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Movelist problems



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It's probably Chinese. 

I think you can display it with East Asian language pack.


it seems written like  "(garbled Chinese skill name)      (garbled commands) + X/Y(buttons)",


Japanese and Chinese fighting gamers often use arrow mark  to show commands.

But these characters are 2byte and many computers not have East Asian language pack can't  display it.

so if you fix it, you will be able to know command and buttons(probably).

it'll display like that "(Chinese skill name)  (arrows)+(buttons)"


after that, Try these commands and compare by KOF command list.

It will be able to find skill name and command, otherwise Additional skills on MUGEN.

no need to read Chinese! I think may be.

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Are there others good KOF ones then? Because I am pretty sure I never learned an Asian language in my entire life.


Well, you know, you can just open up the cmd file in notepad or fighter factory to view/change whatever you want. The coding is only in one language, you don't need to read the name of a move to know how to do it.


You could even take it a step further and write your own movelist, just by testing each command in the cmd file and jotting down what move it is. Maybe upload it somewhere as an English patch for the character or something... although that sort of seems unneeded to me, but whatevs.

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