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  1. Pirate Pub

    that waitress looks alarmingly like a pokemon trainer. Also, we need more stages with lots of chairs in them like this one. Chairs are cool.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. A character and a stage

    Shimakaze (I believe it's so. Untested )

    I dont quite know what interactive mugen is but these palettes are really nice. I like the ice-esque one and the one next to it.
  5. Sims 2 is free w/o torrent. It's via Origin though :P still worth it.

  6. Ryu/Ken: Shotofusion

    "Since Shotofusion is a spriteswap, I adjusted the CNS to make the stats just like the original Evil Ken" taken from the video description. Do you really still want it?.Because a spriteswap isnt really a fusion.
  7. dont hate me for saying this but..... what is the "crash 3ds!" in the title for? Im a little lost. Also, would it be alright if I reuploaded a complete build of this in one rar to mediafire or are you content on how it is? (I think its a bit messy) I will give very broad feedback on the game later and edit this post with it
  8. Haru-chan updated by Gockroach 2014-07-15

    there seems to be one or 2 patches. Do you know if any of those are recommended or needed to fix some bugs?
  9. WIP : Gameboy Fighters

    they all came together pretty nicely. None of them are animated though, right? (not that they need or should be.)
  10. This SMB1 screenpack?

    I am assuming seeing the date on that picture is 2002 that whatever that screenpack was probably wouldn't work very well. Im also lead to believe that only the title screen is changed I might be very wrong though. This is the only screenpack regarding super mario brothers I see. That is the worst spelling of my name I have ever seen.
  11. Is the mugen running out of variety with the characters

    Look at the amount of content in MUGEN. Now, look at the amount in Game X, Game Y and any other game. Note that even if a character is made 4000 times in MUGEN, it's very likely that all 400 will have various ideas implemented in different ways or to different extents. MUGEN is only going to "run out of ideas" when everything that anybody would ever want is done for it. And in that case, it wouldn't matter if we ran out of ideas cause we'd have everything.
  12. Sharing a MUGEN site that has TONS of characters and adds some what seems like daily. Alot of you might already know it but those who dont, THERE'S SO MUCH CONTENT

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rockocalypse


      where? I downloaded from page 178 yesterday.... seemed pretty well maintained

    3. JokerintheButt


      yeah doom is right i have visited this

      site i find a bunch of broken links.

    4. rockocalypse


      "where? I downloaded from page 178 yesterday.... seemed pretty well maintained"

  13. Recon:Ex Operational SP

    Im guessing max HD resolution?

    .....The weekends over. Is it coming soon?