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Shishiwakamaru released by Ohgaki (16/09/2014)

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That name doe...


What's she from?


shishi is a man and hes from YuYu Hakusho.


Oh... Man, I hate gender bending...


its not gender bending you fool he's a real character and he's always been a man


I know, but he looks a lot like a girl.


dude do you even internet


Probably not.

I'm not too surprised, though.

LOL! All of you!!!  >XD



Anyways this character is pretty good. The way I see it the Author is trying to make this ShishiwakaMaru straight out from the source of the YuYu Hakusho fighting game from Super Famicom (import Snes).


Though the only thing that bother me is his throw. Is he suppose to do that when he swings his clothe and cause the character to vanish and fall from the sky of stage. :confuse:


I havn't played this game in a long time i don't remember if it works that way.

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