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NXC Kyoko Minazuki has been released!!


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The beautiful nurse and teacher from Justice High School and one of my favourite waifus in Rival Schools series, which was one of the 2 characters from this game series that appeared in Namco X Capcom. Having no real version of her for MUGEN (only as a striker on Shimon's Hideo), I want to take my shot trying to recreate her, in waiting that Li Kun finally finish his neverending WIP of her resprited or Odb718 rip her from Project Justice so anyone else can make her. Apart of the fact that NXC doesn't have so much love since years ago...


So, with all of this in mind, I wanted to recreate her as accurate as possible as she plays in the games (mostly in RS: United by Fate) instead of being another NXC character, and even I gave her a partner, noneless than Hideo Shimazu as her striker. These are the features you can find in this character:

  • First of all, sprites and some FX from Namco X Capcom (and some FX from SFA series)
  • Voices and sounds from RS: United by Fate
  • 4 buttons: 2 punches and 2 kicks
  • A few edited sprites to make her compatible with MUGEN basics
  • 2 throws, 4 specials (1 aerial) and 3 supers, one of them with Hideo (those ones who know RS will know what's this about)
  • Made under WinM but also compatible with MUGEN1.0+ (you know, select "kyoko-m1.def" as usual)
  • 12 palettes, most of them based on RS & PJ palettes on Kyoko and a couple of cameos as always


And now, the screenshots:





Made in a couple of days because I was inspired, my love for this game series and in part also because of the recent collection I made...  which even I came back to play RS in my PSX again to see how she plays. I hope you like it, maybe I also could retake that old project called Batsu that I made in my youth as a n00b creator, since now I don't have to make the sprites since they're done now, that will be seen...


This is our school, we must to protect it!!

Characters -> Adaptations (Capcom series)

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OK I will try this... Oh, and thanks for the compatibility for MUGEN 1.0+ Basara.

Hmm... Hey this beautiful nurse/teacher doesn´t have crouch stance, either low attacks! Well I guess this is just the start, isn't it?

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Indeed, since the game has limited sprites I can't recreate her as I wish, and the game doesn't even has croucing attacks, so I omitted them. I hope to edit more sprites for her so I can add these attacks and some command moves and specials I left out for the same reason

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