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Orochi/Mizuchi Edits Collection

White Ranger

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oh this is a nice surprise well here are a couple of rare ones

stone orochi by ½ðÉßÌì×ð (thats what was in the def file lol


Murochi by ¹«°ÕÀΰ£,ÇÇƼÁã7,Ž±¸Çϴ³²ÀÚ (yeah idk what to say about this name lmfao)


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Well, there's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally lots of Orochi. Even chinese edits. So there's a pretty big load to go. And of course many links will come too :D. Atm will guide with MFFA links:

Yamata No Orochi:

Worthy Trade Orochi

Apocalyptic Orochi:



Abandon Day Emperor











Powerful Light


Genie de caerula


Blue The Dream


Singer Orochi


Zechael Type-S

Angel Wings v2


Mysterious Green v2



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1 hour ago, gui0007 said:

Nice, keep going bruh!
This collection will be the longest one for sure, there's A LOT, really A LOT of Orochi edits around, many of them cheap as hell. XD


 Trust me, with how many edits there are, i bet twenty bucks this collection will go on for eternity. .________.

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I know of an edit that has actually eluded this roster for quite some time:
Cheat Bug Mizuchi by Zako.



It's an edit of Mizuchi themed after video game glitches.

Retains the usual moveset, but the way he moves...well, that's a different story.

He DOES have some cheap stuff, but it can be toggled on and off.

I do believe that he's beatable with normal characters; in fact, he actually has a few intros where he KOs himself(as well as one where he can't do anything until he gets hit once).


I highly recommend that you go here in case you don't understand the references he has:

(The site's in Japanese, though.)


Oh, and I have identified the voice of "WTF Mizuchi by 2010LifeGame & Areankaine74u", for the most part.

*"OW, THAT HURT!": No clue.
*"(girly shriek)": No clue.
*"(crying)": No clue.
*"YOU'RE HURTING ME!": No clue.
*"OH NOOOO!": Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)
*"OWWW!": No clue.
*Everything else: Dr. Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

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I found this edit of High-Res Orochi. After downloading the original High-Res Orochi that's already here, the differences between that and this one appear to be that a lot of the attacks have new graphics and effects (Orochi's projectile now has the same symbol Mizuchi uses, though it's mechanically the same, and his light-filling-the-screen attack appears more high def), and he has two new supers. Since I suck at fighting game inputs, I don't know if this version added level 2 versions of Orochi's supers or they were in the original. 


Also, the download is only on MUGEN Archive, so I can't get it since I don't have an account there and getting one takes months (It's more than 10MB so I can't get it without an account)

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Eputh.Blood "Demize edition" created by "apps" edited by Mugen Addict:

Special edition of eputh blood with a purple and black palette, its effects were changed with purple flames, its appearance is identifies Dark Excelent orochi, competitive AI, there were no changes in its attacks or its AI.

Download if you like spectral palettes.


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