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Vinesauce Vinny Edit Released!

Joey S.

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"Oh boy, here I go shitposting again!"



Got bored a while back and tried my hand at editing Brergrsart's Vinny to be a more balanced character. I was going to release this way sooner but college started up for me recently and I want to focus more on that kind of work lol

Get him HERE.






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The Changelog:


* Fixed a bug where Vinny's AI would sometimes go into an invalid
state after throwing an opponent.
* Run is no longer coded as an attack so opponents will not attempt
to block if they hold back while Vinny runs.
* Fixed a typo in movelist.txt showing the incorrect motion for Do the Mario!
* "See The Strongman?" hit sounds will not be played on block.
* "SPEEN!" now has a 25% chance to play during "See The Strongman?".

+ The last 2 hits of s.HP have increased range.
+ Vinny moves farther forwards during c.HP. Now a full chain combo string
should always lead to cr.HP without the move whiffing.
+ In addition, cr.HP launches the opponent higher and forces them to wait longer
before air recovering out of it.
+ Vinny's super jump after cr.HP goes higher.
+ Vinny can now cancel his cr.HK into cr.HP.
+ j.HP comes out faster.
+ j.MK and j.HK had their hitboxes adjusted to better suit air combos.
+ j.HK was given its momentum back. It sends him up a little bit so he can finish
his air combos properly.
+ The Big Meat's fire pillar does 30 more damage and launches higher.
+ Vinny can now cancel normals into most of his special moves on block.
+ The tears from Sponge's Sorrowful Soul have increased range and stun for slightly longer.
+ The Strongman has been given a larger hitbox.
+ Supers are now affected less by damage scaling. This is most noticeable with
Do the Mario!, Scoot the Birbs and Pepperoni Secret.
+ Pepperoni Secret has an extra hitbox placed just in front of Vinny's rear leg.
This allows the move to hit if Vinny just sweeped a downed opponent.

- Labor Day Barbeque had its hitbox shortened.

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