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Persona 4 Arena - Labrys Complete


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Update on Latest Post:

4 Persona Attacks Done.

Tweaks on super bgs

5C should combo properly into 2C (Goes both ways)

J.C is also finished.

And the last super is also finished.

Enjoy and give feedback if needed. Would appreciate if someone can find the right fx for 5C or 5D, tyvm.

Mediafire link:


Video of Progress( WATCH IN HD ):


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the last super you mean there more then one so far the only one i been able to pull off is where she dashes across the sreen

also not sure what the name is of the move but when your playing as her she throw almost like a spear it does not always seem to connect

also why no large portrait

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A spear? The uppercut or the purple fx? The connect is usually 1-3 hits. It varies. Didn't make ports atm, planning to do it after I come home from work and finish the rest of her attacks. I'll do an upload sometime soon.

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