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Cyberia 8 [1.1 - 1280x720] Screenpack [Will Take Port Requests]


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Yahoo!!!! You have released it!!! Yeah, I've seen this SP thread on Guild, sure has some trouble there. Thank you so much for released it here! Gonna grab now and I want to try how to make the port first but since you take request, yeah I want to.


I want to request port for DBZ characters - Goku (normal) and Vegeta Super Saiyan (wearing his saiyan armor, not the majin buu saga outfit)

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Orroroto's port requests
-Basara Kubikiri (Samurai Shodown)
-Kliff Undersn   (Guilty Gear)

An extremely good looking Screenpack,already DL-ed it and am gonna start gettin some chars in there soon


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