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Samurai Shodown Collection


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A non-chars update:

  • Found some screenpacks: SSV by Hatabow and SSVI by YagamiC4, the latter is offline (technically isn't but the link is from Sendspace, so it doesn't work now)
  • Added SSIV portraits by Mgbenz (his archived site has working links)
  • EDIT: I forgot to add screenpacks by Shin and Claudio Toxi (the latter offline)
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Little update:

  • Since it's a WIP of mine, added Pocket Ukyo sprite for the NGPC section
  • And as I already released few days ago, added the couple of NGPC stages I made from Pocket SS games
  • Added SSII Genjuro by Tatu (offline)
  • I made it in one of my collections and I replicated here: added a new color (purple) for incomplete chars or for collection purposes only, marked some chars of the list that are like this
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I tried out the Yuga we have here... he’s actually an unfinished character who keeps on disappearing during the match, and also uses recreated sprites, by the way. He should be marked as purple too. Also, Electro didn’t make Cham Cham’s SS2 stage, he made Nakoruru’s SS3 stage and Tam Tam’s SS1 stage.


Also Desolation Mountain from SS3:



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Psst -- Daniel Linhares' Haohmaru belongs in the CVS section, it uses CVS sprites <_<


Anyway, here's some more stuff.


Rera by Tokinokuni-kei: http://mug3.anikipedia.com/chara_rera.htm

  - Custom-styled; 97% complete according to the author.


Characters by Daniel Linhares: Earthquake || Charlotte

  - MVC-styled. Earthquake uses his Samurai Shodown 6 sprites. Fair warning -- the files are pretty big (50MB+).


Rasetsumaru by [email protected] [email protected]https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=A3DA5D9E084F7896&id=A3DA5D9E084F7896!112&parId=A3DA5D9E084F7896!108&o=OneUp

  - CVS-styled; uses Shunkaku66's Rasetsumaru as a base.


Characters by mr_bourrepalestick: Yumeji || Charlotte

  - Unfinished; would only be here for collection purposes.


Nakoruru by Firiado Podre: https://mega.nz/file/plZUDRwR#I1wpstsR6PRwV8KdnvethBvheE3E2xb7l7Y7uftbUzo

  - Hi-res Neo Geo Battle Coliseum conversion.


AI patches by HAL: http://slowstep-mugen.versus.jp/main.html || AI patch for Ohgaki's Cham Cham, released separately

  - First link contains AI patches for the following characters: Kyoshiro, Andrew, Shizumaru, and Yoshitora, all by Ohgaki


AI patch for Ohgaki's Cham Cham by Ikaruga: http://ikrgmugen.web.fc2.com/ai.html


AI patch for Misao's Yoshitora by ABAB: http://okura.moto-nari.com/


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Thanks, all that was added (as well corrected Daniel's Haohmaru), plus I found this:

  • Moved 3ha's edits to its own section in Edited chars
  • Added Ainotenshi's section in Edited with his 2 Cerenas-like chars
  • Added Giru to the same section (edited from Shikuru) and his edit (Wolf Link)
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Ouch, I just noticed that now... strange, since most of the images I use come from the Guild Database, so it shouldn't be a problem, even now there're just a couple of them showing. Not sure about the change of the forum did with them, which means most of my images on collection are possibly down too =(

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On 9/7/2020 at 12:44 PM, miru said:

I found this in the SEGA collection:



Sorry for don't answer you before. Yeah, I saw that, but I found the reuploaded version by MamboJambo who brought GEM back to life


Also, I started to re-add the images of the collection, I hope tomorrow readd the rest of them. Also I added some AI creators to the list

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Added all the past posts of you (thank you guys) plus this:

-Moved various edited chars to their respective section (Hawk Mina and Shinobi)

-Changed Lord Sinistro's website to the new one by O Ilusionista

-Added CvS Cham-Cham by Chuchoryu, but marked as offline because SendSpace 😤 (if someone can reupload her would be great)

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Characters by Daniel Linhares: Nicotine || Amakusa || Mizuki || Zankuro

 - All MVC-styled.


Rufushi Kamui by Ainotenshi: https://mega.nz/file/VZUS0T4D#v5_ZHbzwXyoEnSrZ8p42JE-l6og7fQ_CKy_6TiA_s38

 - Rimururu edit similar to Rimusin Ruruki and Shin Rimururu, would probably go in the same section as those two.


Sieger by varo_hades & BahamianKing: https://www.mediafire.com/file/k9879xonayxasf9/Sieger.rar/file

 - CVS-styled, and uses his SS6 sprites.

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I found Hawk Mina and reuploaded her to my Mega. I also found Arcana Mizuki by "sight" which is a weird janky edit that gives her stuff from Arcana Heart (as the name implies) and Shiki/Fina from Soul Falchion (a bootleg Samurai Shodown/The Last Blade game for the Game Boy Color) by [email protected]

Hawk Mina

Arcana Mizuki

Fina (Soul Falchion)


Also, Shiro Kishi is not an edit of Poppy, but of Shikuru (who doesn't have a normal conversion without Rera yet). I also don't know if Lenja (a Len edit with Suija's moves by 3ha) should be included in this collection, i have a fixed version meant for Mugen 1.1 because the original crashes outside of Winmugen.


Lastly, here's a link to sprites from Soul Falchion.


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Not sure about Lenja, since in other collections usually don't add chars from other games with the gameplay of that collection, and I don't know if there're other chars from other games with SS gameplay (I just remember some from Touhou, but that's all). I'll be thinking about that. About the bootleg game, of course will be added, there's already one of those in the collection (the Chinese NES SS, Wu Shin Hun, and Dorgol recreated its Haohmaru from there)


Thanks for the links, they will be added to the collection 😉 

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