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Castle Fight


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A quick stage that i whiped up some time ago, I figured i'd release it.

Length - Small

Height - Small

Animated - Yes

BGM - Yes

Resolution - Low

For anyone who is interested, There is also a night time looking image in the sff for a night version of the stage, but i never coded it.

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ahh for shame.

included 3 frames of rain gen.

you were suppose to use all 3 frames each with its own delta.

First off, the original version looks nice. I think Ceno did this stage as well. The night version using Ryon's sprites looks great as well, but Gen's...not so much. Actually it looks pretty cool, but I think the characters should be tinted as well. Also using all 3 frames of rain would help.

Judging from the adjustments Gen made, there wasn't enough contrast between Ryon's day version and his night version. I understand his point of view as well...

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It was a lazy edit,perhaps i'll fix it tomorrow(thats in regards to the rain) I was also going to edit the water(technically its too bright......technically) About a tint Vegaz,That would require me to go back and edit my sky and the castle again since everything will be darker so I probably wont do it xD Y'know.....nothing is stopping you however :truestory:

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you probably should enter at the infinity mugen team one, I've not seen many stage creators there(there are not many contestants rly), and some from newage will participate...... Gen & MarkPachi for instance.

probably not, I just like to watch.
the only reason I participated in the guild one was because apparently Jean was expecting me to or something(yes I did read THAT nice teasing Jean) and I submitted some stage at the last minute
i've not started anything for the IMT one nor I've even bothered in look at what given material the stage "needs" to have.

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