believe it or not that version I'm on the hunt for.
  15. hmmm a V-trigger type where Geese goes nightmare eh? I like :)