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Removing Overlay on Character



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In davidbell.cns, under [statedef -2], look for these lines:

[state 0, Helper]
type = Helper
trigger1 = alive
trigger1 = !numhelper(950)
trigger1 = stateno != 189
helpertype = normal
name = "Atmosphere"
ID = 950
stateno = 950
pos = 0,0
postype = p1
facing = 1
ownpal = 1
;supermovetime = 65535
;pausemovetime = 65535
ignorehitpause = 1


This Helper sctrl contains all the fog and blue overlay thingy.  You may disable the whole "Atmosphere" by removing these lines, or change "type = Helper" to "type = null;Helper":




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Kinda offtopic but i want to confirm something that i've figured out, about why some characters lag even though they're not kinda high in graphic. Miku Hatsune by Yu-Toharu as example, compared to Ares by Seraph Ares (which is f'n high in fancy effects), the latter is running more smoothly in my end.


Was it the helper code(s) that made them lag?

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