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Imt Blue For 1.0 with More Slots Added

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I use this screen pack and i love it!

And i have 2 question about this screen pack.

First, is it possible to change the categories or add more?

Second, isit possible to change the life bars?If yespleasetellme how to.


I'm not sure whether you can change the catagories as one of my friends tried to but it didn't display the new headings; yes you can change the lifebars but you must ensure first that the lifebars are at the correct resolution for your mugen (i.e. 640x480) and should be put into the same folder as your screenpack, you then go into the system.def file and change the standard lifebar's fight.def title to the new one (such as VP_Fight_C.def); hope I didn't confuse you
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Are those custom portraits? I would totally use this one if it had better fonts and effects, and a better winquote screen.

I don't think so. I remeber seeing that portrait on Sludge and ZVitor's Spiderman characters.


Does anyone know how to add characters to this bloody screenpack?

Do as you would a normal screenpack, but don't edit out any of the commas. You can also use the bundled VSelect.

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On 4/5/2014 at 5:30 AM, Winmugen11 said:


There is a red variant of this SP available on IMT's website so if you want it, pay it a visit.

Good choice! The problem is that the links... they're dead.

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