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MvC3 Ryu and MvC3 Evil Ryu released by karter 7/20/14


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No. I no DL Mugen 1.1. Too much effort. Also, wouldn't I have to re-download all my characters in 1.1?




No, you don't need to convert everything, 1.1 is very relient with retrocompatibility.


I run chars from 1.0, WM and even DOS era mugen with no big problems. Some need older ones (WM and DOS) need some fixes, but the Fixes you've done for them to work on 1.0 will carry over for 1.1, so no biggie.


Hell, Yueng Soi Leng, a VERY EARLY DOS Mugen char, worked without any problem, with just a little correction on pallet definition (something that was made back in WM and is still compatible with new releases) and she will play nicely with everyone else.

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