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  1. BlazBlue Complete Resource Thread

    Thread updated to reflect MFG changes. All sprites/sounds of CPE cast completed.

  2. Just a big update, reflecting all the updates from my MFG post. Happy downloading!
  3. Back to the old smelting. *brushes dust off*

  4. Hey hey all

    Welcome friend. Good to see another familiar face.
  5. Getting my hands on BBCP iso. Soon is the time.

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    2. Ares


      Getting the ISO for sprite/sound/music rips. I'm getting the game as well. And yes, this is the new BlazBlue that came out in Japan yesterday (JP is a day ahead of us.)

    3. yeah ok

      yeah ok

      I find it rather disturbing how they copied the game this quickly AND distributed it

    4. Ares


      It was also released digitally - explains why it was so distributed so fast.

  6. Namco Bandai picked me (Within their 5000 random players) for the Dark Souls 2 Network Beta Test. I feel honored.

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    2. Kanbei


      Your so lucky.

    3. Hadouken


      Actually Banana, From Software picks the players, not Namco Bandai. So your cares are invalid.

    4. yeah ok

      yeah ok

      He said Namco, So i just did go with it, And i at least care about From Soft's games, Unlike Scamco

  7. BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma

    Because Mori lies.
  8. No problem, friend. I know you were waiting for a long time for them.
  9. The BlazBlue Complete Resource Thread is here on MFFA! First batch of English Voices are here!

    1. DartzPie
    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      sound patch ragna, noel and Hazama @Dartz: 3

  10. WORK IN PROGRESS. :WARNING: I will take the rips down if the Mugen Free For All staff tells me to. I will comply with Arc System Works if they also want the rips taken down. If this happens, PM me and I will provide a private link. If you going to mirror the downloads elsewhere, please copy the credit/special thanks on the bottom. We took time from our busy schedule to provide these rips for you. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SPRITES/VOICES/SOUND EFFECTS. Download at your own risk. All content belongs to Arc System Works. :Updates: 8/29/2016 - (Sprites/Sounds) Mu-12 (CPE EN/JP), Tsubaki (CPE EN/JP), Hazama (CPE EN/JP), Makoto (CPE EN/JP), Valkenhayn (CPE EN/JP), Platinum (CPE EN/JP), Relius (CPE EN/JP) released. 8/28/2016 - (Sprites/Sounds) Ragna (CPE EN/JP), Jin (CPE EN/JP), Noel (CPE EN/JP), Rachel (CPE EN/JP), Taokaka (CPE EN/JP), Tager (CPE EN/JP), Litchi (CPE EN/JP), Arakune (CPE EN/JP), Bang (CPE EN/JP), Carl (CPE EN/JP), Hakumen (CPE EN/JP), Nu-13 (CPE EN/JP) released. 8/28/2016 - Palettes (CPE) added. Contains all characters, including ones that are not posted yet. 8/25/2016 - (Sprites/Sounds) Amane (CPE EN/JP), Bullet (CPE EN/JP), Azrael (CPE EN/JP), Izayoi (CPE EN/JP), Kagura (CPE EN/JP), Terumi (CPE EN/JP), Kokonoe (CPE EN/JP), Celica (CPE EN/JP). 4/15/2014 - (Sounds) Hazama (CSE EN). 4/07/2014 - (Sprites) BBCP character effects released. Link here. 3/28/2014 - (Sounds) Tsubaki Yayoi (CSE EN) and character sound effects (CS+CSE). 8/03/2013 - (Sounds) First batch of English voice rips released! Jin Kisaragi (CSE EN), Noel Vermillion (CSE EN), Hakumen (CSE EN), Mu-12 (CSE EN), Makoto Nanaya (CSE EN), Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (CSE EN), Platinum the Trinity (CSE EN), Relius Clover (CSE EN). 7/10/2013 - (Sounds) Ragna the Bloodedge (CSE JP), Jin Kisaragi (CSE JP), Noel Vermillion (CSE JP), Rachel Alucard (CSE JP) released. 6/30/2013 - (Sounds) Taokaka (CSE JP), Iron Tager (CSE JP), Litchi Faye Ling (CSE JP), Arakune (CSE JP), Bang Shishigami (CSE JP), Carl Clover (CSE JP) released. 6/23/2013 - (Sounds) Tsubaki Yayoi (CSE JP), Hazama (CSE JP) released. 6/20/2013 - (Sounds) Hakumen (CSE JP), Mu-12 (CSE JP), Nu-13 (CSE JP) released. 6/17/2013 - (Sounds) Platinum the Trinity (CSE JP) released. 6/16/2013 - (Sounds) Relius Clover (CSE JP), Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (CSE JP) released. 6/15/2013 - Thread created, (Sounds) Makoto Nanaya (CSE JP) released. After burning my ears with Heavy Day all the waiting, here's the thread that you BlazBlue fans are waiting for! Use them for Mugen, use them for Ringtones, I don't care what you do but here it is! *Update 3/28/2014*: The character specific sound effects have all the SFX from CSE and CT. CSE reuses CT SFX. *Update 8/02/2013*: The Japanese voice rips include the CSE Sprites, which are in .PCX format and already color separated! All downloads have character sprites already packed in! All in .PCX format AND color separated for all your Mugen needs! Please select your character. CPE Palette File BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend English Voice Rip BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Japanese Voice Rip (Contains CSE Sprites.) CT+CSE Character Sound Effects (All characters) F.A.Q Q: How did you rip the sounds? A: I used Microsoft's SDK (Software Development Kit) to decode the files. Afterwards unpacked the .XWB with XWB Unpacker. Q: I thought you were going to release the whole pack! What happened? A: Work. My life is very busy so I'll release them by character, just like how I did the P4A sound requests. It's much faster than ripping the whole cast THEN releasing it. Q: Where is *character*'s SFX? A: I don't have it ripped yet. I'll include it in the character in future updates along with a separate link for it. Q: Are you going to rip the Story Mode voices? How about the announcer voices? A: The format for the voices are different than the ones found in the gameplay. So at the moment, unfortunately, is a no. For the announcer voices, I will get to that after the characters. I won't be able to rip the DLC announcers though, because I don't have the files. Q: What takes so long for the sounds to be ripped? Why are the P4A sounds easier and faster to rip? A: Resaving, renaming, and relistening to the sounds to make sure it is working properly. The XWB Unpacker saves the files as a completely compressed sound file. With the right codecs you can listen to it, but if you listen to it without the codecs or add it in Mugen, it will have a ear splitting beeping sound. For P4A sounds, I can just decode them through the SDK and saved as regular readable sound file. Q: Will you rip the sounds/sprites BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma? A: Yes. Although there's no XB360 release, it will be a tough one. I'll have to do googling research for a bit after I get the iso. I am very determined to rip the sounds/sprites. It has been done. The voices can be ripped however, I am having trouble with ripping the character sprites. Aug. 25, 2016: Ripping them now! Q: Will you rip the sounds for any other games? A: Yes. I'm thinking of ripping the whole P4A voice cast in the future. Q: Are you going to share the XWB Unpacker? A: I would, but I can't. It's a private program that was handed to be due to a favor. Somebody wants it private, I don't know the reasons why, but I'll abide by his/her words. There is an alternate program called XWB Extractor 1.1, but I haven't used it. Q: How do I open the sprites? A: You can use GIMP or Photoshop to open .PCX files. Alternatively you can also use any Fighter Factory to open them as well. Credits Ares (Seraphs Ares) - Main Rips, Decoding .pac files, Sound Conversions. Itsumi (Miko Itsumi) - Sound Conversions. Kirishima - Decoding .pac files. DartzPie - Providing Celica's sound file. Special Thanks to.. Somebody *wishes to stay anonymous* - Provided XWB Unpacker. Circuitous - Providing early sound files to work on. tunglashor - For the program, Hipster. BlazBlue Wikia - Images for download. Tron - Helping me out figuring dantarion's tool. dantarion - For his awesome tool. And you, for patiently waiting!
  11. Ragna the Bloodedge (CSE JP), Jin Kisaragi (CSE JP), Noel Vermillion (CSE JP), Rachel Alucard (CSE JP) released. Holy blue of blazes was I late on this update. Blame Mugen and sprite editing. GET YOUR BODIES READY!! ENGLISH DUB, HERE I RIP!

    1. DartzPie


      Tfs Nappa: "yaaay~"

    2. Mister Fael
  12. Six characters released! Check out the sound rip thread here!

    1. DartzPie


      Snap you released six sprites ._. working hard I see gj

    2. Mister Fael
    3. Ares


      Working hard to get the rest done so I can start on the English voice rips!

  13. Greetings!

    Thanks everyone. I'll start sharing my stuff from Mugen Guild as well. Look forward to it!
  14. Greetings!

    Hello everyone of MFFA. Seraphs Ares here. Glad to join you guys.
  15. Greetings everyone, Seraphs Ares here. I decided to join this forum as well!

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      Thanks guys, better late than never.

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      Hyoudou Issei

      welcome to MFFA ares