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MFFA's Character of the Month May 2016: Voting - Winners: Sheborg & JJBA Lilith + 4 Silver Winners


CotM for May 2016  

34 members have voted

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Oh Man! this going to be a hard choice...




for me its between SheBorg ( by tem(A)) or Ritsu Tainaka ( by Dizzy)


I think I need another week to decide....  :-P


{edit post}

Alright this was a toughy but my choice will be SheBorg (by tem(A) )


I would also like to vote for Ritsu Tainaka (by Dizzy) as well but I already know its not possible to do that LOL! XD


but over all they are both great and well made characters:goodmood:

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Apologies. I forgot to include the Silver Winners as well;


Silver Winner #1: Akira Yuki (Ghostkiller)

Silver Winner #2: Heracross (GladiaCloud & Dylanius)

Silver Winner #3: Papyrus (FourthRhyme)

Silver Winner #4: Ritsu Tainaka (Dizzy)

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