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Mi oh for MUGEN 1.0+ by jade_midori

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After what seems an eternity without trying anything slightly humorous or just anything MUGEN at all, I am back to deliver a new character for you people:



A strange edit of Mio Akiyama for MUGEN 1.0+


After a long slump of inactivity, seeking to polish my game system further up, I decided to see if I could give this character my own spin, my take differs on the properties of the moves, how they behave in hit/block, and trying to see if I can get something funny out of the character just like the old days, if you liked previous chars of mine like Clone Koa, Patoelietoe or Hong Miling, this might be for you.


A small video showcase showing a few things to come out of downloading this:


Download: Right Here!


Special thanks to Dissidia for making the character this is based on.


Until the next project, have fun! Don't forget to send your input/feedback/etc. here!

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