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  1. Hi guys! I have fighter factory but... Where can i find good images to make chars? because im veeeeeeeeeery bad using photoshop, paint or others...

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    2. O  R I O N

      O R I O N

      dude the image has to be a specifc format pxc i think is the best option. Yo whats the character , i will help you find suitable images.

    3. NDogg


      Spritersresource.com You have to convert the image to 256 colour indexed.

    4. DJSLASH571


      your better of using a sprite warehouse

  2. i have 3... Here is the list -Sub Zero -Scorpion -Raiden or Rayden (i dont remember) But SubZero is the master in kicking ass! PD: Come over here!
  3. Hey guys... Can please help me? I want to start making chars but Fighter factory didnt fit on my screen D: The lower part is cut and i cant work whit that part cuted... Please help me..PD: Sorry for my bad english. i Have a shitty 800x600 screen... is this because of my shitty screen? Please help :P

    1. Person_Unknown


      Do you use Ultimate or classic? I had this problem with ultimate and switched to classic.

    2. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      Yea, classic is much better. I used it on 90% of my stages. And FF3 is cool too, but it's strictly mugen 1.0 if I'm not mistaken. I used that on all "3" of my screenpacks( I wonder if anyone catch on to that...lol!)

    3. Draco320


      Thx guys... im going to use "classic"

  4. It's better than Hi-res win mugen? If it bette send me a link!
  5. Oh dont worry! FIxed it! My mugne is HI-RES. so Low-res stages dont work... Im using winmugen Hi-Res
  6. Hi! im making a mugen game... can somebody recomend me some chars? Thancks :)

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    2. RippleRollerDa


      Add some JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Hokuto no Ken characters.

    3. LightFlare_Da_Realest


      Those are good ones, Ripple. And of course, GG and Samurai Showdown!

    4. Kazagami


      Touhou chars...no they would destroy your full game (except Kohaku's/RicePigeon's ones lol)

  7. I tried them and dont work... my chars apear under the floor. LOL
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