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Taiga Aisaka WIP

Nep Heart

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 One of the reasons for Haruhi's overhaul other than for quality improvements is this; my desire to move on to Dengeki Bunko characters. First one I aim to do is Taiga from Toradora! and all her normals are complete so far, still got a lot to finish from here onward.


 Stay tuned for Taiga's progress!






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 Had some liberties when it came to this move in attempt to differentiate it from pre-existing takes on it. A super command throw that is air unblockable with a completely unblockable landing hit. The jumping portion hits only aerial targets exclusively while the landing hit only grabs grounded targets exclusively. Cannot be combo'd in any way, but has a lot of invulnerability and damage otherwise.

 Also, special KO added as well.

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