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An Ordinary Sonic The Hedgehog by DarkLordXelrick - EDIT REDUX (1,15,2023)


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An Edit of An Edit.

I present to you, my edit of DarkLordXelrick's An Ordinary Sonic The Hedgehog, which used Supermystery's Sonic 2 Style Sonic as the editing base.

However. I didn't use the latest version of this Edit as the base, I used an Older Version, as the newer version had bugs that didn't exist in the previous version, I have ported all the features from the last release to this older version, which is less buggy, these new features are accessed via the An Ordinary Sonic Fusion.def file

By using the Fusion.def file, you have access to his Special Pal 6, 11, and 12 Modes - Pal11 is activated via Start+Y - Pal12 is activated via Start+Z


This Edit contains all the fixes done to Sonic 2 Style Sonic, such as

-Existing issues with spritework, cleaned up a few errors, fixed animations, and fixed hitboxes

-Added a few new winposes

-Changed the portrait.

-Added Several new Palettes

-Removed KFM Sprites
-Made it impossible for Sonic to turn into KFM (or in this case invisible) if Space is used to revive him right after he dies

-Fixed Super Sonic's Transformation Animation

-Monitors are now Fully Animated

-Ring Partner, and Sound Triggers support DarkLordXelrick's Edits (now he supports HIMSELF)















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Wow... 3 years since the first edit attempts.. crazy to think.

This is another Redux Edit. To clean up my mistakes of the past.

but enough of the recalling. It's time to list the old and the new actions.
Removed 90% of the Existing Winposes
-The Existing Winposes, which had used Fanmade customs, were removed, leaving behind only the winposes which used Official Sprites. Consistent Shading Style
-Most of Ordinary Sonic's S1 Sprites have been re-edited to give him a consistent shading style around his eyes, and his forehead.


Invert-styled Shading return
-Originally, Ordinary Sonic's Exe Mode, had inverted style shading, where the darkest of the eyes was brighter. this was removed originally because I thought it looked terrible. I warped that decision back, and restored this mentioned shading.


Exe Mode Waiting Frames Fix
-There was an error for the Exe Waiting Animation triggers. This error made the Animation: 10192 (the Laying down animation for .exe Mode) jump 3 frames forward. This issue has been fixed.


Color-Coded Red Rings
-the Red Rings, which were originally using the colors of Sonic's Shoes, now use a different set of reds which were seemingly unused.
(This ties into the Super Sonic Color-Fix below.)


Super Sonic Correct Color Usage Fix
-Half of Super Sonic's Sprites were using entirely different reds, this meant palettes would be inconsistent if not all the reds were changed. This has since been fixed.


You Can't Run Anim Fix
-Ordinary Sonic, wouldn't exit the You Can't Run Teleport Sprite, without any sort of action originally, this has been fixed, and he changes to Animation 0, before ending the state.
(The state did end originally, but he wouldn't exit the animation.)


Better Lose Sprites
-Ordinary Sonic's Proto Sprites (used for lose) were redone to look just a little bit more like the Final Sprites.


Draw Game Proper State Support
-Ordinary Sonic now properly supports Draw Game, having Special Animations for it.


Inconsistent Face Fix
-When walking, Sonic's nose would suddenly shift backwards, same for running. These sprites were redone to keep Sonic's face consistent when moving.
-This also applied to Super Sonic.


Super Sonic Control Fix
-Originally, Super Sonic would enter Flight Speed in less than a second, this made him uncontrollable, due to his overpowered acceleration. However, the speed has been dialed back. Making him more controllable as a result.


Unused Sprite/Animation Cleaning
-Removed a lot of sprites from the SFF file, these were unused, and just took up space
-These changes also apply to the AIR file.


Palette Error Fixes
-Fixed Palette Errors relating to Super Sonic
-sonicred, fixed
-sonicgrey, fixed
-shadow, fixed


New Intro Addition
-Ordinary Sonic has an intro reaction to encountering other versions of his editing base (who is Sonic 2 Style Sonic).


Proper Custom Music Support
-the Custom Music Player, now supports himself, and DarkLordXelrick's Other Edits
-these edits being, Dark Spawn Sonic | Metal.Sonic.Exe


Rearranged Files
-Palettes have now been split up into different folders, depending on their overall paletting types.
-These Folders are only Normal, and Special.


Nerfed Damage
-Ordinary Sonic's overall damage has now been nerfed, with the Overall Damage Percentage now down to 80%


AI Removal
-Ordinary Sonic's AI Coding, was commented out/removed, not only was it glitchy, and make him very difficult to fight, it also made using him in Ikemen GO quite difficult.


Replaced Sounds
-(Almost) All of the original sounds, were swapped out with higher-quality recordings.


New, Palette 10 Exclusive Move.
-Homing Attack Dash, this move is exclusive to Palette 10, which uses the Megahack Ultra Palette, based off the SHC2012 Winner.


Portrait Change
-Swapped out the Beta S2 Title Screen Portrait, with the Final Game Portrait.


Proper Post-Super Transform Action
-Ordinary Sonic, when going Super, now fall walks before landing, this is what he does after going Super in Sonic 2, and 3.


Super Sonic Animation Error Fix
-Fixed Super Sonic Animation Error, relating to Spindash. It used the slower spin, while Normal Form used the faster spin.


WinMUGEN Support Dropped
-This only held him back, and made editing more complicated. With Win Support now removed, it's more lightweight in terms of file count.
-This was also done due to the Workaround for Ring Partner causing mass debug flooding.

True Sonic.Exe's %n Removal.
-The Dropping of WinMUGEN, meant the removal of the unedited coding from Anime2013Freak's %n Edit of Ordinary Sonic.


OrdinarySonicData.cns addition.
-The data from sonic2.cns, was removed and put in a new .cns file, this makes editing much more streamlined.



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