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MFFA's Character of the Month Hall of Fame


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This thread will display for reference, all the gold and silver winners of each CotM. As such, these characters are no longer eligible for nomination for future CotM.



May 2015 Winners:

June 2015 Winners:

  • Gold Winner: M. Bison by Omegapsycho
  • Silver Winner: Yang by YamoriX

July 2015 Winners:

August 2015 Winners:

September 2015

October 2015

November 2015

December 2015

  • Gold Winner: Retro Suika by RoySquadRocks
  • Silver Winner: Frank West by Kamekaze
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January 2016 Winners:

February 2016 Winners:

  • Gold Winner: Linne by Websta
  • Silver Winner: Morrigan by Daniel9999999

March 2016 Winners:

April 2016 Winners:

  • Gold Winner: Clippy by The_None
  • Silver Winner #1: Eirin Yagokoro by Ricepigeon
  • Silver Winner #2 : God-O-Mite by The Magic Toaster
  • Silver Winner #3 : Tiny B0rf / Pocket Morrigan by Daniel9999999

May 2016 Winners:

  • Gold Winner #1: JJBA Lilith by YamoriX
  • Gold Winner #2: SheBorg by tem(A)
  • Silver Winner #1: Akira Yuki (Ghostkiller)

  • Silver Winner #2: Heracross (GladiaCloud & Dylanius)

  • Silver Winner #3: Papyrus (FourthRhyme)

  • Silver Winner #4: Ritsu Tainaka (Dizzy)

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