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  1. Origin "Mai Waifu"



    in: Azumanga Daioh Wiki 

    Waifu (meme)

    Table of Contents

    Kimura-sensei - Mai Waifu

    Waifu is a term used by Japanese men when referring to their wives. Its usage predates Azumanga Daioh, though it was through said series that the word became known to the Western audience and acquired Internet meme status. It became popular through a scene in chapter 11 of the manga and episode 15 of the anime when the main cast members were confused to find a picture of a pretty woman that Kimura dropped, and he explained that she was his wife by calling her "Mai Waifu". Its popularity started in the later half of the 2000s and as of today, the word is typically used by otaku when referring to their favourite female anime character. It is sometimes applied to non-anime characters and even real-life celebrities, but not as frequently.

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    2. Dronekiller


      @misterfael Try to not Depressed after know this, OK. 

      I though many people know this behind story.

    3. Dronekiller


      Well, bad joke.


    4. Galvatron


      LOL! i see... I didn't know that term originated from that series.

  2. Happy Birthday. 

  3. Just wanted for my Account, and maybe have chitchat for me. Well... 

    Many happens i just ever met these days, until NSFW char was give me attention. However, some Hoax or bashing video character maybe solved anything, but NSFW still keep going until get new move, I've sneaking where that always upload NSFW (MugenArchive too) with thinking who was will be next, until something doesn't expected. 

    Any NSFW always same, i admit it. (by beating them, and finisher i guess) 

    I've been thinking, is there is NSFW char which not hurt the girls with those NSFW move? more better way than beating the girls? (i bet it sound ridiculous and impossible)

    :squint:(to my followers, i bet one of you disagree sort of that because it's NSFW) 

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    2. Dronekiller


      actually, i'm too early asking this, i guess there no one, except those thing.

    3. Dronekiller


      @Galvatronbtw, you always cheering up people , didn't you ? :-)

    4. Galvatron


      @Dronekiller LOL! well its one of the things i do to try to keep everyone positive so folks can keep going with lives and inspirations.. :goodmood:

  4. Your Welcome, Merkava Just get Bug Fix from other user on other Forum UPDATE: Merkava - Fix Grab(D,DB,B,y) P2State
  5. I'm Update for some fix, which someone feedback to me. Merkava - Fix Input Button - Fix Grab (D,DB,B,y) P2State http://www.mediafire.com/file/0qbbc6dbrgrcm8b/Merkava_by_Dronekiller.rar Yuzuriha - Fix Quote Condition with Filia - Remove ABC bar, On GetHit http://www.mediafire.com/file/si2r7cp4xo34m5s/Yuzuriha_by_Dronekiller.rar Filia - Fix Input Button - Add "Throw Escape" on Throw - Add "6 Button Mode" (Look on .DEF File) - add Palette (7~12 Palette) http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8fa3q9yh9bpv3l/Filia_by_Dronekiller.rar If I missed something from above. Report to me, I will check again
  6. Hay Drone, can you make Filla's throw escapable please?

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    2. Dronekiller


      If Hard difficult, yes. but if else, let me figure out first. 

    3. Dronekiller


      @Weiss_Circal Thank's bud, this for now. if im got wrong. Tell me, OK.


    4. Weiss_Circal
  7. Im just checking this status. i know im offline for long maybe, i wish i could have a time here :P

    OK, later. 

  8. Feathery dragon ? i never seen that one. but if Humanoid Dragon, yes they do. it's huge sprite that separately part well. maybe it can, but he will showing not fit on screen because gigantic. sometime can be more difficult to battle.
  9. I'm Repost this, Because the old one have been delete after this forum restored....



  10. (Note: I'm Repost this thread because the old one is Deleted, i'm post again so let people who doesn't have it to try it ) A Large Dragon inside deep Cave. Even Bigger http://www.mediafire.com/file/hiyimyy93dp6jb7/Neitram_by_Dronekiller.rar
  11. Which version MUGEN Did you use?



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    2. Dissonance™


      Yeah. I'm hoping to find the untouched winmugen version that had limited features, such as nagware and no two player mode.

    3. Doomguy
    4. Dissonance™


      Yes. Nagging screens like you see in the DOS builds.

  12. I see.....no other way, huh? Unlucky to me :|
  13. What current windows did you have ?