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Version 1

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Version 2

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ya boi decided to try & get into stage makin', & this is my 1st attempt, so try not to lop my head off too hard, yeah?

stuff that's here:

~anims [V2]

~moderate Super Jump [you won't kiss tha sky, but you won't bang your head on tha "ceiling" too much either xD]

~BGMs for each version [subject to change, haven't decided yet]

==more work is in store for V1 [check defs for more info], & hopefully i can pull what i want to do off without it lookin' too shitastic when i'm done.

many thanx to MarkPachi for enhancin' tha hell outta V2, couldn't've got it done without ya :awesome

thanx to tha rest of tha REIGN conglomerate for additional AA.

& thank YOU for coppin' this joint.

anywho, hope y'all enjoy dem shitz.

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very nicely made! I've NEVER seen "version 2" i think V2 is the one thats like mid day? and i never seen night time. so great job getting/making those. I like what i see here alp! bout time you released these

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