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How to set sounds?



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in mkp guys do it.


Yes, well they probably have a crap load of modifications to common1.cns, a ridiculously large common.snd, and a bunch of other crap.  "[x fullgame does this]" does not mean that you can just up and do whatever.  You basically have to ruin your game to do crap like that.

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but i still dont know how they maked that.




Just make every character stop the music when they die, have common.cns look for what stage you're on and play a sound file appropriate to that stage.  No big deal.  Only requires special edits to all of your stages, common.cns, common.snd, and probably every character for that matter.


My TMNT Bonus Stage does this sort of ending music, but that's because it's meant for a specific stage.

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I don't know about winmugen, I only know of a Trigger in MUGEN1.0:


trigger1 = StageVar(info.author) = "Suika"


Something like this.......actually I copied and pasted from my mugen1.0\docs\trigger.html


Full usage:



Returns information about the stage. A limited number of parameters are supported.

StageVar(param_name) [oper] "string"


The name of the stage parameter to check. Valid values are:
info.name, info.displayname, info.authorname.

=, != (other operators not valid)
"string" (string)
String to compare against. Must be in double quotes.

Return type:
boolean int (1 or 0)
Error conditions:

info.author: Compares the value of the "author" parameter in the [info] group. (boolean)
info.displayname: Compares the value of the "displayname" parameter in the [info] group. (boolean)
info.name: Compares the value of the "name" parameter in the [info] group. (boolean)

1.0 and newer

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