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Sengoku 3


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Collection remade. Click in the author name to download.



Kagetsura-sprite.gif     Falcon-sprite.gif     Kongoh-sprite.gif     Kurenai_stand.gif     Okuni_stand.gif     Byakki-sprite.gif

Kagetsura: Juan Carlos / Websta || Falcon: O Ilusionista || Kongoh: Actarus || Kurenai: Inverse / Fraya || Okuni: Actarus || Byakki: Ryon / Websta / Grunge & Jerzy

Bonus Kurenai (Bonus KFM Palleteswap): Elecbyte

Note: Juan Carlos Kagetsura and O Ilusionista's Falcon needs Dos2Win for both works in Win/1.0



Italy Stage by O Ilusionista & VidGmr1996 (Section A/B & Section C) || Japan Stage by Navana || Final Stage by Juan Carlos

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