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Joseph Final Battle Anime (Joseph VS Kars)

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So here's Ettore15's (Juki2002) Joseph where he started the project, Ditchu for helping him on the sprites, and me for the rest of the sprite I drew and added some codes. Thanks to Mr.Giang and Nimame for codes, Naza15 for color separation, and Ryder the JoJo for blue eyes and pals. This is where he fought Kars also with a different shirt and the thumbnail on the video looked like this Joseph.


Char Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Y95vAQdyZJMNboheIemn_JE-513N9pAj


Video Demonstration: 



Joseph can Interact with:




Lisa Lisa


Random Gals (some jojo, some aren't)

and Himself


Other Codes:


Stylish Cancel added by me (Codes by Mr.Giang) and command:      c + any attack button


Edited a Taunt with sounds.




Added cola and gun sparks attacks by supersandia2 and edited by me.


Added 2 new intros, supersandia2's intro and HFTF intro for Joseph.


Joseph can interact Santana.


Added blood when Joseph does his gun supermove and shoots at his enemy.


One of the portraits was switched since there was messed up colors and the same palette for the portrait.


A 2nd Demonstration where I was fighting Kars and the difference is that his gun has sparks for the update information: 


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