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Tails by Supermystery - Edit


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So, Supermystery's Tails, He behaves similar to Sonic, being styled after Sonic 2, however, unlike the original release, Super Tails is enabled by default, rather than the Plane being turned on instead, this edit fixes a few existing issues with him, such as


-Changed the portrait.

-Added Several new Palettes

-Fixed a few existing palettes

-Removed KFM Sprites
-Made it impossible for Tails to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies

-CD Soundpack (comes with Sonic CD Sound Effects)

-Monitors are now Fully Animated

-Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits

-Replaced existing S3&K Sprites with the S1/S2 2013 Sprites

-Added Flight Cancel (Activated by pressing Down+A)

-Repositioned a few sprites for better animation

-Improved Flight Controls















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