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Street Fighter 2 Stage Collection

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Either. It's the arranged soundtrack that wasn't in the original versions of these games. That soundtrack was in Hyper Street Fighter II Turbo for the PS2. You could also use the CPS1 or CPS2 versions of these themes in the game.


If you wanted to be accurate, use the arranged themes on the SSFII stages, since those were used in HSFIIT.

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Ryu: What's the problem Guile

Guile: I'll tell you the problem. E Honda's venue is a BATHHOUSE! Like a full on "We're all guys here so let's get naked!" bathouse!

E Honda: What? In my culture it's a familiar setting.

Guile: Hey no one told me I'd be fighting with all these "sushi rolls" hangin' out.

Ryu: IT WAS ALL DESCRIBED IN THE PA- *beep* ah hold on a minute. What is it?


Ryu: NO DON'T YOU SCREAM AT ME! It's specifically noted that your hotel, doesn't allow pets.

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