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  1. bet he's gonna lose the file "magically" before he finally releases the update.

  2. Sonic.EXE

    so there's no call this amazing and then you say you might try him out? lol "okay" - Jay Z Story of O.J. voice. jk enjoy fam.
  3. Thinking out loud..I lowkey want to say stop updating your chars. it's been years fam, your job is done.

  4. Guyver MVC Style

    This is nice but he lacks sounds on fireballs, and on teleports. You could even use dbz sounds if nothing else. It'd make him more so complete because he plays very well.
  5. If only he'd just make a vulcano russo... oh well.
  6. Super Buu > Kid Buu


    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Arale > Goku



  7. So you blur a bunch of good sprites and call the character HD.


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    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      What's even the point of making the character HD if the character's sprites are just gonna be blur...besides it might as well be the same sprite for all I know

    3. Ricepigeon



      So you blur a bunch of good sprites and call the character HD.


      HD = Highly Deformed?


      makes sense :p

    4. PhantomBlack


      You may be on to something ^

  8. Bird Man - Knights of the Round

    "nah pleighboi" - birdman voice.
  9. Shirou Yusa by aka65535 [7/4/2017]

    you should probably give a lil more info on the character fam. These characters of his seem to be originally sprited He's from the Dies Irae series Plays like his archer Has a few awkward sprites and animations (a lot of good ones that show the potential of the creator) One infinite A smooth gameplay style 4 buttons
  10. Supreme Sagat BETA 2.1 FIX 15 December

    my responses are not in order. - tiger genocide lvl 2 (im assuming purple supers are lvl 2) - lol -the lil attack with the two heavy buttons pressed simultaneously can be spammed (he slams his knee and elbow together) - I'd just ask around about those hit sparks - I understand why you kept certain attacks a lil weak now - I guess that makes sense, tho he get's an infinite amount of time to choose a pal but preference is preference and it's not a problem.
  11. Supreme Sagat BETA 2.1 FIX 15 December

    I love this sagat. Goes without saying this is the coolest one in mugen rn. - the multi jab can be used twice in combination (idk if that's preference) -i don't really like the multi jab (my opinion) -there's a few different hitsparks in his attacks, i dont really care for those either. - his lvl 2 supers only take one bar -some of the normals seem a lil weak compared to the original sagat. -kof hitsparks on kick grab instead of cvs3 like other attacks -just one pal selector for the whole arcade run is enough rather than one per stage that's about it fam, good job
  12. Yuki NGBC (KOF Edit)

    lmao the transformations and the exaggerated specials make this a pretty funny char.