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  1. Jason Voorhees, Undying Jason, wwe Kane, Leatherface mortal kombat styled. for mortal kombat project Not from terrordrome!!! New sprites. With intros and endings. download http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/mugen.html
  2. Hello boys and girls! Introducing Kung Fury - cop from future! - kung fu master!! - chosen one!!! This is for mortal kombat project mugen http://mkpnew.thedarkside.su/download Download character http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/mugen.html Character has intro and ending I dont have plans to port it in regular mugen. But someone will
  3. my game career started in time of earth worm jim/boogerman/wrestlemania AG + MASK/last action hero movies (+Krasnaya Plesen & Sektor Gaza) so i cant do all that with brutal seriousness. and "WWE storyline" planned as a part of Sheborg 2 story... ;D
  4. without story this char is just a waste of time for drawing sprites
  5. so put it on the top in royal frame with angel wings and most beautiful font
  6. yeh - is not really official character but drop it to ninja clones
  7. what - work in progress - pride, boasting and so on
  8. Sheborg (ex shao kahn slave) mortal kombat female cyborg mortal kombat project! 4 fighting styles in 1 : Cyrax Sektor Smoke Sub-Zero + paire of new supers. Styles can be changed in any time. Hard AI become gray warmachine (uses almost all specials without morph). 3 uniq fatalities. Animality become transformality - in portal turret. Sheborg programmed for unlimited rage and hate - and thats why MERCY and FRIENDSHIP are not so friendly. DL(not for regular mugen) http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/mugen.html
  9. Nude mod - Kitana Mileena Jade Skarlet Tanya for mortal kombat project There are boobality and sexuality ;D
  10. kenshi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idHpkUx11Xs dl http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/mugen.html
  11. Thanks for postive, gentlemen. About smooth animation. Almost all anims by timing are similar to standart chars anims. I put there frames as it can hold. And dont want made low framed anims because Fathers do like this 20 years ago and all mk-mugen-creators continue this tradition. Its 2016 ))
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