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Noise Factory Edited Collection


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Noise Factory was a videogame company and subsidiary of SNK who made various games, especially Sengoku 3Rage of the Dragons and Shin Power Instinct series (Matrimelee, Bonnou no Kaihou and Matsuri Senzo Kuyou). They were famous for their particular spriting style, which was not just recreated their chars from these games for MUGEN, also this style was reflected into original characters and conversions of other chars. Since these collections don't admit edited chars, I made my own collection with these ones, mostly from ROTD and PIM. As always, any help is welcome 😉  

Red is offline, Blue is edited, Yellow is WIP and * needs an image


From Rage of the Dragons


Original chars

Christian: Bml29 - Duracelleur

Fuego: Basara-kun

Kawakami Yamagata: Pockefreeman

XXX: Basara-kun


Chars by Juke Kisaragi

Ageha Hayate - Kureha Hayate - Margaret Garside - Xiaoyen

Edits: AnimugenZ (Kureha)


Chars by Jessica Smoke

Dj William - Jessica Smoke (NSFW) - Lenny Brown - Lord Roger

Edits: Unknown (Lord Roger, MK Movie Raiden)


Chars by GTAguy (joke/AF chars)

Bimmy Wesker - James Rocket (Pokémon) - LOL Smoke - Discoman - Discogirl* - Angry Inner*


Adapted chars

Albert Wesker (Resident Evil): Harlem Hero & The Pizzaman - L.Girl - AdelheidwhoFabry Taz

Bane (DC, Batman): Loganir & Ex-Inferis - Basara-kun (improvement patch)

Beast Boy (DC, Teen Titans): Marvelvsdcu / Fron / Lilmac / Unsigned

Flash Wally West (DC, The Flash): Buyog - Duracelleur

King Harkinian (Zelda CD-i): The AnswerTwistedSynapse*

Lisa Lisa (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2): Heal The World - Kakyoin-kun

Mr. Han (Enter the Dragon): Skiff

Rey Mysterio (WWE): (sic)

Silver Surfer (Marvel): aa250 & bdc - Duracelleur


From Shin Power Instinct series


Original chars

Blizzard: Basara-kun

Chuchoryu: Chuchoryu

Tsubasa: Nankotsucurry


Adapted chars

Gum (Jet Set Radio): Nexus Games

Joe (Street Fighter I): Falchion22 & david_bazbal

Kairi (Street Fighter EX/Fighting EX Layer): Mr. Karate JKA & Gustavo.c.Searom

Kenzou (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6): Heal The World

Rikimaru (Tenchu): Roks - Duracelleur - BurningSoul

Trish (Devil May Cry): Arumikan*

Ume Goketsuji 18yo (Power Instinct): エス - 119way (KOF)


Mortal Kombat chars by Binho

Kano - MK Training - Reptile - Scorpion - Sub-Zero (Old Ver.)


Scorpion: [email protected] Akira - Unknown - DarkonMK - Unknown (Human Smoke)

Kano: mete123

Sub-Zero: Unknown


Mortal Kombat chars by Diegoni

Johnny Cage - Kung Lao - Nightwolf


Adapted chars by Chuchoryu

Foot Soldier (TMNT) - Joe Musashi (Shinobi)Liu Kang (MK) - Ken Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) - Shang Tsung (MK)

Edits: Gui0007 & Gouki Machine (Liu Kang)

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The Answer made King Harkinian from the Zelda CD-I games (sprites are edited from Elias) but it's offline.


TwistedSynapse's edit of the above King Harkinian :



BurningSoul's edit of Roks's Rikimaru :



Duracelleur's edit of Roks's Rikimaru (KOFA) :



AniMugenZ's edit of Juke Kisaragi's Kureha (KOF) :



Lisa Lisa (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2, has Cassandra's head) by Heal The World :



Kakyoin-Kun's edit of the above Lisa Lisa :



Kenzou (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6, Oume/Otane edit) by Heal The World :



Trish (Devil May Cry, Anny edit) by Arumikan :


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I forgot Gui Santos and Gouki Machine's edit of Nexus Games's Liu Kang, which uses Chuchoryu's sprites (the original character by Nexus Games uses Fabry Taz's sprites instead, which is a Fei-Long edit) :



[email protected]'s edit of Binho's Scorpion :



Also, some corrections : It's Kenzou, not Kensou, and Lisa Lisa should be in the ROTD adapted section, since her head is from Cassandra.


Here's gifs for some the JoJo characters :


Lisa Lisa :



Kenzou :


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